June 20th, 2011
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Fashion Bomb 101: What to Wear to Any Wedding Anywhere
By Claire

Tis the season for weddings and Mail Bombs requesting wedding wardrobe advice.
Tai says, “I am going to my boyfriend’s father’s wedding but I’m not sure what to wear. I will be meeting the majority of my boyfriend’s family for the first time so I REALLY want to make a good impression.” Shaq Nicole says, “I am going to my best friends wedding in September held in Italy and don’t know what to wear!!” Aja says, “I have to attend my cousin’s wedding in Long Beach, CA. I know the weather is going to be nice and warm. What do I wear?”
The short answer: wear a dress.

Go to your local mall or favorite boutique and try on options that catch your eye. After several twirls in the mirror, you’re sure to find something that works for you. Floral, striped, midi, maxi–most dresses will work for the occasion.
But there are some exceptions.
Take a few notes on what not to wear.

1. Don’t wear white.


White is generally reserved for the bride, and since it’s her day, it’s not a good idea to try to upstage her. Same thing goes for cream or ivory. Stay away from white completely, and opt instead for something with a splash of hot color.


2. Don’t wear anything super short, tight, or low cut.



Sure the groomsmen may be smoking hot, but you don’t want to saunter in in something that will make your mother blush. Ditto for anything backless, with cut outs, super tight, or with a dangerously high slit.  Most weddings are classy, slightly conservative affairs. Cover up!


3.  Don’t wear a conservative suit.


This isn’t an interview–it’s a celebration! Leave your gray, brown, or black two piece for work. You can, however, wear a suit if it’s in a gorgeous color. Skirt suits get a pass as well.



4. Just say no to tremendously frothy ‘show stopper’ gowns.


Going back to point number 1: it’s the bride’s day. Don’t come wearing a vintage Christian Dior creation that needed some airing out. This is not a runway show featuring you. So leave the excessive ruffles, trains, and hot colors for the bride and bridesmaids (if they so choose).


5. Don’t wear jeans or anything too casual.


Dressy shorts can get a pass, as can select pairs of pants. Jeans are a big old no-no. Don’t even go there.


What do you think? Do you have anything to add?

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23 Responses to “Fashion Bomb 101: What to Wear to Any Wedding Anywhere”

  1. Kameela says:

    i’m in love with mashonda and kim kardashian dress where can i get one

  2. Tenessa says:

    very usefulllllll …thk u

  3. sun.kissed says:

    Loves Kerry’s burnt orange number!

  4. alee says:

    Claire would you mind suggesting some dresses for plus size women attending weddings this summer??

  5. esme says:

    i loved serena’s strapless dress. i think that dress is the best example of what to wear to summer wedding. and i don’t think cici’s dress would’ve been so bad if it wasn’t so busy. and the shoes didn’t help either.

  6. zimbabwechic says:

    I wish I could give this list to everybody coming to my wedding, I am so anal, I’ll be super annoyed if shows up looking wacky or tacky.

  7. Toni says:

    Recently went to a wedding and saw a few guests falling into the don’t category…too tight dresses, way too short dresses and even an entire family wearing black and white!!!

  8. Deva says:

    i think any TASTEFULLY form fitting dress/nice top and skirt in a bright color or glamorous metallic hue would be a great option. im currently looking for the right dress for my cousin’s wedding…for JULY 2nd LOL wish me luck! :-)

  9. Dobe says:

    Mashonda’s outfit is a mess in that second pic. From the head piece, to the bag, and even the dress. The color of Monica’s dress is incredible, and so is the color and draping for Kerry’s.

  10. Dom says:

    I went to a friends wedding about a month ago in a cream beaded & pleated above the knee dress. I think the white rule stands, but I’ve been told its fine to wear cream. The idea behind it is to NOT wear a dress that could be mistaken for a bridal dress. So long as its not too brides’y I think cream and other colors close to white are just fine.

  11. lostluv224 says:

    Kerry’s orange dress is gorge!! i need it

  12. yusufswifee says:

    Love this…I’d have to say don’t wear pants at all…I wore a fab pant suit once and it was a problem…enjoy!

  13. BOOBOO says:

    I agree with the list above. Whn i got married i didn’t see any of the Don’t’s xcept my younger cousin wore jeans n sneaks to the reception n i was pi88ed.

    I don’t think u should wear a pants suit thou..leave that to the groom n groomsmen. Be ladylike and look the part.

    Noone should wear white or cream or beige or whatever u wanna call it…ever to a wedding. That is a BIG don’t!!

  14. I agree with everything on the list! The key is to be classy, cute and timeless.

  15. Claire says:

    @ Alee as far as this post goes, the tips are exactly the same for plus sized women. In our “What to Wear’ section, I’m trying to steer away from pointing you in the exact direction because everyone’s situation, wedding locale, etc is different. Just use these tips when you go to the store and I’m sure you’ll be fine! Trust yourself and your personal taste. And bring a buddy for a second opinion. xx

  16. Shaq Nichole says:

    Thank you Claire! This really helps! BTW: Love Kerry Washingtons dress and color!!!

  17. Great post Claire. I love Monica’s dress and the “do” options you provided as well.

  18. Mona L says:

    I wish I couldve showed this post to my Aunt earlier in the month who wore white to her step sons wedding! smfh

  19. NAI says:

    Do not wear white, ivory, pearl, cream, beige etc EVER that is for the bride. It is her day to shine. What if you wore a cream dress only to discover the bride had also chosen a cream coloured gown?!

  20. Tai says:

    Thank you so much for helping me out with this! I know that you shouldn’t try to outshine the bride but I also want to look cute too. Great ideas, starting my seach now!

  21. fashionfrenzy85 says:

    I deeply appreciate this post Claire! I have a summer wedding in NY to attend and was unsure about what to wear. I had the perfect white dress I wanted to wear b/c white is in for this season but i guess i will have to save it for another occasion : (

  22. Eva says:

    Im attending a friends wedding this friday and picked up a fab peach and seafoam green dress from Express, im so excited to wear it with some gold shoes and accesories.It took me a while because I really wanted to wear black im so not a wedding person and ahem… i am bottom heavy lol so all the dresses I tried looked really short and slutty on me

  23. [...] hot frat brothers so I definitely want to look my best, lol.” As we said in our vintage post What to Wear to Any Wedding, Anywhere, you can never go wrong with a flirty dress. Something simple and to the point in a bold color will [...]

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