June 8th, 2011
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Vogue Italia Features Plus Sized Models in “Belle Vere” Editorial
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

It seems that Vogue Italia is the only iteration of Vogue willing to prominently feature models who are not  waif-like, blonde, or have a last name ending in -ova. Their June cover editorial, “Belle Vere” exclusively features plus sized models.

The models are deliciously luxe in lingerie by designers like Agent Provacateur and Dolce & Gabbana. The setting mimics the mood, with plush carpets and couches, plates full of decidedly non-diet food (pasta and chocolates), red wine and champagne, and the women dripping with precious jewels.

While the editorial does possess symptoms of the “stereotypical plus-size spread” (food, naked models) it’s certainly lovely to see a celebration of curves, and not severe, straight, sharp lines. This spread is proof that yes, curves can be just as elegant as bones, and that it can be editorial as well.

When asked by New York Magazine if plus sized models would soon get as much attention as others, Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani said “… I don’t think we’ll see the same proportion [of plus-size models as straight-size models]. Just like we don’t see the same proportion of white and black girls. They use curvy models sometimes, like a provocation, but it is just to show something different, which I don’t like honestly. I loved for example Prada, the winter before last she used three or four girls which were curvy girls. So not everybody will embrace that, I don’t think so. But I think in a way we will stop to think, do you really want to go on with all these skinny girls? If this is the only question that comes up, for me [the issue] will be a big success.”
See more images here (some NSFW!)

What do you think?
Read Franca’s full interview about the spread with New York Magazine here.

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33 Responses to “Vogue Italia Features Plus Sized Models in “Belle Vere” Editorial”

  1. like_really_ray says:


  2. Marsha says:

    I wish when magazines decided to do this type of spread they didn’t insist on the models being half naked all the time. Like they are too big for normal clothing. Too big to be fully covered by fabric! I hope this is a step in the right direction, in terms of diversifying the models used, but I think there is a long road ahead for this type of thing…

  3. yusufswifee says:


  4. Baise says:

    Exactly @ Marsha. And I’m sick of these special spreads. I’ll be happy, shocked, surprised…… when they integrate models of all colors and shapes into one spread until then……..

  5. Gemini says:

    These girls don’t look “BIG” to me. They look average.

  6. missjoie says:

    those are plus sized??? O_o
    they look like regular models…

  7. BOOBOO says:

    Wow! This is supposed 2b plus sized?!!! they look regular 2 me

    They r very beautiful!!

  8. zimbabwechic says:

    Regular old girls being called plus sized proof that there is something definitely wrong with the concept of size in fashion.

  9. binks says:

    Agreed with marsha. They are beautiful, a little to overly sexy but hot nonetheless. But I still don’t know why people consider a size 12-14(which usually most “plus size” models are) given their height and body frame plus size

  10. Shaq Nichole says:

    The fashion industry is so shallow. Obviously, these girls to US to not look big at all. SMH They all look average/normal weight and healthy at that too. This is what models should be looking like, not a clothes hanger! But, in other words, beautiful spread.

  11. Myssdee says:

    First and foremost, the fashion spread is gorgeous…however I agree with Marsha.

    I think we get it by now that curvy women are sexy but do their photo spreads have to be limited to implied nudity and swimsuits. In HIGH Fashion (Haute Couture), models have to be of a certain size to wear the clothes however, show some fashion spreads of plus-size women wearing plus size clothes.

    The public is not going to be satisfied until they see a diversity amongst the clothing for models of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Furthermore, can we see this in American fashion magazines besides Vogue Italia

  12. Job well done Vogue Italia!

  13. zy says:

    SEXY SEXY SEXY!!! I love the spread although these chicks are NOT plus-size, they’re more like “normal-sized” if you ask me. they look like they actually eat, lol. I’m of the mindset that nudity done tastefully can be a beautiful thing and what many have to understand is… Italy is not like the US. They don’t have the same hangups about nudity that we tend to have here so while these pics may look “over-sexed” to some… it’s not by Italian standards. Yes, I would have loved to see more fashion on these ladies as well but I won’t knock them because they showed just how sexy us regular-sized chicks can be all day, every day. kudos to them and I really wish they’d simply use more regular-sized ladies in their shows/spreads in the future… we’re by no means a “rarity”

  14. sun.kissed says:

    Nice gesture, but I’m seriously confused as to why some of these pics are topless…

  15. Brittany says:

    LOVE IT!

  16. Genie says:

    I am sure everyone can agree . . . most of the ladies who have post a response to this article, resemble the plus size models in the article. And for I for one think they look wonderful!

  17. Nunyabizniz says:

    @Marsha said ” Too big to be fully covered by fabric! ” , and I died…

  18. tommykimon says:

    Nice pics and it’s nice to see normal sized models in sexy poses.

  19. Nickieluv says:

    BEAUTIFUL! They celebrate the feminine as far as I am concerned. Don’t be concerned with someone else’s skewed views of what u should look like.

  20. Brandi says:

    They are GORGEOUS!!! I don’t know what Marsha was talking about…they should be able to do whatever other models do.

  21. addikted2fashion says:

    im still looking for the pics of the ‘plus size’ women. im seeing average chicks on this page…..

  22. Carane says:

    I agree 100% with Marsha and alot of you that plus size girls shouldnt be in clothing only used to be sexy to be half naked, sewcondly these are average sized females which is the majority of this world so how are models whoch are size 2′s and 4′s average? fashion world very rarely sahocks me but this shocks me once again beyond belief right now .

  23. Nelly says:

    These gorgeous women do not resemble plus size models to me. I cannot picture them on a billboard for Lane Bryant or anything. They look like voluptuous healthy women. Sooo, what they’re considered plus size because they actually have real breasts and a curvy backside???!!! Wow, that’s crazy… to me that’s the ideal body type. I know this is Italian Vogue and a lingerie photo shoot, but where are the actual clothes? Some shots of them are with no lingerie at all… just because curves invoke sexiness, doesn’t mean that it should only be reserved for bras and panties, or men’s magazines or just complete nakedness.:/

  24. Tammy says:

    This is what models should look like! Bravo!

  25. AD says:

    This is ‘plus-sized’? Gimme a break. I love the fact that they’re celebrating more diversity in women, but I wish this was just a regular thing rather than an exception. Most women are not a size -0 (although I do respect our slimmer sister-friends). Just sayin.

  26. Pancake says:

    Why are we assuming that plus-size means fat/obese/over weight? “Normal” and “regular sized” is relative but the majority of women I see walking down the street are either much bigger than this or smaller. I guess it depends on what planet you live on, and your own body size, in spite of the unneccessary comments these women are SEXY, Gorgeous, I love the spread, no complaints for Vogue here/.\\

  27. Brandi says:


  28. Tracey says:

    These can’t be the only photos. I’ll agree about the nudity when I see the entire issue. I see boobs in pretty much every fashion mag so they’re just joining the crowd.

    Most plus sized women are probably “overweight” but everything is pointing to that not being a bad thing unless you’re also not eating right or getting some sort of exercise. You can be overweight and healthy but the way the argument is being framed that seems to be researches dirty little secret.

  29. Dr Watson says:

    For general information, the issue features another story with clothed plus-size models, it’s just not as long or attention-grabbing as the underwear story. The two together (with associated text) take up the majority of the editorial content of the magazine.

    Really, I think it’s a bit disingenuous to say the models don’t look plus size. They clearly are, that just doesn’t have to mean that they’re not beautiful. Does everyone have to look like Beth Ditto before anyone will admit they’re overweight? (And I speak as a size 14, who works out regularly, but has a BMI of 26, making me clinically overweight)

    I agree that the overtly sexual tone is a bit tired in this context, but it’s still a very bold move for Vogue Italia, who have historically been fans of the very thinnest models. I was both shocked that they’d done it, and impressed by the result. What more could you want from Vogue?

  30. Jim says:

    This is a fantastic shoot! I never like the skinny models in 90% of other shoots. These woman look like a woman! Damn hot, very pretty, and great shots. They are not even that curvy even. great pics.

  31. [...] Tara Lynn. This isn’t Lynn’s first time covering a major print publication. She joined two other models for Vogue Italia’s June 2011 editorial Belle Verve, that sumptuous spread featuring [...]

  32. Jody says:

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    from a different web address and thought I may as well check things out.

    I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to looking at your web page again.

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