May 17th, 2011
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Get the Look: Chrissy Lampkin’s Love & Hip Hop Reunion Show Cowl Neck Gray Top and Coated Jeans
By Claire

So did you tune into the Love and Hip Hop Reunion Show?
Well, Brandy did!

She said, “Can you find me the top, pants, and shoes Chrissy Lampkin was wearing? Or something similar?”
From what I can see, Chrissy is wearing a Helmut Lang cowl neck tank with $195 Helmut Lang Waxed mid-rise jeans-style leggings and Gray Christian Louboutin Daffodil pumps:

Get her look here:

A few more pix:

So did you watch the Reunion?

What did you think?
*Chrissy, Emily, and Olivia are wearing Indique hair. Emily is rocking with the Pure Wavy 24 inches; Chrissy with Studio Fishnets in PURE Curly, 16inches and 22 inches; Olivia in Pure Wavy 10 inches. Inquire for prices at
*Thx @JaeInkk
Picture Source:

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55 Responses to “Get the Look: Chrissy Lampkin’s Love & Hip Hop Reunion Show Cowl Neck Gray Top and Coated Jeans”

  1. bagladynyc says:

    I wonder if Chrissy knew her scuffed up red bottoms were trending on twitter? Nonetheless, she look great!

  2. BOOBOO says:

    @bagladynyc CTFU!!!

    I wanted her pants too..i thought they were leather thou.

    I watched and i thought Chrissy n Jim’s mom looked the best. Even thou she sound lik the Marlboro man…smh

  3. Amber says:

    I like the leather coated denim, but I didn’t like the fact she chose a top that matched it…it looked like she was wearing a jumpsuit.

    And those scuffed up Loubs? I didn’t even know that was possible!

  4. kaliente says:

    Half the ppl that were talkin about the scuffed up louz probably don’t even own a pair..i didn’t know it was that serious!
    she obviously wore some shoes that she owns??? who cares?
    is that like a fashion no no?

  5. Chrissy ensemble was on point. She looked great.

  6. LawyerChic says:

    This is what happens when too much hair and makeup go bad. Somaya looks like a Latin vampire & tho Emily’s hair is very well done I wish she would have done something more off her face. She looks stuffed into that dress also.

    Oliva looked the best to me and Chrissy is beautiful girl she rarely looks bad in my opinion.

  7. kiabear says:

    The red bottom is a coating. As with any shoe, when you wear it, it gradually scratches (only the part that touches the ground). Some people get the red rubber put on the bottom and others don’t.

  8. Kapri_H says:

    The woman has on a pair of thousand dollar shoes…and people were talking about the bottoms being scuffed? *throws hands in the air* You can’t please everybody.

  9. SimplyMe says:

    wow, her scuffed red bottoms are a problem? Was she supposed to wear fresh, out the box red bottoms? I can’t deal with the useless critiques. People have way too much time. Anywho, I think she looked good and her hair was banging. Olivia looked good too.

  10. Name Goes Here, right?? says:

    Please someone tell where to find the earrings that Emily had on???


    PS- Jim dsnt want to marry Chrissy and Chrissy should realize Jim’s Mother and Jim are the BIGGEST LOSERS!!!

  11. ms. d says:

    I did not like Chrissy’s look and I wouldn’t buy those shoes bc of the simple fact that designer himself says that he doesn’t believe in comfort. Comfort goes along with quality.

  12. DyShaun says:

    Its a coating… its going to wear off…even Bey’s are worn, and what does she own like a milli pairs of Louby’s….Bey = gold standard….J/K! Dont have a hater stroke peeps.

    I watched it. Mama tom’bout she “grown” but was the biggest baby up there.

    I love Chrissy and her mole. She need to leave Jim and his mama to each other. I’ont like the outfit tho….I did when i thought it was a jumpsuit. #weird

  13. candylicker says:

    Loved Chrissy’s outfit, she looked real cute.

  14. QUEEN says:

    I didn’t know that was weave in Chrissy’s hair. Loved Chrissy’s and Olivia’s looks….

  15. cameil says:

    FYI for those of you who who dont own a pair of CL…the bottoms are made of leather as well so they scuff Very easily.

  16. Michee says:

    Who makes the necklace that Chrissy was wearing?

  17. Nikki says:

    Who the hell cares if her shoes are scuffed up? Kim K’s Loub’s are always scuffed and I don’t hear any complaints. Slide out YOUR Silvia Tcherassi for Payless out of the closet and check the bottom, I’m sure those too are scuffed.

    Chrissy looked beautiful. Less is more! She let her own beauty be her accessory and her skin be that pop of color. So did Emily, although her attire was very ill fitting. Somaya needs someone to help her out and I’m not saying that in a bad way. Mama Joneses hair is always on point and Olivia……………….Hmmmmmm

  18. yusufswifee says:

    omg – no….that has to be like olivia’s real hair, like on the other post….rolls eyes…will have to catch on demand as usual. I’m chrissy’s fan ever since I saw her trying to struggle and get those tata’s into that bustier….storyofmylife.

  19. DyShaun says:

    Bwahahahahahah @Nikki. But I really like my Sylvia’s…got em BoGO too. 2 pairs LOL!

  20. Kitana says:

    Scuffed Loubs? LOL Lemme guess, the people that are complaining are the ones that just discovered Loubs 4 years ago? thanks JayZ. ALL HEELS SCUFF IDIOTS! Who cares?! She looks great, her skin is a beautiful brown color which compliments the grey perfectly. She can do no wrong with this outfit, “scuffed” Louboutins and all…..

  21. yusufswifee says:

    Emily’s earrings look like the bangers from bebes…she loves their earrings just as Jennifer from basket ball wives does. Ashley Stewart also carried some that were the same…I’ll post the link if I can find.

  22. Mona L says:

    The Presidential Dymes (@pdees_of_ny) styled Chrissy and Jim. I onno who styled Nancy.

  23. DEE says:

    OMG im not judging but it was hard to look at the show and stare at chrissy scuffed red bottoms tru rhi rhi owns a nude pair of red bottoms she wear everyday almost and I know the bottom of hers has to be scuffed but I think certain shoes call for certain occassions i would have done a different ensemble for the show olivia’s hair was on point

  24. B says:

    I was staring at Chrissy’s hair the whole show. It was BEYOND luxurious!

  25. KBS says:

    Chrissy’s hair was on point, but I am interested in her “C” initial pendant charm necklace piece. In Silver. The Letter K. And affordable.
    Thanks! :)

  26. Chrissy was my favorite since day 1… she looked amazing! Grey is one of my favorite colors and she did it justice… The lighter hair color looks great on her as well. Olivia’s jacket was cute & she was wearin’ that short hair. Emily’s eyeliner/bang combo was too much I couldn’t even focus on what she was saying and Somaya looked a fool.

  27. Shontae says:

    Everyone talking about the scuffed Louboutin’s obviously don’t own one pair! They all scuff! If they were scuffed and didnt have the rubber red soul you can have attached, then that means they were hers and didn’t belong to the stylist and have to be returned.


  28. Tiffany says:

    Question…how do you not scuff the bottom of any pair of shoes? Walk on air? I thought Chrissy looked beautiful.

  29. esme says:

    hell no i didn’t watch this. maybe i’ll catch it on the weekend. and ugh…chrissy looked the worst out of all of them, if that’s even possible. i think her outfit would’ve worked better with some contrast, maybe a darker top or a darker bottom. otherwise it looks like an ugly one piece jumpsuit. and somebody said it upthread, but all these ladies have overdone the hair, makeup, and clothes. they constantly look like they are in drag.

  30. sun.kissed says:

    I liked Chrissy’s outfit. I think she such an unconventional beauty. Her hair was on point as well. As far as her shoes being scuffed…get a life! She could pay everyone who’s talking ish rent with her shoes! Scuff that!

  31. Shelly says:

    *hi-fives @sun.kissed*

  32. tj says:

    I liked Chrissy outfit. She seems like a very “real” person; a girlfriend.

  33. Chrissy’s outfit was super cute! I love her and Olivia’s hair! :)

  34. Elbone says:

    Can you do a post on Olivia’s Makeup look…I was mesmerized by it!! Please, Please, Please!! I was thinking it was Mac’s Delft paint point blended out with a brown, or gray!!

  35. A Diva says:

    Clearly everyone commenting about her Louboutins don’t own a pair– b/c if you did, you’d know they easily “scruff”.

  36. missTIAUNDRA says:

    I was gonna ask was the scuffed red bottoms supposed to be a no no! LLS I think she looked cute but I was a lil distracted from the shoes, the scuffs took away the WOW factor a Red Bottom usually has…but I can’t knock her shoe game cause I cant afford them…YET;)


  37. Juice love says:

    Loved chrissy and olivia’s looks and i think Emily’s earrings are from poparazzi

  38. SUSAN says:


  39. Bre says:

    Um…Chrissy doesn’t look good to me at all. She needs more support on top and her legs look like sausages in those pants. Her hair is gorge though.

  40. Ally says:

    LMAO at the posting of where to get their hair. Priceless!

  41. Jp says:

    Sorry, if you man is “Ballin” you can get either a new pair or a new coat b4 you go on tv. She wasn’t goin to the mall or kickin it at one of her girls’ house, she was on the reunion. Yeah, shoes scuff, but what kinda hoodrat wears the scuffed up ones when they know they’re gonna be viewed???? and those who don’t know what the problem is needta really check ya game.

  42. MizzNique says:

    In my opinion, everyone on the couch to the right looked great! I loved Chrissy’s outfit (with or without the color contrast) because the colors along with her hair color meshed well. She always looks good. Scuffs…hunching shoulders…who cares? Simple people…that’s who. Olivia’s look was well put together also. In the words of Fabo, (Chrissy) “You Be Killing Em”.

  43. Nunyabizniz says:

    The red on my Louboutins wedges are a remote memory now… LOL who cares?
    I haven’t watched the show yet. I’ll make sure I do that ASAP. It looks interesting.

    @Tiffany “Question…how do you not scuff the bottom of any pair of shoes? Walk on air?” _____ I am DEAD.

  44. ROSY says:

    Omg, why does somya look like a Mexican drag queen ?
    emily had on way too much makeup and her outfit was too small for her thats why she had her hands covering her stomach the whole time, but its a cute outfit btw who was she wearing ? Olivia and Chrissy’s makeup looked soo good ! chrissy was dressed bland and olivia wack as always…she needs a stylist !

  45. alexy says:

    Omg, why does somya look like a Mexican drag queen ?
    emily had on way too much makeup and her outfit was too small for her thats why she had her hands covering her stomach the whole time, but its a cute outfit btw who was she wearing ? Olivia and Chrissy’s makeup looked soo good ! chrissy was dressed bland and olivia wack as always…she needs a stylist !

  46. addikted2fashion says:

    yes soles scuff. We get that. But if you’re going on tv and are going to be sitting down with ur foot kicking up in the air, dont wear a pair of scuffed up “Red Bottoms”. ESPECIALLY if you’re wearing shoes that are known for the color of their soles! You dont have to own a pair of those to know that despite what others have posted on here :)

    And if shes ballin as much as yall claim, then she couldve bought a fresh pair.

  47. Crystal says:

    Chrissy’s necklace, please share where I can it. Thanks!

  48. Scottie J says:

    Where can I get Chrissy’s necklace… anyone know???

  49. keqi says:

    I <3 Chrissy she is the realest chick of them all. I think that her outfit was nice and it fit her to a tee, I don't give a rats azz about her scuffed red bottoms that means that their hers and they have been worn and will continue to be worn. Nerve would have guessed that was not her hair. Did she wear her hair during the actual season, I always thought it was hers maybe with tracks added for a little length or fullness but thats it.

  50. Luxe1 says:

    I’d like to know who makes Chrissy’s necklace. Towanda Braxton also wears one on Braxton Family Values.

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