May 16th, 2011
Beauty, Hot or Hmm
Weekend Beauty Hot! or Hmm…: Tracee Ellis Ross, Ciara, Jordin Sparks, and More!
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Happy Monday!

Hope all your weekends were bright and filled with fun things to do. I’m sure finals and graduation prep have many of you tied up, but take solace in knowing summer will be here in just a few weeks!

So let’s get into a few of our fave celebs:

Ciara was beach ready in body, face, and hair as she made some waves in Miami Beach. She’s working the vacation hair, makeup-less look, and the sick body. HOT!

Tracee Ellis Ross helped celebrate the opening of her sis Chudney Ross‘ store Books and Cookies. Tracee looks good (but would better as the star of a hot new sitcom—which she totally is coming out with soon) and Chudney has that “my dreams are coming true” glow. Cute.

Then over at Cannes, Rosario Dawson went for an easy breezy minimal look. She pulls off the no-makeup look well, but with such a pretty dress I would have loved to see at least some liner and bronzer.

Olivia was chilling at the taping of the “Love and Hip-Hop” reunion show. Hair and makeup were both perfectly executed. Brava, Olivia! HOT!

And finally Jordin Sparks was seen out at a party looking cute as a button signing autographs. I like her makeup but would have loved a creamier lip color formula. Love her brows as always.

So that rounds things up, folks! What do you think of this weekend’s looks?

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24 Responses to “Weekend Beauty Hot! or Hmm…: Tracee Ellis Ross, Ciara, Jordin Sparks, and More!”

  1. BOOBOO says:

    Olivia looks cute! I like her hair/makeup. Since it is TV, im sure they went a lil more heavier than norm.
    Althou they could hv blended her makeup w/her neck. STill cute thou:)

    Look lik CiCi broke out the good wig 4 the beach. She made it work. I wish she would let her hair breathe thou

  2. missb says:

    I totally agree. Olivia looks amazing!

  3. llehsal says:

    Olivia is really happening here. They could have gone easy on the blush though.

  4. Libby says:

    Trace: I saw tracee entire outfit on another blog. What happen to my fashion role model. I will chalk it up to another bad day :(.

    Oliva : Looks Great the soft cute sofens her face and the make up is on point.

    Rosario & Jordan : nice

  5. Rye Rye says:

    Olivia looks like a drag queen. Too much hair and too much makeup

  6. Kellie says:

    People need to learn that what somebody else eats, won’t make them sh*..well poop! now why does Ciara’s hair breathing have anything to do with anybody.

    However, I love the Olivia chicks look, and Joans (Tracee). Jordin has always been a cutie and for some reason i’m just not a fan of any of Rosario Dawsons looks *shurg*

  7. esme says:

    ciara looks naturally gorgeous and so does rosario. i love tracee’s bold lip, chudney…no comment. i agree with rye rye, olivia’s hair and makeup look like way to much put together. jordan looks underwhelming.

  8. jillibooboo says:

    i dont know, i don’t like olivia’s look. its all too much. the bleached hair, the curls, the blush, blue eyeshadow….

    im by no means makeup shy but it strikes me as draggish.

  9. esme says:

    kellie, maybe you are confused, but this is the commentary section on a fashion blog. this is beauty hot! or hmm and we were asked “What do you think of this weekend’s looks? booboo commenting on ciara’s hairstyle (or wig) is staying on topic. you harping on someone’s else’s comment isn’t. let people voice their freaking opinions.

  10. SomaliLioness says:

    Ciara is gorgeous!

  11. KBS says:

    BooBoo, now you know if there is one place a black woman is going to pull out the good, fa’ real wig, it’s at the beach (or anywhere near water)!! Stop playin’

    I would like to see Chudney and Jordin’s full look too.

  12. BOOBOO says:

    Thank u esme! Its early Monday n me acting a donkey is not on the to do list…*sips more coffee*

    @KBS u right!!! CTFU!!

  13. dyshaun says:

    Must be nice to be front row on somebody’s else scalp. I really dig Ciara’s softer body. I like Olivia’s look. She’s got the cutest little pouty mouth. I should donate some brows to her though, me or Jordan hehehehehe

  14. LawyerChic says:

    idk about Ciara’s wig, but I see she’s working those new (or not so new) bewbs!

    Oliva’s makeup looks a little heavy, but I think they may be from the flash of the photo. I hope it translates better on tv.

  15. Kellie says:

    @esme from reading this blog i’ve noticed that your level of reading comprehension is sometimes questionable, and that you like to “argue” and play internet gangster. In saying that, I totally understand what this post is about…hot or hmm…like it or not…meaning that either you like the look (wig) or you don’t. Why should it matter to someone whether or not her hair breathes…So you can see her real hair and have something else to say, likely negative about that?? If that girl wants to wear her weave every waking day of her life that’s up to her.

  16. Kellie says:

    Her hair breathing has nothing to do with the topic.

  17. BOOBOO says:


    Babygirl, y is u commenting on my comments? Cause u want to..RIGHT?! Ok me2..i comment cause i want/can. I can get on WATEVA topic i want to. Even its on/off topic. I do’s me BOO.

    Plus by the tone of ur comment sound lik u wear a weave n need 2 let urs breathe…..(haha imma rapper…sike)

    CTFU@ the BOOBOO stans/haters!!! Yall don’t scare me!! LMMFAO

    I will say this thou, if yall knew me, yall would love me! I keeps all my girlies ROLLING!!!

  18. BOOBOO says:

    ok i could hv left the weave comment out (my bad) but 4real i wish ppl would let me say WTF i want n stop being stalkers..i mean fans 2 the stars..

  19. binks says:

    meh…not really feeling anybody looks this weekend in beauty

  20. esme says:

    @booboo- you’re welcome. it’s just irritating for ppl to constantly be oversensitive and act as though others can’t voice their opinions on a particular topic.

    @kellie- i don’t think you want to be questioning someone else on their level of reading comprehension because whether or not you like a celeb’s hairstyle can incorporate whether or not you see them wearing different hairstyles (or wigs). and please explain how you know if someone would say something negative about ciara’s real hair? that’s complete speculation on your part. and so what if someone DID

    second, if you want to talk about being an arguementative internet gangster, i think everything you’ve said here including commenting on someone else’s opinion using condescending language (to booboo) and namecalling (me ) could be construed as argumentative. in other words, don’t play yourself.

  21. esme says:

    *i meant-and please explain how you know if someone would say something negative about ciara’s real hair? that’s complete speculation on your part. and so what if someone DID, so what? we are allowed to critical and we are allowed to critique. i mean you just said something negative about rosario dawson. was anyone HARPING over that?

  22. esme says:

    *i meant-we are allowed be to critical and we are allowed to critique.

    sorry for all the typos

  23. Tainara says:

    Hey! I totally love Olivia’s make-up for the reunion show, how can I get that look?

  24. Indigo says:

    To me,Olivia didn’t look so good on the reunion.

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