May 6th, 2011
Celebrity Style, Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj Wears Doc Martens and Versace Heels for SuperBass Video
By Claire

Nicki Minaj recently released a video for her single, “Superbass“.

In the fun clip, Nicki dances around in everything from mini dresses to bathing suits and tank and shorts combos, wearing shoes by Dr. Martens and heels by Versace:

Versace Resort 2011 Lace Up Platform Sandals

Check out the video here:

What do you think?
*Random: Lil Kim has worn the Versace Resort 2011 lace ups before:

Great minds think alike!

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61 Responses to “Nicki Minaj Wears Doc Martens and Versace Heels for SuperBass Video”

  1. BOOBOO says:

    I feel her tryin to crossover into pop ($$) but that song is wiz-zack. Her dancing was a mess…smh I wished she stop lapdancing erryone esp since lil girls luv luv her.

    Those lace up versace r very “Nicki” so i get it.

    Cute, fun vid none the less..

  2. T1K says:

    hmmm.. I’m not liking it, the dancing was all over the place, not uniformed at all, but oh well. my favorite color is pink so I can’t deny I like the theme, but that’s it.

  3. Jessica says:

    I absolutely adore the video. Nicki can do no wrong in my eyes. I’m totally biased sorry.

  4. Amber says:

    Hmm..usually I could care less about the whole Lil Kim vs. Nicki thing, but as soon I saw the pics/vid I noticed some Kim lookalike moments. Especially the scene with the white t’s and jean shorts. Reminds me of Lil Kim’s “No Matter What They Say” video.

    Unless she is secretly being constantly compared to Kim, Nicki’s stylist needs to do a better job of giving her original looks.

  5. Amber says:

    **Meant to say secretly loving the comparison…

    Also, not impressed with the song or video just in general…

  6. Steph says:

    Why are people so overly critical ALL the time?! I thought it was a cute video and could be a really fun club song. I’m so sick of the “little girls look up to you” excuse. If these people are the only ones your girls have to look up to then there’s a problem. This is a grown women, let her be grown.

  7. PrettyTia says:

    I love the Dr,martins & they video and song is very cute.

    F.y.i This vid was shot way before keep wore those shoe’s

  8. zimbabwechic says:

    Whack lyrics that hardly make any sense at all, fake booty to distract us from the poor lyrics, bad lacefront, this chick bugs me. Here is an example of the ridiculousness.

    I mean that nigga must be from the motherland
    Anyway I think I met him in the Sky
    When I was a Geisha he was a Samuri
    Somehow I understood him when he spoke Thai
    Never spoke lies and he never broke fly

  9. Anon says:

    I agree Steph. Her lyrics and style of dress are way too mature for little girls to be looking up to. Parents need to take responsibility over what their children listen to and who their role models are. There is no way my young daughter would be looking up to Nicki Minaj.

    I have no issue with Nicki. I like some of her music, but like Steph said, she is a grown woman, let her be grown.

  10. chrissy says:

    Really I can’t with nicki, like dead a$s when did this type of music coming from someone who wants respect as a rapper become ok? When did it happen. Is this even hip pop? This is by far the cheesiest corniest thing ever. Its so fraudulent. I know ppl always try to box hip hop artist in, but this ish right here. Its beyond bubble gum boy band corny. Somebody tell me the difference btwn this and the b.s soulja boy puts out, but unlike nicki who has ppl saying she’s putting female rappers on with this crap, yet SB has supposedly killed hip hop…anyway sorry for the book lol. As far as fashion, why does she alwaysss have on a bra in out fits where she shouldn’t?! I don’t get it, its so tacky. I think she’s insecure abt her boobs, but she paid good money for them, they should be able to make it w/o one

  11. BOOBOO says:

    Wondering y “ppl” STAY commenting on my comments? Lucky its Friday and payday or i would get monkey #REALTALK

  12. LMBO at putting a picture of Kim up with the same shoes. I’m sure Kim is probably tweeting now that Nicki should pay her homage for wearing those shoes! LMBO…

  13. zimbabwechic > No sass but you should take a literary arts class and maybe you will understand rap lyrics that make no sense to you. It might help I’m just saying, that class worked wonders for me and i didn’t even notice until i started listening to music after taking the class.

  14. Pinkie says:

    When will this girl stop being relevant? I wish they’d stop posting about her cuz she’s a fashion disaster all the time let’s be honest. And for the lil kim comparisons, she did all of this a decade ago and so much better.

  15. Crystal says:

    i’m sick of the this character. i wish she would’ve marketed herself differently but apparently people like this crap so whatever. i agree…her lyrics are laughable. i think people throw anything in a song just to see if they can get away with it. if my school offered a class that helped me understand that jibberish…i’d transfer!

  16. kaliente says:

    I can’t stop what Nicki do but I agree if Lil girls LOVE her thas a problem, you should not be lettin your daughter listen to Nicki….Like farreal..
    BUT thats the reality with MOST young parents nowadays!

  17. Luv says:

    I’m a Nicki Fan and I hate the video, none of her videos are ever what I expect them to be I wonder who the creative director is. Oh yeah and FYI *PrettyTia we have been wearing Doc Martens in my city since 09/10 and the video was shoot 2 months ago

  18. Cass says:

    When did Samurai’s speak Thai? further proof that education is important.

  19. sun.kissed says:

    I love the video, I think it’s really cute. As far as her album goes it is a totally POP album, there isn’t any hardcore rap (which is what I initially expected from her.) I don’t like the album, but this is on of the better songs. I prefer the “featuring” Nicki. She’s a beast on other people’s songs, but I’m not a true fan of her music.

  20. sun.kissed says:

    P.S. Lil’ Kim made those shoes look super cheap with that Rainbow belt. This is an example of how NOT to mix high and low.

  21. LivvyV says:

    I’m sorry I’m just confused as hell. What is this Pop/Rap now and some of those dance moves are a little mature for young people to be watching. The video is okay. Its not the first time I seen Doc Martens on someone. I won 4 pairs. I’ve never really been into Nikki, but now I’m just over her. Most of time I don’t know what the half she be saying and the other half her many voices irk me. The fashion in this video is mediocre anyway. Just my opinion.

  22. wallflower says:

    This song is a Ciara reject and the video is super low budget. The Cash Money marketing people shouldn’t try to cross her over so hard.

    I’m also confused as to why she is wearing a bra with a swimsuit? Always with the colorful bra. There are a ton of tips and tricks in Hollywood that she could take advantage of… whatever her issues with her breasts are. I mean Beyonce has her built right into her clothes…

  23. wallflower says:

    I like the Doc Martens, though

  24. lawyerChic says:

    *throws docs to the back of closet*

    I refuse to let anyone think I got ANY style inspiration from Ms. Minaj.
    Let her fans tell it she wore em first and best!

  25. Classy_Femme says:

    Love the video. I think it’s really cute, u guys are crticizing so much! Geez loosen up! Haha when i saw the video i thought she had on some versace pumps. I spotted the docs too, maybe bc i have the hot pink ones the backup dancer has on.

    LawyerChic– why would u not where ur docs anymore? I mean i got my docs in ’09!!! & i’ll still wear them. i really disagree w/ ur reasoning.

  26. Hohosaretasty88 says:

    I’m gonna be honest, I love reading @BOOBOO’s comments haha they’re always truthful and hilarious

  27. Leigh says:

    i liked her makeup. fresh and summery.

  28. lawyerChic says:

    @Classy_Feeme I’m exaggerating, but it does seem like Nicki Minaj fans take her looks & beat em til they’re tired & wore out. ie the whole “barbie movement”, everybody wearing pasty pale pink lipstick, pink extensions & so on….even though docs are & will always be classics I bet you anything by the end of summer you’ll see every teeny bopper & 27 year old barbie wearing em w/anything they can find in their closets!

  29. dyshaun says:

    Y’all really showing y’all true colors in here ROTFL

    Cute shoes, perfect for the video and the song. Her demo LOVES this song its just gonna make her huge-R. LMAO

  30. I actually enjoyed the video. Honestly, as a parent, I watch what my daughter listens to. She may listen to a Nicki Song, but she listens to the very clean versions, and watches none of the videos. You have to take responsibility for what your children watch.

    On another note, again, I love the video. The style and dancing suits it. It’s a fun song. For once, can people stop being serious and actually have fun? Music doesn’t always have to give a person knowledge. That’s what college and reading are for.

    That is all.

  31. Marie-josé says:

    Booooff, I have to say am disappointed.
    Her songs usually kick asses, but only when she’s featuring other rappers. Except that; she’s a flop whenever she’s alone.
    Not impressed by lyrics either….I usually love me some nicki, but I’ll pass this time.

  32. Grace says:

    There’s 3 minutes and 39 seconds of my life that I’ll never get back…

  33. PrettyTia says:

    @ Luv i was speaking of the Versace sandals babe.

  34. RandomnOne says:

    Love Nicki, love her hustle and love that she is not stuck in 1995 like so many people….I Iike the mix of the pop and the rap

  35. shoe lover says:

    what shoes is the dude wearing @2.45 in the video

  36. KBS says:

    I soooo wanted a pair of Docs…now thats ruined.

  37. esme says:

    she looks like a cartoon character. the music, the lyrics, and the video is completely juvenile, stupid, and grating. when is she going away? and i agree with lawyerchick, the scariest thing on earth is seeing grown women get dressed up in that barbie look. at LEAST nicki is getting paid to look that ridiculous, why are other people actually paying good money to look like that?

  38. Myssdee says:

    Over the course of time, Nicki’s style grew on me.
    Yea, the Doc martins with the jean shorts was similar to Lil Kim’s video which I think was purposely style to get ppl talking and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

    Those Versace shoes are the business…I wish I know how to walk in them.

  39. daneez says:

    Reading the comments was funny. I admit, I was taken aback a little by how pop this song was, but I think it’s kinda cute. Not exactly making it to the iPod cut, but I wouldn’t flip a lid if it came on the radio.

    As far as the Lil Kim similarities…”well OBVIOUSLY” she’s taking a stab at all the rants. As soon as I saw that green wig I thought of “Crush on You”. People shouldn’t get so worked up over her. Bad for the blood pressure. lol.

  40. daneez says:

    random: lacefronts look even scarier under black light. :-| Very troublesome.

  41. daneez says:

    and something else: lil kim is wrong for that yellow belt. i mean, really. I’m gonna stop scrolling up now.

  42. Gee18 says:

    I see absolutely no similarities between this and Lil Kim’s No matter what they say video. People are just starting to look for any little thing to run with and say “She copied! She copied!”. Give it a rest

  43. Ayana says:

    I personally liked the video, reguadless if you are a Nicki fan or not you must admit her fashions always make you pay her attention wheather good or bad. I mean she is a female artist who obviously love bright girlie colors whats wrong with that?? and i could remember years ago when people were down talking lil kim, and what she used to wear, now someone else is relevant she can get away with it?? Now I do have daughters and I am very particular to the music they listen too, but Nicki album is far more cleaner than the explicted lyrics KIM use to spit, geessh I remember being ashamed to repeat that vulger junk, Nicki too but KIM??? Every other word was about sex or taking someones man or money . I like them both at times and what they do with fashion and other times I dont but I think people are WAY to hard on Nicki and I like the video, LOVE BOTH pairs of Versace heels and even thou its artifical her shape looked Great too!!!

  44. B. says:

    I love Nicki and I love the song/video, but I’m a young’n so what would I know?

    But Nicki must have worn these shoes before Kim seeing as this vid has been in post-production for a very long time before release, and this is a very recent picture of Kim. But Kim wouldn’t have known… great minds think alike, indeed.

  45. Jasmyne says:

    I’ve been wanting pink Doc Martens for the longest…NOW I DEFINITELY HAVE TO HAVE THEM!

  46. E. says:

    Ace video and song lyrics.
    im sorry but all you ‘parents’ are too protective, id understand if it was like S&M Rihanna buts its not. It’s a typical R&B music video.
    If you’re after a specific music type, go look for some around your time because this is what most videos are like or even worse.

  47. cutie_inpink says:

    love the shoes finally i know the brand but still haven’t found where they can be purchased….someone help me b4 i lose my mind *pulling hair bitting nails*

  48. TM says:

    FIRST OF ALL NICKI WORE THE SHOES FIRST! imma state that, that video was shot at the beginning of the tour and krim was seen with them in april AFTER the video was shot! …. but anywho SB is one of cutest videos out! if you dont like it then ohwell but continue to hate on her and how she expresses herself!

  49. XxCherLloydWannabexX :) says:

    I am a fan of Nicki, which, by the way was my own choice and not that of my parents. Anyway, I did originally quite like the song but its one of those “one time” hits that you can only listen to so many times before you’re fed up of it. The doc martens are quite cute but the wigs are a bit much. Just me or is anyone else getting a sense of Gaga with the crazy outfits all of a sudden? In all due respect she is a descent artist but I prefer some of her other tracks. Sorry.

  50. tia says:

    Omfg you people so piss me offf! you really need to geta grip on life! little girls dont listen to her music its mainly teenagers so shut the hell up! and she can dance you! your just jealous cos you dont have a life like hers! nicki is amazing and lil kim is just jealous of her cos she int in the lime light anymore! and how can you say she cant dance a professional choregrapher made the dance so obviously it int gonna be all over the place! you all need to get a grip! peace out bitches!

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