April 25th, 2011
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Fashion Discussion: Is it Ok for a Friend to Copy Your Style?
By Claire

Friends influence friends, even when it comes to fashion.
I’m sure we’ve all had a bestie who peeped your new sweater and needed it in another color. Or perhaps you spied a pair of your buddy’s shoes and had to have a pair of your own.

Personal style typically differs so radically, it doesn’t happen as often as it could.
But when you see your friend twirling in what you thought was ‘your’ piece, do you get upset? Or let it slide?

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39 Responses to “Fashion Discussion: Is it Ok for a Friend to Copy Your Style?”

  1. Kara J. says:

    I thought the very same thing the first saw that picture with Khloe and her BFF. Her friend is def putting her to shame in that one.
    With that said, I still feel like its okay to share the same style. Its really helpful when your outfit is lacking something and your friend has just the thing you need for added spice. There are RULES though.. like for one, you can’t wear anything of mine until I’ve worn it. And second, we will never ever wear the same thing at the same time… to avoid the Khole/Malikka situation lol.

  2. t says:

    khloe should take that off pronto

  3. tnetiny says:

    It’s ok to do provided that your friend doesn’t look better than you. If that is the case such as with khloe and Malikka, ( Malikka slaying khloe in the played out piece) then it’s time to have a chat with your girl. It’s ok, as in the case with Kelly and LaToya. They look equally great. But never at the same time.

  4. sun.kissed says:

    If you and your friend have planned to dress alike (as Khloe and Malikka clearly have), then of course it’s ok. However, I wouldn’t go out dressed to the club in the same get up as my friend. If she and I have an item that is the same or very similar, I’d check to make sure she’s not wearing hers.

  5. Infamous Doll says:

    Its never ok to rock the same item of any outfit at the same time at any event or otherwise. We are not children anymore and only twins should be allowed to even get away with such mess. And even you cant do that when you are older.Reasons: One always look better than the other in it and you dont want to be that one where people say, “O, her friend looks the best in it” and you indeed are the slacker in the situation or It just shows how lame you are

  6. Nikki says:

    First off, Khloe and Malika both look like a slutty mess and should both do better. Endless you’re 13 year old twins, you shouldn’t dress alike at the same time. Lots of my friends will see someone’s shoes or top and fall in love with it and cop one for themselves but we don’t wear the same thing at the same time….atleast not on purpose.

  7. Nessa says:

    I think it all depends on how your friend goes about doing it. If you have that friend that is quick to snatch something in the store as soon as you say you like it…we have a problem. But I think it’s ok to dress somewhat a like if it is not intentional because at the end of the day both of you are different. With that being said, each person would bring their personality to the outfit thus making it theirs.

  8. Starla says:

    I seriously believe that these two decided together to wear the same thing. I have seen this happen with very close friends before. They love each other so much they want to dress up like twins. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery as they say, so I guess it shows admiration of your style if your friend copies it.

  9. stella says:

    oh hell to the no. my steelo was created by me, for me, and when my homegirl began to cop the same style clothes and hair accessories, ALONG with the same color lipstick i’ve worn for 4+ years, i told her it was flattering but unacceptable. my clothes and presentation represent my personality and tastes which i have no problem sharing, but come on now girl, CREATE SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF! a few pieces here and there, especially when accessorized and played up differently, are totally fine, but it’s frustrating when it’s more than that.

  10. esme says:

    i have to say that i don’t really like any of my friends buying the exact same dress, shoes, bag, or anything as me but i guess it’s something you have to live with, because if you run in the same circles you’re going to inspire each other. the thing thats really unacceptable for me is wearing the exact same piece at the same time, looking like khloe and malika. it’s tacky and childish. (and while neither one of them looks particularly good, khloe just looks horrifying in comparison to malika.)

  11. Libby says:

    It’s okay to admire a friends style maybe even by the same thing but dont you dare wear it the same day,time i’m wearing it thats too much i’m not for the dressing alike thing…maybe for twin little girls but not grown women.

  12. B. says:

    It’s ok to have a bit of the same something with a friend. For example, my friend and I often turn up to things wearing similar coloured lipstick by mistake, and that kind of thing doesn’t bother me. However, if someone is straight-up jacking your style, it’s always annoying because it feels forced. And as for Khloe and her friend, that outfit is a mess on both of them (granted, I did see better pictures of both of them.. Khloe especially… but it’s still a mess) and what’s worse, it’s clearly planned. Poor choice!

  13. if they both agree to wear the same thing than it’s fine but if someone is just copying on their own will it can become annoying.

  14. KandyH. says:

    I absolutely don’t mind inspiring other people wether it’s fashion wise, or mentally…but I noticed that a lot of ‘friends’ or shall I say ‘associates’ won’t compliment me when I’m wearing something…but they will go and buy it…then show up with my outfit on in their fb pics or the next time I see them…I’m not feeling that at ALL. In my opinion that’s a sign that your a subliminal hater, and your sneaky….and even tho it’s only clothes..what does that really say about u?

  15. SimplyMe says:

    It would be naive for anyone to believe that #1 their style isn’t influenced by others and that its SOOOO original and #2 that their style (no matter how original or standard) doesn’t influence other people. Everyone imitates someone or takes a little inspiration at some point in their lives.

  16. Keri says:

    It wouldn’t have possibly have been cute if the outift were at least cute… FAIL!

  17. Ally says:

    My ex BFF used to do that and I hated it, she would sometimes even ask me what I am wearing and when we would meet up we would be dressed as twins. SMH, admiring is ok but to utilize plagirism of my style is completely uncool.

  18. SheMadeUlook says:

    Im so sick of that top Khloe and Malika are wearing. Can.we dead that please ladies.

  19. BOOBOO says:

    NEVER!! Get yo own style ya diggs!!!

  20. MissKRoberts says:

    i don’t really think it matters when it comes to clothes AND if the person genuinely wants the item simply beacause they feel its what THEY want and not to do it to be a copy cat. (you know that friend that does everything or tries to top everything that you do)

    @Ally I absolutely hate when someone asks me what i’m wearing before we go out or meet up! I mean…why?? You know location we are going to so dress accordingly and how you want to dress!

    i recently got a henna tattoo started (ouch), and now my friend wants one…and doesn’t even know what a henna tatto is supposed to look like..now that irritated me.

  21. tasha says:

    if you over the age of 16 its not really cool to dress alike. Lets point that out first. I like it okay to take inspiration from your friends. We take inspiration from “celebs” all the time. If you admire how someone rocked an outfit and wanna try it, try it. At the same time at 25 I know what works for me and what doesnt so im stick to my style

  22. yusufswifee says:

    dressing alike at the same time is just meh! – put I have definitely been shopping with friends and we’ve bought the same item because of a great sale or style…no biggie…we just make sure we aren’t wearing at the same time…everyone is different and if you trully have your own style it transcends clothes…so it will still be different on you.

    And everyone has a friend who copies them or used to copy them…it’s all good – smh!

  23. addikted2fashion says:

    my bff and i have a few of the same pieces in our closets but we dont EVER wear them at the same time.
    Khloe and her bff both need to take those outfits off b/c they look a mess. The friend has kankles and those too tight leggings and booties are very unflattering and do nothing to hide that issue.

  24. lostluv224 says:

    i wouldnt wear the same thing at the same time, but like my mom always says….when they made one they made a million others- you cant expect someone not to buy something just because you got to it first. & if you two do happen to be at the same place in the same fit..just laugh it off and enjoy urself- life is too short to be pissy about someone wearing the same outfit as you.

  25. Cee Lo says:

    If you and a friend like the same item in a store when ur shopping, there’s no reason you both can’t cop it. Once everybody involved has their own personal style down pact, most likely the item is going to be worn differently reflecting the individual. Ex. if one person likes to accessorize (with jewelry or head wraps) and the other prefers statement pieces (shoes, bags etc).

    Now, I’ve never been around anymone who blatantly copied me but I have seen it in others and in the cases of those who do, it shows that ur either not ur own person or have not developed or are not confident in their own style

  26. Dobe says:

    I HATE IT! Of course, when it’s done intentionally. I could go on and on re my experiences in this area, but some of the ways I’ve minimized this problem is:
    1. Don’t go shopping with the friend who falls into this category;
    2. Don’t tell the friend exactly where you purchased the item.

    You know it’s bad when the friend shows up with ‘your’ hairstyle! :(

  27. Kristina says:

    For me I don’t like it because I like having my own style and look. My friends should stay in their lane and I stay in mine.

  28. chocl8fashnista says:

    I’ve actually gone through that situation and it drove me up the wall! I said something to my friend about it and she denied jacking my swag. There was a slight rift, but we later reconciled. It’s one thing to be inspired, but another thing to recreate looks. I say, do you and I’ll do me! xoxo

  29. dyshaun says:

    I dont have friends like that LOL I only have 2 and ones style is vastly different and the other is not as out there as I am, so even if we like the same thing it always comes off differently.

    And I am not dressing alike. Just no.

  30. lala_sky says:

    it’s ok for friends to copy my fashion as long as we don’t have the same dress when we go out to party.

  31. Mrs windy City says:

    Its funny, because me and my BFF have similar taste. I will go shopping solo and meet her for dinner and she sometimes says: I just brought that!

    Hilarious. But I really don’t care. I rock mine a differently. she is more classic I am more boho

  32. binks says:

    @SimplyMe Agreed.

    I don’t think style is that vastly different today Claire. I mean you can walk down the street and see 50-11 people in nearly the same thing, there is only a handful of people whose style is truly unique and original from head to toe. Mostly everybody else where nearly the same clothing options in different ways. Nearly everybody style fall in the realm of another person’s style (knowing or unknowing). As long as you don’t look like Khole and Malikka or your friend doesn’t have the single white female movie complex thing going on it’s fine with me. It normal for people to influence each other regardless

  33. Raquel says:

    They’re just clothes. As long as one isn’t too attached to them it won’t matter if everyone in the room is wearing same thing because we all wear things differently. That is, unless the underlying concern is who looks “better” in the same item. That’s an entirely different topic lol.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Me and my best friend in the club with the exact same outfit on…that is so wack to me! Me and my bestie’s style is so completely different I wouldn’t have to worry about her being a copycat.
    Now I do have a homegirl who I run into every so often and I see her wearing some things very similar to me and the way I wear them. She even did this in high school. A few years back I had my hair cut a certain way with an old school rat tail in the back and I run into her in Walmart with her hair the exact same! Not only that she’s a hairstylist and I see other chicks with their hair like mine and I had to change it!

  35. Maisha says:

    yeah I think its ok, but not wearing the same exact outfit..together! Khloe really needs to take that off her friends looks better in that number! http://www.urbanblend.net

  36. artsylee says:

    Yes, because I haven’t patented my style yet ;P However, not on the same night. It’s like we’re stealing each other’s thunder and it’s not cool.

  37. jessica says:

    guys, i literally have this problem! my friend literally is morphing into me! she bought the same brazillian hair as me, has now swapped her iman to my mac, wears the saaaaaaaaame clothes and in the same style as me – even speaks the same lingo as me! help!
    what should i do?
    i would confront her but she’ll get defensive – i’ve taken to not talk to her abt what i buy anymore bt shes stil practically the clone!

  38. Bribri says:

    It annoys me to NO END when i see friends dressed alike on the street or at a event. Style is so individual and so personal that there is no possible way two people can naturally dress exactly alike. Me and my friends have similar taste so we compliment each other but never look alike.

  39. lulu says:

    I have just had this happen to me. I’m 37 years old and a 20 year old has started to dress almost identically to me. She uses the silhouette, basic items, and colour combos. She turned up initially in very different clothing and colours, went away for a month, and came back dressed as me. Her body shape is the polar opposite. She has no eye, no style, no imagination, but a great ability to thieve off other people. Can’t stand it. Had to put distance between us as she just sees something she likes, and, Bam! Hello! She’s wearing it. I think the worst thing is that she tries to say hi, or “hey”, as she so irritatingly likes to put it, to me, as if, what? it’s not happening? Ok. You bought a copy of my retro handbag. Eff-off.

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