April 22nd, 2011
Beauty, Hot or Hmm
Hot! or Hmm…: Modern Box Braids
By Claire

Several celebrities have decided to revisit a hair trend we thought we’d all resolutely left in the 90′s: Box braids.

Chrisette Michele recently swapped out her curly mane for braids, following in the footsteps of Solange Knowles and Brandy.

I’ll admit I was a super fan of box braids back in the day….

Excuse my Armpit

But I eventually transitioned to dreads as I was too lazy for all the upkeep. And the horror of having an errant braid fall out of your head!
At any rate, would you try ‘em out in 2011? Are they Hot! or do they make you go Hmmm…

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59 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm…: Modern Box Braids”

  1. Dinka Don says:

    The other girls remind me of being 12 again, but Solange is doing it right if you ask me! Big and beautiful or just up in a bun! But honestly for the most part, I’m not sure if braids are ready to make a (serious) comeback. If you want a natural style, it’s all about the afro these days!

  2. Rinny says:

    That cheerleading photo is ADORABLE Claire! I love the box braids look! I think it’s a perfect carefree vacationing/summer style! I remember rocking the skittles out of my little Sheneneh box braids in the 2nd grade and you couldn’t tell me “nathans!”

  3. Bonifant says:

    Things like box braids shouldn’t be considered in or out of fashion. They’re simply part of our heritage and can make you look darn good, jus rock em with confidence whether you’re 12 or 24 or 64 IMO it doesn’t matter.

  4. Dom says:

    Not feeling the box braids. Sooo ’90′s. Chrisette’s look mad scraggly and raggly too.

  5. Dobe says:

    Love them on Solange, especially when she has them up in a bun. Who can say anything about B-Rocka and her braids? She’s pretty much the poster child for box braids, and they always look good on her!
    As for Chrisette… well…
    I say if they look good on you, rock ‘em… no matter what year we’re in.

  6. dyshaun says:

    I agree w Bonifant. I have consistently seen box braids throughout the years.

  7. Yondel says:

    I’ve always been a fan of box braids. I am a die hard wig wearer, but in my opinion braids will never go out of style…

  8. BOOBOO says:

    I wouldn’t revisit this (8th grade) but I think it looks beautiful…on Solange. Only thing, Im confused cause Chrisette shaved off all her hair and declared she wasn’t being a victim of weaves, relaxers etc. AND she looks a mess.

    2-tone micros w/visible new growth are never cute.

  9. I love them. I actually want to get some this summer! I think can be worn as a unique expression of personal style. Especially in the workplace. Although I’m sure I’ll get some stupid questions about them here. :/

  10. I AGREE WITH THE FIRST COMMENT solo has got it right with thickness and length, she also is working her style, this is a great protective style for naturals (as long as there not to tight or to heavy!) it’s never really been out of style it just takes someone in the mainstream to catch on and make the ‘IT’ style again. make me want to sing ‘i’m a 90′s girl in a 90′s world’ lol great post!

  11. yusufswifee says:

    solange looks great. Chrisette not so much.

  12. maria says:

    I love my box braids! Since I only have about 6- 7 inches of natural hairs braids got me through winter and are just lovely for when I don’t want to mess with my head. I love putting them in a stylish bun.

  13. Talecia says:

    I do braids every other year and just got some done this week.It gives me a break from styling my hair and I’m the laziest at times so this is a style that’s easy for me to just get up and go.But why does everyone think solange brought them back? They’ve always been here so stop giving her credit plz lol..they haven’t gone out of style and never will..YAY BOX BRAIDS lol

  14. Grace says:

    I just could not do it! I find that they look good the first 2-3 weeks and then they start looking old and a little raggedy (IMO). Not to mention my fiancé’ would DIE, he hates braids for whatever reason unbeknownst to me.

    But aside from keeping myself aesthetically pleasing in his eyes… They are not as versatile as other protective hair styles.

  15. honeyxzillah says:

    idk, i’ve never had them. i think they can look nice if you keep them up. just don’t get lazy. and i love chrisette’s eye make-up and hair color in that pic.

    i might try it though. i’m a new natural growing out a twa…love my curls but bored. we’ll see. =)

  16. Amber says:

    Love it on Solange and Brandy – Chrisette, not so much. Looks like they were done in someone’s basement. Plus the length is not great.

  17. Tifani says:

    I think they look cute and all but they also look a little dated!

  18. Miss Smith says:

    I agree with Bonifant. Braids are timeless and I think they look radiant!

  19. Shellie Boo says:

    I love that the box braids are coming back to the mainstream! Solo and Brandy look great in them. I think Chrisette really needs to find her own style, it seems over the past few years she’s just been following others…Claire you look the same, cute!

  20. fashion fun says:

    Lord CM be on it one minute and the next they’ve taken her completely left! Those braids make her look 16 and I cant see anyone taking that look serious. I know she’s recently landed the help of J. Ambrose with her fashion style but she really needs a hair stylist to understand her true needs as an artist. If she were going to do the braids I prefer they be more refined and orderly. If wearing box braids I prefer the smaller box braids and bob styled typed ones that I see in Florida.

  21. esme says:

    i love them. i don’t know about anyone bringing them back because they’ve always been here. i wear braids often. not only does it give me a break from having to do my hair, i also work out a lot and i’m very physically active so it’s a managable hairstyle. i do agree with everyone who said it’s paramount that you keep up the style, because while brandy’s braids look fresh and beautiful, chrisette’s braids look a scraggly hot mess.

  22. binks says:

    Cute picture Claire! I think braids are always a Hot… because they are a classic hairstyle especially for the summer/spring months. As long as you get someone to do them right, that they are well maintained, and fits your face you should be fine

  23. Claire says:

    Y’all are making me want to go back to my box braids. Hmm…

  24. Me says:

    I was going to say the exact same thing as Bonifant. Something that is a cultural hairstyle shouldn’t be up for debate as to whether it is “cool” or not. Box braids are timeless.

    I still wear braid and I love them, and I have never heard anything negative about them.

  25. Grace says:

    NOT a good look.

  26. Mari Amanda says:

    Chrisette Michele Is rocking the braids and the eye shadow looks really good ono her: she looks very beautiful.

  27. marymei says:

    I’ve always loved braids and I’m glad ladies are rocking them again! I think they all look great, including Chrisette.

  28. Nikki says:

    Claire, you have not aged! Wow! And I don’t really like Chrisette’s braids; they’re too tiny for my taste. Brandy’s are okay, but Solange is the real winner. I’m thinking about trying out Solange’s look (but shorter) this summer to give my hair a break from all the flatironing and blow-drying.

  29. abb says:

    Gosh no. Yuck. On any of them.

  30. Lwedza says:

    Yes, she didn’t bring them back but it’s not an everyday look for celebs. Chrisette’s look a worn out, B&Solo’s look great. I’ve had mine for almost three months now with regular treatments, just had the front redone. They help my fro grow. I love braids been rocking them as much as B, weaves are cool but make me look older. Thanks for the post!

  31. Mz.Scott says:

    Thats what am having now. I love it and do it only in the spring ! For me its Hot ! Nice post btw

  32. Ruchingdiva says:

    Although all ladies look good …Brandy is always the one to rock ‘em the way I would like to rock mine!

    P.S Love the armpits! LOL

  33. Cornrows, Micros, Box, Dookie braids…..they never go out of style! I’m growing my hair out for the moment and when I get to that in-between stage I always get my hair braided and after seeing Solange’s big box braids I fell in love like it was 1992 all over again.

  34. annie says:

    Completely agree that they never go out of style. Women throughout the African diaspora rock them, and American women should be no exception. It’s just one of many hairstyle options that will always be available to black women. Rock on with the braids, especially if they look good on ya.

  35. sun.kissed says:

    Chrisette needs to get them joints redone, asap!

  36. Anonymous says:

    terrence j is fine!

  37. lola j says:

    box braids are a good look. especially solange & brandy’s really long thicker ones. they are a 90s thing but i think they look great. im going natural and this is a good transitioning style. im rockin em right now!

  38. lish says:

    I wore braids all my life. And when I became natural 2 yes ago curly box braids have become my staple…right now I have a cornrowed Mohawk with curls..box braids will always be in style. And if you buy human. Hair the Style will look good as it ages…I leave mine in for two months

  39. Gemini says:

    The whole box braids looked gr8 on Janet J in 1993 Poetic Justice but now? Hmmm…I dunno relaxers, weaves, wigs, lace wigs etc. Are sooooo popular these dayz.

    Love it still.

  40. Miss Moon says:

    I take a “braid-cation” from stying my natural hair every year and my go to styles are box braids (much like Solange’s) or kinky twists. It’s a good way to protect your hair from the heat and humidity of summer in addition to the cold in winter…. Not to mention it gives you a few months off from styling your hair every week.. no twist outs, Wheeee! lol

  41. tipolicious says:

    I sooooooooooooooooo agree with Bonifant. They never went “out of style” because of the ties of our african heritage.

    It even has become under fire in politics, whether to make braiders pay for licenses or let them run a penalty free business with braiding. Just food for thought.

    All of the ladies look fly!

  42. politicallyincorrect says:

    a bunch of black women talking about box breads being out of style? are y’all serious they are never “out of style”.
    Y’all need to retire those tired azz lacefronts and busted curly hair weaves, you aint mixed get over it

  43. politicallyincorrect says:

    Solanges braids aren’t even practical for a regular woman with a job, and they look too heavy.
    Brandys is fine and Chrisette just needs to style hers better

  44. Sabu says:

    box braids??heck yeah!!its about darn time they came back :)

  45. Humble_DIVA says:

    First off let me say that Brandy always looks amazingly beautiful in braids! I prefer Braids on her instead of lacefronts ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! I love braids and twists as longs as they are not nappy or scruffy looking. When I went to Nigeria I got long twists so long that it touch my bottom. They were beautiful and I loved it! so WHY not! :)

  46. JuJu says:

    I agree I think that braids are always a lovely option but you do need to keep them tight. Especially being a natural girl style options can be limited if you’re not rocking the fro (which is fab btw)

  47. Von says:

    Braids of any style will never go out of style regardless of who doesn’t wear them. They may not be for some people, but for those who believe in giving their hair a rest, they’re the perfect option.

  48. wallflower says:

    I for one, did not see this coming! I thought my braid days were over, but I am really loving this trend.

    I wear my hair natural and I figure the braids are a great way to enjoy extensions that are a little closer to my heritage (and natural hair pattern).

    Btw, Chrisette wishes she was rocking box braids… those sad little things are MICROS >_<

  49. Nickieluv says:

    I’m with Bonifant. Love braids…better than a head full of weave. whatever happened to taking care of our own hair?

  50. Africa1 says:

    As an african woman that come from genrations of creative authentic braiders and natural hair stylist, I love the look it show beauty. However, if we are going to do the box braids (human or synthetic) it needs to be clean. Im sorry if the braids are not clean do not flaunt it. The only hair style that is similar to braids and looks nice “old” are Kinky twist.

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