April 19th, 2011
Fashion News
June Ambrose Launches Line of Turbans
By Claire

If you’ve ever lusted after June Ambrose’s head turning turbans, you’re in luck!
The stylist has taken a turn for design by creating a line of fun head pieces inspired by what has become her signature look.

Ranging in price from $125-$150, Ambrose Turbans come in gold, teal, green, pink, and a host of patterns.

They also come with fun names like Decadent, Josephine, Empress, and Sweet Pea.
Act fast, several styles have already sold out!
What do you think of June’s latest entrepreneurial venture? Would you rock one?

Get your Ambrose designed turban at www.juneambrose.bigcartel.com.
Source: Beauty is Diverse & Glamazons. Pic from Geekychic.ca.

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30 Responses to “June Ambrose Launches Line of Turbans”

  1. FashionEdytorTN says:

    Great post! Thanks…

  2. Marie says:

    I used to love turban even before people started rocking them again. But after seeing it every single where for the past year I got tired of it now I feel like it’s so 2009, I wish people would put it to rest a lil bit….

  3. Ally says:

    I think this is a wise business move that will be lucrative for her but I hope its not short lived. We know her for her iconic turbans but this fascination with everyone wearing them is very recent. Best of Luck to my fav Stylist, June Ambrose

  4. Erika says:

    That’s a lot for a turban. Definitely admire her savvy, but a trip to the fabric store and an online tutorial can get you the same effect.

  5. It’s great that she has turned a “signature” look into a business venture. Congratulations to June! I don’t think I could rock the look though.

  6. Gemini says:

    I love funky turbans w/ prints but PRADA did this look a couple of years back and white girls were all over this trend including Mary-Kate & Ashley.

    What i find funny is that Indians from South Asia wear this because it is part of the Sikh religion people who are “outsiders” never really cared about turbans on Indian people now it is a trend again? *scratching head*

  7. sun.kissed says:

    I love them on June, but I probably wouldn’t wear one. And I definitely wouldn’t pay that much for one.

  8. Gemini says:

    Hmmm…Indian turbans are a trend again?? When Sikhs wear them nobody cares about it but when mainstream fashion invades culture it becomes a “trend” *roll eyes*

  9. shoefetish says:


  10. zy says:

    a turban for $125? she can’t be serious. you can buy a yard of cloth for $20 and make a damn turban. *smdh*

  11. LDN 80's says:

    Somewhere, Sikh’s are fuming lol.
    It’s funny how suddenly the turban has become fashionable. It was only two years ago, some sikh kid was getting bullied for it. Just like an African kid was getting bullied for wearing traditional Nigerian/Ghanian clothes before another ‘fashionista’ made it acceptable. Fashion is funny. The turban has been around for 100′s of years and out of the blue, in 2011, it becomes a fashion trend (and not because of a sikh person either). I’m not complaining, I just think it’s funny how the world works sometimes…

  12. KBS says:

    @zy, $20 a yard is too much (that’s a quarter tank of gas)! Sikhs, various African peoples and many others have been doing this forever. I think even Homo Erectus rocked one, but I can’t knock her hustle at all.

  13. dyshaun says:

    June’s stuff is hot….It very well may be a trend for the younger “contemporary” tabloid set, but women in fash have been rocking turbans for a long time. I see them frequently in old editorials, old family photos, etc.

    My head is too big for most hats (hush!) and I deep condition and run around in turbans. I have an impressive collection. I also use scarves as turbans and big bows.

  14. Tiffany says:

    While I love June, and think its smart to make a lil capital off of her look, they simply cost too much. People are paying for a name……….. but to each her own….. you just won’t catch me in one

  15. llehsal says:

    Pretty but not my thing. It’s too hot where I live to wear those just for style anyway.

  16. Starla says:

    I would rock a turban. There are days when you just can’t make you hair work. Claire, the real question is; would I rock a turban that cost $125-$150? Hell naw!

  17. zimbabwechic says:

    I will rock a gele or a head wrap made from $5 a yard of fabric, sorry but 150 for tied fabric is uber whack. Africans and Siikhs everywhere are rolling their eyes lol.

  18. PinkCrystal says:


  19. esme says:

    first of all, i don’t like this look and i don’t like the way june dresses in general, so $125-$150 for a turban? has she lost her mind? can’t most people buy some fabric from a fabric store for much cheaper and make one themselves? i hope no one falls for this okey-doke.

  20. Elle Wills says:

    you can get a banging print for $12.50 a yard a most. i would love to support her but this is a no go.

  21. Nicole says:

    The salon I frequent had a head wrapping seminar. The seminar and fabrics didn’t cause as much as one of her turbans.

  22. FROST says:

    I would be interested in trying this, they are very pretty, but I’m very petite and am worried the turban will overpower my head! :(

  23. Natalie says:

    $125 for a fancy headtie!?!?!? Blasphemy….I think June looks great in them and perhaps I’d give the look a try if it were more affordable. That price is just crazy…

  24. Ms Patricia Burroughs says:

    They are beautiful! It takes a classy woman to wear such a lovely hat!

    Much success!

  25. The turbans are lovely. A fantastic head dress for a confident and lovely woman. Best wishes and much success!

  26. Suzie Chic says:

    No.No.No. I only associate turbans with 18th century, regency-era dowagers.

  27. shedrick says:

    Turbans are rare where i’m from but i’ve always LOVED the idea.. occasionally, i’ll convince my friends to wear them but they normally use a regular scarf or some fabric from the fabric store.. you can get the same effect or BETTER for less than $20. June’s turbans are highly overpriced..

  28. [...] skirt and I really felt like a great com­ple­ment would have been a colorful/print tur­ban ala June Ambrose or Des­tiny God­ley, the lat­ter who, for me makes tur­ban wear very down to earth and [...]

  29. peaches says:

    Turbans are great and chic but been around a while. The trend comes and goes but the chic and sophisticated women will only wear then once in a while. June’s turbans are nice but too expensive any women that knows fabric can go and buy 2.5 yards and make a fabulous turban. Keep on keeping on June …..

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