April 14th, 2011
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Interview with Phillip Bloch: 10 Things You Need in your Spring / Summer 2011 Wardrobe
By Claire

So in addition to offering you tons of spring shopping options, I decided to also tap celebrity stylists to get their takes on what you must have for the impending warm weather.
My first subject? The fabulous Phillip Bloch, an accomplished wardrobe wizard who has styled hot names like Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Joy Bryant, and Salma Hayek.

The author of, “The Shopping Diet: Spend Less, Get More,” was kind enough to talk fashion with us and offer you the scoop on a few closet essentials.

You ready?

1. Slouchy dresses.

Phillip says, “This silhouette works for women of all ages and all body types. A lot of trends this season were actually great for camouflaging: accentuating your positive and hiding your negative. Tunic style dresses are endlessly versatile. Whether you belt them or leave them loose, you’re good to go.”

2. Off the shoulder tops.

“Everyone’s shoulders look good,” Bloch says, “Showing off one shoulder is the perfect way to be sexy without being slutty.”

3. Wedge Heels.

“Loving wedges!!” Blochs enthused.

4. Colorful Bags.

Bloch advises, “Bags are a great way to get that splash of bright colors. Try melons, oceanic blues, yellows, or citrusy colors. It’s hard to pull of a really colorful outfit depending on your skin type. Bags are a great way to incorporate color.”

5. Flutter Sleeves.

“Romantic sleeves hide that part of the arm that all women like to conceal–unless you have biceps like Madonna!” he joked.

6. Nude Shoes.

He says, “Loving the nude shoes! Every woman should have a nude patent. They’re very on trend.”

7. Super Sheer Stockings.

Bloch explains, “Really sheer hose are like makeup for your legs. After winter, your skin may not be ready to show off–it shows every little flaw you have. Sheer hose can stand in until you get your legs tanned up. Hane’s Ultra Sheer Silk Reflection works on all different skin types. They’re very thin, and they don’t run. It’s a great way to smooth the legs down, pull the tummy in, and perk up your butt a little bit.”

8. Investment Sunglasses.

Bloch says, “Spend a little money on the sunglasses. I have a few crappy pairs, but with the good ones, you can get them repaired and they’ll last you for years. Don’t keep buying the same silhouette. Find something that works for you.”

9. Anything Safari Inspired.

“Get a few functional utilitarian pieces,” says Bloch, “Anything with a rustic or country feel to it.”

10. Non surgical enhancements.

“I’m an advocate of chicken cutlets, padded bras, and anything you can add to uplift your look without surgery,”
says Bloch.

What do you think?
Get more of Phillip’s shopping tips in his book, “The Shopping Diet: Spend Less, Get More.”


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29 Responses to “Interview with Phillip Bloch: 10 Things You Need in your Spring / Summer 2011 Wardrobe”

  1. Miss Smith says:

    I agree with everything except for the sheer panty hose. I refuse to wear panty hose when the sun is out. Also, I don’t like it when Beyonce wears sheer panty hose out on the town. It’s kinda…country.

  2. Ambrose says:

    I agree with Miss Smith about the pantyhose. And I’m from the country Lol!!! That’s why you should get your legs “ready” before it’s time to wear shorts, short skirts and dresses.

  3. Nunyabizniz says:

    Very interesting post.
    Claire can you do a post on Keri’s pants, or some harem pants in general? I can’t find any to save my life. But I love them… on women that is. Thanks in advance!

  4. Yes @Miss Smith and Yes @Ambrose. Time to start applying Jergens natural glow lotion now to get that sun kissed glow.

  5. Safera says:

    I’m a little baffled by the sheer hose too, but then again, not everyone is confident about exposing their legs (cellulite, scarring, uneven skin tone etc.) so I guess it’s an option for some.

    Everything Phillip mentioned can be added seamlessly to any woman’s wardrobe on any budget.

    I love what it says on the top left corner of the book cover!

  6. Gemini says:

    Sheer Pantyhose w/ shorts, heels and what not??? Ah no thanks that does not work. I didn’t know he styled Joy Bryant i thought she was a “free spirit” a stylist like himself needs 2 work harder because the looks he created for some celebs are very questionable.

  7. Great post, I need to get some nude pumps asap!

    I definitely could get into the ‘Safari’ look1

    Random: Joy Bryant looks really pretty in the 1st pic.

  8. dyshaun says:

    I wear those type of hose all the time at night because I live in dukes (Florida). Mostly Spanx brand since they come in shades for Black women…they have this shimmer pair that every woman always asks about when I wear them…most think its lotion or body makeup but nope $30 stockings LOL

    Oh yeah, country and proud!

  9. Just Saying says:

    I understand where the comments about the panty hose are coming from…especially concerning Beyonce because she wears them with outfits that definitely don’t need them. But I always wear panty hose to church, regardless of the outfit, especially in the winter so it was helpful for me. But as for summer, it’s all bare for me.

  10. Grace says:


    This was incredibly helpful. I really made a list!

    Thank you Claire for featuring Phillip!

  11. Markie mark says:

    I think it’s perfectly normal to wear panty hose under shorts. Anything that can make legs or anything else on a body look better by simply adding one simple item. Count me in. Besides the only way you’d be able to tell if someone was wearing panty hose or not is if it were the wrong shade.

  12. zy says:

    I agree with most on the stockings. In the heat, the LAST thing I need are stockings making me feel constricted and miserable. Thank God for great skin, great legs and a great gym to keep them that way, lol.

  13. Positive over Negative says:

    I am light skin and I knw exactly why Beyonce wears stockings w/shorts- IT IS BECAUSE WE STAY BRUISED!!!
    massage my legs
    bump my leg on anything
    No amount of self tanner/ or makeup can conceal a blue/green bruise on a beige leg..so yep I rep the ULTRA ULTRA SHEER spanx and Women & Men always comment on my pretty/silky legs

  14. rebecca says:

    Claire, How do you get your legs spring/summer ready….im dreading showing my legs now. I dont know if I should get a skin scrub or a bronzer?? please help.

  15. linda says:

    love this post but chicken cutlets though?? lol

  16. So glad I got my Dolce Vita wedges in the red I wanted! They’re sold out everywhere! :D

  17. jenny says:

    love his tips!

  18. Elle B says:

    Not a fan of the sheer pantyhose or pantyhose during the summer AND I’ve NEVER seen a girl from the country wear pantyhose during the summer, so I don’t get how its country. We barely want to wear pantyhose during the “winter”.

  19. Cmoni says:

    Great Post! I need that book ASAP.

  20. Miss Smith says:

    And just to let everyone know, I’m from the South so I definitely wasn’t trying to offend anyone from the country. I just think that it looks tacky when Beyonce wears them.

  21. Nikki says:

    Ooooh I really like Beyonce’s look. Do you know where I could find similar shorts, Claire? :)

  22. beauty 2011 says:

    i like beyonce look what was up with her sister her son looked it nice but not her

  23. esme says:

    ehh to some of these fahion tips like slouchy dresses and safari. i do like sheer stockings when i’m doing something professional or i’m going out somewhere, they always make your legs look better. i would never wear them with shorts though, and in general i don’t think beyonce knows how to dress. just look at that outfit! i like wedges, off the shoulder looks and colorful bags. investment sunglasses are a no go for me because i always either lose or break my sunnies.

  24. Rebecca says:

    Lol I agree with esme! Beyonce cannot dress when it comes to he regular outings n I def cannot splurge on sunnies because I’ll just lose them things.

  25. RHONYC says:

    amen to ‘investment sunglasses’!
    i scored a pair of gorgeous mushroom colored marni shades on net-a-porter last year for %75 off.
    they are my 1st pair of expensive shades and SOOOOOO worth the money. the next pair that move me i will pay full price for definitely.
    so much better than the crappy $5 on the corner shades i’ve been buying for years!

  26. Brian Smith says:

    I never realized so many women were afraid of their legs, with fastion,,,lol. Grow up, girls.

  27. Yeah, fashion makes girls look down at themselves, it’s kinda sad

  28. [...] some thin stockings that would conceal my cellulite!!! Can u guys help me.” You may remember our interview with stylist Phillip Bloch, where he said, “Hane’s Ultra Sheer Silk Reflection works on all different skin types. [...]

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