April 11th, 2011
Celebrity Style, Fashion Discussion
Fashion Discussion: How Revealing is Too Revealing?
By Claire

This weekend I received a flurry of requests from eager Bombshells asking me ID to a dress Swizz Beatz’s ex wife, Mashonda, wore to her King Magazine cover party:

Zatannya said, “Can you PLEASE HELP me find out where this dress comes from. I will need it for my birthday party in October.” Nikki said, “It’s a little risqué, but I’m turning 21 relatively soon, and this dress will fit right into the debauchery I have planned. Can you help me find it?”

While Mashonda revealed on her website that the dress is a custom made number by brand l’Impasse, all I could wonder was why so many 21-year-olds would want to rock a dress with sheer panels on each side and a v-neck so low that one false move could spell a nip slip.

Mashonda is a lovely woman–she looked pretty as a peach for her cover party. And some could argue that her dress was very apropos for a fete thrown by King, a magazine known for its celebration of T&A.

But do you think her dress was too racy?

I know I’m a conservative Suzy, but even if I had the body to rock this, I’d choose not to. The harassment from men on the street is enough–even when I’m fully covered up.  I can’t imagine the crowd’s reaction to this hot number. But what do I know?

What do you think of Mashonda’s dress?

*And for those who want to purchase, you can visit L’impasse Boutique at 29 W 8th St, New York, NY. Call them at (212) 533-3255 if you’d like to inquire about having your own custom dress made.

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73 Responses to “Fashion Discussion: How Revealing is Too Revealing?”

  1. Debz says:

    she looks good just not my thing, gets more on the h*e-ish side than glam-ish side.


  2. missb says:

    I think her dress was appropriate for the occasion. I can’t say that I would wear something like that to a party. I always felt that when you wear outfits that are very revealing, people may get the wrong impression of you. I am think that a woman can be sexy without revealing a lot.

  3. SheMadeUlook says:

    I dont like the seam on the mesh otherwise its hot. I think if it fits well go for it. If I could yes I’d rock the likes of this to a club or party.

  4. Tbeauty says:

    I think she looked HOT. If you have the figure to wear something like that–which she does–then go for it!

  5. addikted2fashion says:

    im always given a little pause when someone has sides so revelaing that it looks as if they arent wearing any underwear. although i have heard that alot of these dresses have panties kind of sewn in. how true that is, i dont know. i love the front of the dress, but im not loving the mesh sides. looks a little stripper-ish.
    I agree with SheMadeULook, the seam is distracting.

  6. KBS says:

    Whether or not it’s too revealing I would say depends on the occasion and body shape/size. What’s revealing at church isn’t so at the Playboy mansion. This dress on Cassie isn’t going to have the same effect is does on Mashonda (and vice versa), and that’s no offense to the thin ladies at all, but Mashonda is spilling out of that dress. While I wouldn’t wear this, I understand men like pretty things to look at, but they just don’t have to see ALL of my pretty things at once.

  7. JPW says:

    Definitely revealing… but then again I think she’s trying to make a statement. Her ex and A-Keys have been smearing their love affair in her face. I think this is just her retaliating.

  8. Serenity23 says:

    I think it’s too much. You can be very sexy and leave something to the imagination. I think the dress looks great on her, but for the everyday woman going to the club? Nope.

  9. TicaPica says:

    this dress is just a heap of sequins and mesh – it’s not remotely memorable or dramatic. i am not against revealing clothes per se, but if you want to make a statement, then wear something that is more creative than this!

  10. llehsal says:

    This dress is way too busy and ugly.

  11. tam says:

    hey i say if you have the confidence and the body to pull it off go for it. she’s a grown woman and she looks great.

  12. Caramel_Mimi says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQbRueYel88 this girl made something like this back in dec. Im sure she can make it to her specs.

  13. esme says:

    on mashonda i think this dress is too revealing and kind of vulgar. her breasts are way too big for the low v-cut neckline and look like they are about to spill out. compound that with the see through side panels and she looks kind of slutty and like she’s trying too hard. i think someone with smaller breasts could pull this dress off without it looking so trashy. i guess right now a lot of young women’s (as evinced by many fashionbombs) go to look is the tight, short, and revealing dress, which although it might be sexy, isn’t winning any points for being fashionable or creative. and i don’t think men have any excuse for harassing women, no matter what they wear. we need to start holding men to a higher standard of behavior.

  14. CSheek says:

    Ok… The dress is hot and extremely sexy!!! I think it was totally appropiate for the occassion. Plus its a freakum dress! To me the key statement in the article is, ” even if I had the body to rock this, I’d choose not to”. Really, I think you would~ wink!
    go Shonda

  15. somore772 says:

    not to throw shade but rihanna has worn way more revealing stuff than this, and I can name a gang of other celebs who have had their own nearly naked moments

  16. Anonymous says:

    If you had the body you def. would if it was your style.

    This is still a style thing. Maxi skirts give other folks pause.

  17. yusufswifee says:

    I think the dress make mashonda look desperate…sorry. It’s like a coming out dress for her…look at me, I’m over the swizzbeat/alicia keys thang…I’m back…I’m doing my own thang…and I get all of that…but you have to be careful about those coming out outfits…I’m not throwing any shade…she’s fab…

    There is also the school of thought that you are to wear extra revealing clothes when on a date – not when hanging with your girls…I don’t know…I don’t go anywhere anymore anyway…

  18. sun.kissed says:

    She looks good, but the cleavage is a bit much. I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to wear this at 21, way too revealing.

  19. terilili says:

    Short and tight is one thing, but short, tight, and see-through? Why wear clothes at all?

    These dresses with the mesh and the cut outs so that people know you’re not wearing underwear, or when you can see nipple, are trashy. There’s something to be said for leaving certain things to the imagination.

  20. Mmmmyeeeeeah.

    The mesh is strained. The sequins are offending my spirit. The puff sleeves are disturbing my bowels.

    It’s like Amber Rose and the Golden Girls created a line of clubwear – with Dolly Parton as the design director. So in a word: This can’t be life.

  21. SimplyMe says:

    She looked great BUT the dress would have been more classy with (perhaps) a mock neck collar. With so much revealed by the mesh on the sides, it wasn’t necessary to show “boobage”.

  22. Celena says:

    I think that the dress was appropriate for the occasion, but it was ill fitting. If she wants to wear see-thru that has the possibility of buckling on the sides, then the body has to be smooth–no lumps or bumps! :)

  23. B says:

    Mashonda is BEAUTIFUL but I think she could have had a little more on. You have a child…Why are u in the club with no drawls on? Also, I think the dress is squeezing her breasts too hard. I swear in one closeup I saw a vein.

  24. Trudy says:

    This dress is worn to a King magazine event, I understand but she had to basically be naked because of the mesh. This is a mother of a young child. I think its really trashy. And as far as the horde of 21 year olds asking for where they can get the same dress must learn towards the fact that the only thing that they see that they have to offer is their bodies and that’s sad, not everything should be on display.

  25. Sherria says:

    This dress was for a KING magazine cover. Anyone who is familiar with the publication would know that girls are usually half naked in bikini’s on the cover. I think the dress was appropriate for the occasion. But if it were for an Essence party, then it would have been too revealing.

  26. I’m far from 21, but when I saw this dress I knew it was a MUST have for my approaching 27th birthday. Now, I’m married so I don’t need the sheer side panels lol… I’ve already been “chose” lol… but I think the entire look was very hot and something many could pull off. There’s nothing like a tight, mini with some type of sparkle to make you feel like a queen on your birthday. This is the perfect example of a birthday dress to me (sans the side panels).

  27. zimbabwechic says:

    Umm have you seen the way 10 year olds and other tweens dress before we start talking about grown 21 year olds? These girls have on full faces of makeup, go to spas etc. That bothers me more than 21 year olds wearing revealing dresses.

  28. Nikki says:

    Why show it all off? What happened to elegance and class?
    Who must you show the side & top of your boob and your hips to be perceived as sexy?
    This look, to me, shows lack of confidence and looks desperate. Even a Herve Leger is a better example of how to be sexy without going overboard.
    Ladies, we need to set a higher standard for ourselves. Let’s do better.

  29. Kris says:

    I think she looks great, but I’m sure I wouldn’t be saying that if her body wasn’t great. Some people can pull off looks, others cannot. I think Mashonda’s gorgeous though…lol

  30. kaliente says:

    I’m more conservative as well…but I can’t help it but to think she is trying to make Swiss be like “Dang I shouldn’t have left her” To me it seems she has turned slutty to cope with the relationship loss

  31. QuinnySmalls says:

    I think the dress was appropriate for the occasion and I agree with SheMadeUlook….the seam is not hot.

    If it were me having a dress made I would have chosen either the low cut front OR the mesh sides not both. Too sexy for me with ALL that skin showing. And knowing me I would’ve gone for the low cut front just not that low. Dont wanna leave home and ppl KNOW i’m not wearing panties…

  32. bkln.girl82 says:

    I highly doubt Swizz Beatz could give a da*n about Mashonda. He already knows what she looks like and he left it. So this dress is just sad to me. And I do see lumps and bumps through the side panels of this dress. Ew. Would have been hotter without the mesh. Don’t let a man take your self respect!

  33. bkln.girl82 says:

    PS. Her FACE is beat! Beautiful. To bad she takes away from her total package w/ all the skin.

  34. RHONYC says:

    those tacky, TAC-KEE sequins remind me of the HIDEOUS costume i had to wear to my tap recital when i was 9 (god! i hated taking tap)!
    the god-awful sheer sides REEEEEEK of ‘desperation’ to me.
    NOT wearing panties is ALWAYS a fashion no *cough-rihanna-cough*!
    there. nuff said. :-(

  35. If Amber Rose and the Golden Girls (with Dolly Parton as the design lead) team up for a line of convertable video girl/socialite dresses, I predict this will be the signature piece.

  36. Hmm. Why are my comments not going through.

  37. Alright let’s try this again: If Amber Rose and The Golden Girls teamed up to create a high fashion line of convertable hoochie-to-high tea evening wear (with Dolly Parton as the lead designer), this would be the result.

  38. Humble_DIVA says:

    The dress is horrible and cheap looking! What happened to class and elegance? You can show some skin, but putting everything on display just makes you look cheap. What hey, it’s her body so she can wear what she wants! smh!

  39. Safera says:

    Tsk, tsk, tsk. Where to begin? She’s beautiful…but, the dress is too tight, the sheer side panels, short length and plunging neckline are too much in one dress. And, as if that wasn’t enough, let’s throw some sequins on it for good measure.

    The rule of thumb is usually cleavage or legs on display. Both is risque and borderline vulgar, but the mesh tilted it all the way to distasteful.

  40. binks says:

    I think she is a beautiful woman and looks fine for the venue like others said. It is not like she is picking her son up from school, going to the store or going to work in it. It is a club/party dress where you most likely where it once(maybe twice) and not again. The mesh sides isn’t bad in and of itself but I think she forgot the rule of picking ONE focal point, if she wanted to show her boobs then she didn’t need the sides and vice versa. But I don’t think this dress is all that bad compare to the other celebs who wore way more revealing dresses i.e. JLO and the infamous green Versace dress, to me that was to much

  41. thepretty1 says:

    I thought fashion was all about taking risks? Hence the word “risque.” I’m sorry Claire but its almost like your contradicting yourself. This dress is no different than the “risque” outfits we’ve seen posted on your site worn many celebrities, especially the Norma Kormali (sp?) post with Ciara and Rihanna and they’re both YOUNGER than Mashonda.

  42. Claire says:

    @Thepretty1 I think fashion is about taking risks, but it’s also about being tasteful.
    And as a lot of commenters said, there are several focal points going on with Mashonda’s look….the sheer panels, plunging neckline, and high hem, that take it a bit too far (only my opinion).
    With the Louise Goldin dress Rihanna wore in the Norma Kamali post, there are sheer details, but no plunging neckline or high hem (it’s a long dress with a high neckline). Ciara is wearing a long sleeve top with sheer details…and long pants.
    It’s ok to be a little saucy in my opinion without letting it all hang out.
    But to each his/her own. I did make the point that Mashonda looked pretty and that it was probably apropos for the King Magazine function.

  43. I think the dress is appropriate for her King magazine party. I don’t see anything wrong with her wearing this dress. No she’s not 21 and yes she is a mother but hey she got offered to be on the cover and have a party thrown in her honor why not wear a hot dress?

  44. 05girl says:

    Wow I didn’t realize the side panels were see-through. Too much! It was cute and sexy on its own.. the side panels make it a bit sleazy. And even though it’s an inanimate image, i’m worried about a nip slip. Them thangs are about to pop out!

  45. Miss Smith says:

    Ugh. Side boob. *gags*

  46. yusufswifee says:

    hello everyone…off topic…but I did the big chop this weekend and I just returned from the gym…easiest work out ever…lifeisgood. Asyouwere.

  47. LivvyV says:

    I think she looks great. She could look a lot worse. And she doesn’t look trash or slutty because of her attitude and confidence says that she s a lady. I do think the top the dress is cut to low. One or the other has to go. But she looks nice and I seen for worst from girls in the club. I always feel over dress lol.

  48. Joanne_ says:

    I’m glad you did a post on this Claire. When I saw the pic this weekend I was shocked and disgusted, I think any piece of clothing that implies and blatantly shows that you have no undergarments is trashy. I used to like Mashonda but lately these choices have seemed knee jerk and not thought out. ESPECIALLY considering the fact that she has children, i would not like for my mother to wear something like this. I am also 21 and wouldn’t even think about wearing something like this. Harassment from males is enough during the day but wear this to a nightclub and you are asking for it shall i dare say! that’s just my opinion

  49. Tamara says:

    For the event shes wearing it to i guess its appropriate but i couldnt imagine myself wearing that anywhere. But im surprised so many ppl like the dress if someone as say rihanna was wearing this, i dare say most would say she looked slutty. So maybe its all about whos wearing it…

  50. Lynaya says:

    Visible seam is not hot. I guess Swizzy and Alicia’s thing really messed homegirl up cuz she look like a str8 scalliwag. I definitely think it appropriate for a ta ta mag party. But the seam makes it look even cheaper than it already does. Clearly many people have no morals…just look at the length of a dress these days…
    Maybe next time she’ll wear Rihanna’s shorts lol.

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