April 5th, 2011
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Taking Care of Black Hair During Pregnancy
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Fashion Bomb reader Lola recently asked for some hair care tips while pregnant. She says “I have Halle Berry short cropped pixie and I do not want to deal with braids/weave for 9 months. Anything to help a chemically straightened sista out would be fab!

While chemically relaxing or even coloring the hair has not been proven to cause harm to the fetus, from what I’ve read amongst women who have been pregnant and from OB-GYNs, there seems to be a bit of a consensus that as a precaution one should wait until after the first trimester before indulging in these services. There’s also the risk of not getting the results you desired since pregnancy hormones can alter the way these chemicals work on your hair.

You can and many women still do style their hair as they did before they were pregnant without any issue to themselves or their child. If you decide to be cautious and wait until after the first trimester to get a touch-up, be sure to keep up with deep conditioning and protein treatments. You’ll be taking lots of vitamins which can result in noticeably faster and thicker hair growth, but since this hair tends to shed after you have the baby, don’t be fooled into thinking you can skimp on treating your hair. You can use heat tools like ceramic flat irons sparingly to help smoothen your new growth.

Though Lola would like to continue relaxing and doesn’t want to rely on weaves and wigs, I’d say going natural and/or using weaves/wigs during pregnancy are ideal for women who want to avoid using relaxers. Natural hair doesn’t require sitting in a salon for hours and for those sensitive to the fumes from hair dryers and hair products, being in your own home while taking care of your hair is great.

Go natural now, you might have a fro like Solange by the time your baby is a toddler

Weaves and wigs have come a long way. Some blend so well into your own hair that you can fool others into thinking it all grew out of your scalp. For 100% Remy Indian hair that looks completely natural, I recommend Indique Hair. It’s a splurge if you’re used to buying hair at beauty supply stores, but it’s worth every single penny because the quality is so great. Plus you can reuse the hair for a year. Wigs are perfect for the pregnant lady who likes versatility and doesn’t want to have to think or do much to style their own hair.

And since there will be days when morning sickness, bloating, pain, and all the other ailments that come with pregnancy, you can always use 4 Ways to Save a Bad Hair Day.

Now let’s hear from you! How did you style your hair when you were pregnant? (Or if you’re currently pregnant).

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18 Responses to “Taking Care of Black Hair During Pregnancy”

  1. Miss Smith says:

    Pregnant women always look so gorgeous!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This may be the time to research going natural. Before I got pregnant I was already natural and kept my hair cut very low with a female edge up. Once I got pregnant I did not feel like doing anything to my hair, it actually made me sick. Therefore I left it alone, let it grow. It grew like wild flowers. After I had my son my hair was huge, much bigger than Solange( 9 months). It did not shed after wards, as long as one takes care of it. Hope this helps a little. Good luck.

  3. Anonymous says:

    just bust out that flatiron every now and again and wrap it so you wont have to use heat as much. also some good treatments are indian oil and things with jasmine and jojoba oil. and i agree those protein treatments are a must. i would just have a conversation with your stylist.

  4. Latoya says:

    I’m currently preggers. I decided beforehand that I was going natural and it has worked for me. I had always said I would go natural when I got pregnant and it went along with my healthier lifestyle.

    The hardest times to do your hair is in the first and third trimester. (The second trimester is the best trimester.) Whether you are relaxed or natural, you should figure out some easy breezy hair styles for when you don’t have the energy to do your hair.

  5. yusufswifee says:

    Congrats on your pregnancy, Lola. When I found out I was pregnant with my son (17 months), I had a short relaxed style. I knew I didn’t want to get caught up in the braids/weave because I overdo it – so I just grew it out. By the time I had him it was shoulder length…I’m back to short now. Just take you prenatals and care for you hair as you normally would…Enjoy and after the baby is born is when you will really need help with the hair…that’s a whole ‘nother story.:-) Also, I did wait for the first trimester to get my touch up.

  6. RHONYC says:

    i saw leila by the united nations a few years back. no joke, her beauty made me catch my breath. extraordinary.

  7. Shari says:

    I have asked my licensed trichologist about this issue a few months ago for my sister because she is pregnant. White women should not PERM their hair, their is a difference between a perm and a relaxer, an African American woman can use a relaxer during pregnancy and it will not harm the fetus, but if you are a caucasian women you cannot PERM your hair because the chemicals can be unhealthy for the fetus. Alot of people do not know this. If you decide not to get a relaxer during the pregnancy it should be based off of personal preference not scientific. Hope this helps you all! My trichologist has been practicing over 40 years. She helped me through alot.

  8. KBS says:

    So…perm chemicals are bad, but relaxer chemicals are ok…for the fetus you say??

  9. Shari says:

    Yes, I think as African American women we mix up the two, by saying “I need a perm” when in fact we get relaxers. Caucasian women are the ones who get perms by choice. But yes relaxer chemicals are ok unless you are allergic to them.

  10. yusufswifee says:

    @ shari…thanks for sharing…this makes sense to me…I know plenty of women who do relax their hair during first trimester…my stylist told me know so I thugged it out…when you are pregnant you take no chances and listen to everyone.

  11. faith says:

    I am a black african woman and 33 weeks pregnant, and just platted or weaved my hair and everyone is giving me grief. N now I feel so guilty for hurting my unborn baby. I just wanna if indeed the weaving affects my baby.

  12. Momtobeagain says:

    Thank you Lord for protein gel and ponytails mine or extension it works it is safe for me and my baby

  13. MJ says:

    Your hair doesn’t grow faster and thicker during pregnancy because of the vitamins you take, but because one of the hormonal effects of pregnancy is lengthening the phases of hair growth, so you actually shed fewer hairs during pregnancy than usual.

  14. Leonel says:

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  15. Jade says:

    I’m currently 9 months pregnant and I cut my hair from shoulder length to a crop pixie cut when I was about 4 months along. I refrained from relaxing my hair during my 1st trimester, but by my second trimester, my hair broke pretty significantly, so I went ahead and relaxed finally. I’ve done a total of 3 relaxers throughout my pregnancy, and make sure to wash my and deep condition my hair at home, myself once weekly. Each of us has to do what works best for us, but black hair in general is beautiful !

  16. Charity says:

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  17. nomsa says:

    I’m 38 weeks pregnant now,second baby.I did relax my hair with my first one and what I saw with my baby after birth is that hehad a largh green spot on his bum and I was told its because of the relaxer.Now i braided my hair to limit relaxer.anyone evever had bad effects with braiding or dying on u or baby afther birth?

  18. nomsa says:

    I’m 38 weeks pregnant now,second baby. i did relax my hair with my first one and what I saw with my baby after birth is that he had a large green spot on his bum and I was told its because of the relaxer. Now i braided my hair to limit relaxer. anyone ever had bad effects with braiding or dying on u or baby after birth?

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