March 1st, 2011
Fashion News
Christian Dior Fires John Galliano
By Claire

According to New York Magazine, Christian Dior has fired designer John Galliano over his anti-semitic remarks:

The announcement comes at the heels of a video showing Galliano saying he, “loves Hilter,” and that the person he’s speaking to should be, “gassed.”
Christian Dior president and CEO Sidney Toledano said, “I condemn most firmly the statements made by John Galliano which are a total contradiction with the essential values that have always been defended by the House of Christian Dior.”

The Christian Dior show, which is set to take place this Friday in Paris (which I’m supposed to cover), will reportedly go on.

Watch the video here.

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16 Responses to “Christian Dior Fires John Galliano”

  1. ciaa says:

    its not ok for him to make such comments . hope he learns from this

  2. Bonifant says:

    WoW Racism in fashion!
    There are models who would dream to be in a Dior runway show…. all the starlets that have worn John Galliano designs.
    This is truely a shame.
    And you know if he’s anti-semetic which group of people are next in line for his disdain.
    I didn’t pay attention to this much at first but the video is damning and you see that it is a pattern since this video was made months before this recent accusation and arrest.


  3. dyshaun says:

    I am a huge Dior fan (and in turn, john’s), but

    NEXT! Its too much talent out here for them to hold on to old John.

  4. zimbabwechic says:

    Anyone who thought that initially he had been judged harshly what do you say now. These fashion designers are racist, just look at the dang runways from Tommy Hilfiger to Galliano, this shouldn’t even be a surprise.

  5. zy says:

    well… he was caught on video saying it so… he’s got to go. i’m actually impressed that Dior took such drastic action so quickly.

  6. Annie L. says:


    I maintain that he was initially judged w/o proof because he was! It’s still innocent until proven guilty in many countries. Videotape of an incident from OCTOBER 2010 is what people are finding on youtube, NOT the alleged remarks Galliano made over a week ago. Dior took steps to protect its BRAND from loss of revenue and investor interest. I’m skeptical of any altruism on their part, they are a company their goal is to make money. They may have already been looking for a new star prior to this incident and though Galliano earned his keep, who knows what’s going on backstage.

    More people than not have uttered xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic slurs and phrases at one point in their lives whether candidly or in jest. Point is your words and actions have consequences (i.e. Mel Gibson, Method Man, Charlie Sheen, Duane “Dog” Chapman, Michael Richards, Lil’ Wayne etc., etc., etc.) and may make you a professional and social pariah – though SOME never face reprisal. I hope John Galliano (like others above) realizes that wealth, success and fame doesn’t always provide a cocoon where one can smugly spout off and act out any type of nonsense sober or drunk. I’d like John Galliano to gain some humility, repair his relationships in fashion and return, he is a genius.

  7. Talecia says:

    I’m thinking that he’s always been a racist and Dior hid that but now that things are heating up they fired him.The fashion world can be racist and prejudiced at times and this just gives the outside world more evidence that they are.Who ever they have lined up to fill his shoes I hope they can do what he did..create breath taking pieces..GOOD LUCK !

  8. Maria says:


  9. esme says:

    ugh. i really can’t think of anything worse then fixing your mouth to say that you love hitler and that jews should be gassed. he deserves every negative thing that is happening to him. and i was inclined to believe his previous accusers because honestly who would make something like that up? i think that video proves that not only does he hold these racist and anti semitic attitudes, he was more than capable of using anti semitic language in the confrontation he had with those people last week.

  10. Tee Tee says:

    This is obviously a bad case of the BOOZE touching into someones inner self. Seriously, racism in fashion is nothing new. I can’t say that I am surprised by this, remember what stefano pilati said about black women a few years ago? UGH…utterly disgusting.

  11. Baise says:

    It’s interesting that this will get you fired but sexually harassing models is ok. Terry Richardson anybody?

  12. milly says:


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