February 25th, 2011
Celebrity Style, Mail Bombs
Mail Bombs: Rihanna and Ciara in Mark Fast, Shaunie O’Neal and Angela Simmons in Louis Vuitton, and Melissa’s ASOS Long Sleeve Printed Leaf Playsuit!
By Claire

Hey Guys!
Milan is crazy fun, but of course I had to make time for our weekly ritual.
Let’s go!
First up, Layla said, “Claire, can you PLEAASEEE find out where Rihanna got the dress she wore for her 23rd Birthday Party????”

According to several sources, Rihanna was wearing a banger by British designer Mark Fast:

The funky frock was from the designer’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection. You can get something similar (in terms of tassels) with this Mark Fast Handmade Knit Mini Dress for £1,350 ($2,174) from Brown’s Fashion:

Get it here.
Reschelle was more interested in Melissa’s look:

She said, “I.AM.IN.LOVE.WITH.THIS.ROMPER!!! Could you tell me who this is by or some similar options (long sleeve romper)?”
According to bomb reader Dobe, Melissa was wearing this $71 Long Sleeve Leaf Printed Playsuit from ASOS:

Get it here.

Allison says, “I have a birthday shindig coming up and I need ideas of something to wear. I’m in Texas so it’s pretty hot already. I like what Ciara wore here.”

“… So maybe something like it, or ANY ideas?! :)”

According to reader Gemini60, Ciara, like Rihanna, was wearing a Mark Fast dress:

They share a stylist, so makes sense, right? Ciara’s Ballet Dress with Cutouts was more affordable than Rihanna’s at £340 ($550), but still a splurge! Get a similar look for less with these:

Nikia said, “Please help!!! If anybody can help, I know its you. Where can I find this LV Bag Shaunie is rocking?”

“… I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks!!”
Hey Nikia! Shaunie is rocking a rare and limited edition Louis Vuitton Embossed Leather Speedy Cube 30 Bag from the brand’s Fall/Winter 2008 collection:

Funny coincidence, while looking at Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2008 runway, I also ran across the shoes Angela Simmons has been spied wearing on several occasions, most recently in London:

Both items are several seasons old, so most likely can only be found on Ebay.com. Get tips for buying on Ebay in this post.

Lastly, in a wardrobe query, Kyeshia says, “I need your help…can you help me out with ideas for flats that are not ballet flats (got that covered) or oxfords for spring and cooler days?”
Ballet flats and oxfords don’t float your boat? Try menswear inspired loafers:

Wear them with jeans for cooler weather, or rock out with shorts, like Rihanna, when the temperature warms up. Get saucy with studs, or super girly with bright colors:

That does it for today! I have a series of shows to attend today, including Moschino and Etro! Stay tuned to Twitter for the scoop.

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25 Responses to “Mail Bombs: Rihanna and Ciara in Mark Fast, Shaunie O’Neal and Angela Simmons in Louis Vuitton, and Melissa’s ASOS Long Sleeve Printed Leaf Playsuit!”

  1. Annie L. says:

    Horrible – all of them! Angela Simmons’ LV art deco shoes are gorge but she isn’t really wearing them.

  2. BOOBOO says:

    Right! RiRi dress is H.A.M n those studded mens shoes are NOT the buizness!! smh

  3. Dream says:

    I like platforms =)

  4. Brandi says:

    yikes people have some really skanky fashion styles lmao

  5. missb says:

    Angela’s shoes are hot. I would love to have that in my collection.

  6. sun.kissed says:

    I was wondering if someone was going to ask about Rihanna’s birthday dress. That ish needs to be burned. The colors, the cutouts, HOT A$$ GHETTO MESS.

  7. Dobe says:

    Also, @Kyeshia, the DV Marcela loafer comes in a couple of more colors (magenta and turquoise) that would be great for the spring/summer. The only drawback is their white rubber sole. They’re also a couple of dollars cheaper on the actual Dolce Vita website.


  8. binks says:

    lol at Brandi. I think some of these are…interesting but to me I don’t see the particality with wearing them. I mean Rihanna dress is just yikes but okay for a theme party I guess and Ciara dress is fine but you kind of need the body to go with it and the decorum because you can look trashy in a second…i.e. Natalie Nunn

  9. MIA says:

    Thanks Claire, i was wondering where someone could purchase that Ri’s dress! I must say I like the alternative version even better.

  10. Cmoni says:

    Talk about a bunch Debbie Downers…lol Fashion is a representation of personal taste, opinion and expression so not everyone is going to like everything. It seems as if most people are competing to be the most negative chic on the block instead of encouraging true commentary…IMO

  11. Annie L. says:

    @Cmoni, I disagree. I find the commentary on this blog from regular and infrequent posters, regardless of how strongly (Lol!) or mildly worded, displays a huge range, from general approval or apathy (which is okay) to more detailed exploration (which is okay as well), even if it does sometimes overwhelmingly favor one view.

  12. TonTeezy says:

    If one wore Ciara’s dress, what kind of under garments would they wear? And commando is an unacceptable answer. LOL

  13. yusufswifee says:

    I’d have to wear a black bra and black string thong with ciara’s dress…imjustsaying…the foundations can not be compromised:-)

  14. jillibooboo says:

    Angela Simmons is a PIG FACE! A PIG FACE, I SAY.

  15. Kapri_H says:

    If I had her body, I’d wear Ciara’s dress as well. Naked labia and everything. I can’t even be mad at her!

  16. Madpet says:

    Angela’s shoes are hot!!

  17. lynn says:

    ciara is HOT!

  18. binks says:

    You can wear nude color/flesh color underwear (kind of like what the actors wear during a love scene) with Ciara’s dress if you don’t want to go commando. Secondly, just because people express their opinion on the item(s) shown that isn’t in favor of your opinion doesn’t make them negative or a downer. People have the option of expressing their opinion respectfully if they don’t agree or like something as well. If someone doesn’t like it fine, but if you love it then cool.

  19. Bribri says:

    Just a little correction Mark fast is a Canadian designer based out in London. (I’m canadian so i gonna represent for my Canadian designers)

  20. L.A says:

    Ewwwwwwwww!…Everybody’s look was HORRID!…Does Angela Simmons think she is a fashionista? smh

  21. My Response says:

    that dress Rihanna is wearing is a hot mess!!! sizzling…

  22. Bronze says:


  23. Eclechick says:

    I loved the Louboutin loafers Lala was wearing since I first laid eyes on them. I couldn’t hop on the oxford train, those are a great alternative. Thanks!

  24. http://badleydrawn.blogspot.com/ mentioned you in my blog! l love the mark fast accounts! woop woop!

  25. KlosetLover says:

    I for one like RhiRhi’s dress(and the alternative)…the color is perfect for her skin and hair. They have thongs that have a clear straps on the side, I actually have a pair. Love Angie Simmons shoes and the studded loafers…thats the only way I could rock them :)

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