February 14th, 2011
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Weekend Beauty Hot! or Hmm…: The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Happy Monday!

Doesn’t it feel like so much is happening all at once? Between NY Fashion Week, the Grammys, and Valentine’s Day—I’m pooped!

I missed a good chunk of the show–how did you guys like it?

Onto the looks!

First up, Janelle Monae. The singer has never looked bad. Her skin is BEYOND. Love the full brows, eyes, and blush. HOT!

Rihanna sported a sleek long bob and seems as if her now signature fire engine red ‘do has a bit more orange tones to it. She paired it all with pink shadow and lips to match her hair color. I love the hair, but not a fan of pink eyeshadow in general although she pulls it off.

Newly svelte crooner Jennifer Hudson looked great with her sleek tresses and I adore her makeup as usual. Hot!

Ciara. Such a pretty girl with a killer bod. But this wig though. *sigh*

Jennifer Lopez is hot and she knows it (look at her gaze…lol). I L-O-V-E love her lashes and eye makeup. Also digging her rockstar hair. Hot!

I had no clue this was Melanie Fiona until I looked at the caption at the bottom of the pic. Her makeup looks pretty, I’m just not sold on the hair yet.

Singer Jordin Sparks is as cute as a button with her fresh-faced look. But with such an open neckline combined with the barely there makeup, I would have loved to see her hair out instead of pulled off her face.

Toni Braxton. I have no words. I canNOT.

Yolanda Adams quite possibly had my favorite hair and makeup look of the night. I love how bouncy and playful her bob looks plus everything about her makeup is just right. HOT!

India.Arie came out with a pretty bold head wrap that I like, but I feel she has on too much makeup. Perhaps a little less drama with the eyes and a better under eye concealer color would be in order.

I always look forward to Amber Riley‘s looks on any red carpet because she just looks so cute and hip (ok, how old do I sound saying “hip”? lol). The hair is definitely nice, but the makeup is being thrown off with the under eye concealer. I’m sure this looks much better in person and just photographed a bit off. Hey, it happens to the best of us!

I kinda want Jada Pinkett Smith‘s hair for the summer. Something about it just yells Diana Ross sitting at the beach in a vintage bathing suit, big shades, and some sort of fabulous libation. Makeup looks good, too. Hot!

And finally Keri Hilson. LOVE the makeup. In fact her makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff tweeted that Keri’s lips are Girlacktik Beauty Lipgloss in Innocent Pink and she used Urban Decay Glitter Liner in Disco on the singer’s eyes. Nice!

That about wraps it up! What did you think of the looks at the Grammys?

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18 Responses to “Weekend Beauty Hot! or Hmm…: The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards”

  1. LeighJoy says:

    yolanda was one of my faves too (but of course in another post we will discuss how she ruined her look with those boots!)


    J.Lo– FAB!

  2. esme says:

    i think janelle monae, keri hilson, and j.lo look great. i like toni braxton’s haircut, like halle berry, i think she looks better with a short hairstyle, but that makeup is horrifying.

  3. Joanne_ says:

    Melanie and Jada take the cake!

  4. BOOBOO says:

    RiRi makeup is ALWAYS on point. Her roots however is not
    Jlo n Jada r giving me life!!!! i want sum Jlo hair..NOW
    toni=smh n lol

  5. sun.kissed says:

    Loving J Monae, Rihanna, J-Hud, Melanie Fiona and J. Lo. Everyone else needs to try again.

  6. sun.kissed says:

    Wow, that was a lot of J’s.

  7. Annie L. says:

    LOVE Rihanna’s eye and pretty blush! The triangle lip and the roots…
    Melanie Fiona ran away with the beauty prize, this needs to be her signature.
    JSparks, everything was pom.
    TBraxton, IArie and ARiley were horrible for me. Learn your undertone and stop airbrushing, or you too will look like an Emmy.

  8. Bronze says:

    I just wish J Hud would have had the dress tailored up top so her boobs were jiggling everywhere. I also wish she would have worn navy blue pumps.

    Whatever fashion violations, I think everyone look great.

  9. Liah says:

    I agree about Janelle having great skin. We never see her w/ a blemish or protruding pimple.

    For once, Melanie is giving great face. For a pretty woman she doesn’t always photograph well.

  10. Seven says:

    LOL @ Annie L. “you too will look like an Emmy.” That made my day.
    I love Janelle, truly. She owns her look. She reminds me of my 4-yr old, so incredibly cute…that being said, I would love to see her without the pompadour, just once. But her face/makeup is beautiful!!!

    Ciara’s eyebrows, she’s too pretty to allow her makeup artist to set her up like that. Shame on him/her.

  11. Diamond says:

    i want ciara to let me do her hair… and lol at toni braxton…and i dont want to be negative nancy but i can see J-Hud Stretch marks on her arm…everyone looks amazing

  12. it_girl says:

    @ Diamond- she can’t help it, i have a few on my arms too. She’ll probably start puting makeup on it in the future, Nobody is perfect.

    jennifer Hudson looks on point! very polished. Jlos hair is a no no. Toni didn’t finish her makeup, Rihanna hair is a mess but the dres sis ok.Jordan sparks was blahhhhhhhhhhhhh.Amber Riley wears it well.

  13. xoxoxo says:

    Everyone’s makeup was on point, except for the obvious mishaps from Ms. Braxton (it’s too easy), Jordin Sparks (too much of a bare face for such an occassion), and Amber Riley (looks a bit amateur-ish IMO). Other than that, the ladies looked gorg…

    …mwahhh :)

  14. My favorite looks: J.LO
    Jada-Love her hair!
    Yolanda Adams

    and ultimate fave is JANELLE…her makeup is sooo pretty! Her skin is fab’ to begin with tho’.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Look, I am not behind a computer screen and keyboard looking like photoshop perfection. However, Hudson ruined it for me with that black bra. It is exposed and ill fitting. And, it takes away from the dress. From what I know, this is just a faux pas of fashion. Why wear the dress if you have to put on a bra like that? If you need support or lift, especially after weight loss, then consider inserts, tape, or another dress. J/S

  16. jillibooboo says:

    Riri could make a potato sack work. Jordan Sparks really needs to come up from that satin prom dress effect she be working…because it aint working.

  17. Nancy says:

    Hey Danielle,

    I had a great time on Sunday. The food was worth the wait :D!

    Now Toni, Toni, Toni! # 1 make-up violation for me is wrong foundation/concealer. Why! Why! Why!

    J-Lo was head to toe, best everything. La-Lopez aka Mrs. Anthony is shutting down ladies half her age.

    I love that J-Hud is looking youthful and glowing. Dress was almost perfect. A better support for the girls and slight tailoring and she would have given J-Lo a real run. Ciara usually has nicer wigs. But it wasn’t that that bad. If only she could have had J-Hud’s “installment.” LOL! Yolanda’s hair and make-up looked so pretty. Janelle M looks nice and skin is on point. I just want more. India A. could have used some OLE H wipes period. I liked the concept but it seems that she was a victim of a heavy handed “make-up artist.” It happens to the best of us. It wasn’t horrible, more like okay. I actually liked Ms. Kerri’s look a lot. Jordan looks so cute but even girls who go to prom wear more make-up. Melanie F looks nice. I just think for such a pretty girl I would like to see her pop more. Jada is Jada. Loves it! Effortless! My hair inspiration is Garcelle Beauvais & Corinne Bailey Rae, but I see you Mrs. Smith. The fashion police had it right: Amber R: no bueno! Head to toe! Okay maybe with exception of her hair. With Ri Ri I think she would have gotten a C on her report card. The only thing that saved her was her make-up and she worked it. I’m sorry but I didn’t see fashion or a trend. To me the dress was at best: early V-day whip cream. LOL! Or maybe tissue paper with ridges for decorations. Just because it was Gaultier doesn’t mean it was her best day. Not by a loooong shot. I will give it to her, she rocked it. That is part of it.

    Okay Beyonce wasn’t mentioned. I’m assuming she was trying to be low key, but look at Jada. I liked the elements of her outfit but didn’t like it all together. The hair color washes her out. At least her make-up is pretty and body on point. Je l’aime beaucoup. Madame Carter just cater to us! Bring it no matter what. We look to you to just serve. Now “weerk!”LOL!

  18. Blossom says:


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