February 14th, 2011
Awards, Celebrity Style, Hot or Hmm
Hot! or Hmm…: The 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards!
By Claire

Yes my fabulous bombshells, it’s that time of year again where thoughts of mediocrity and complacency are tossed out the window, and creativity and “outside the box” surprises are celebrated, if only, this one and only time every year.  That’s right, it’s GRAMMY Awards time!  (What did you think I was talking about?)  This is probably the first awards show for the year I’ve watched in its entirety (well, most of it anyway), and despite a few lackluster performances, obvious award snubs, and my Beyonce radar not going off at any point during the night, the red carpet fashion illuminated Los Angeles.  So without further ado, let’s get the ball rolling!

First up is Rihanna, decked out in a gown by Jean Paul Gaultier…

Just about all my friends absolutely abhorred this dress, but I’m one to differ.  Granted, this risque number does remind me of a gift from Christmas past, but Rihanna pulls it off.  I’m sure if anyone else wore the dress, it wouldn’t have looked as good.  And she finally has a hairstyle we can all agree on.  Hot!

Next up is Ciara, who showed off those gams in a floor length Emilio Pucci dress…

Ciara’s body looks AMAZING in this dress, and makes me want to start this P90X I’ve had since last year.  But the accessorizing?  Hmm… I would’ve preferred a different shoe other than her Givenchy’s.  But since she chose those shoes, the jewelry should’ve matched.  A large silver cuff a la Wonder Woman perhaps?  And her hair in a high ponytail would’ve sealed the deal for me.

The Smiths were in full force last night on the carpet, save Jaden, who was probably prepping for his performance with Justin Beiber…

Will looks so put together in his black suit, and so does Jada in her silver dress and Louboutin heels.  But Willow, hmm… I get she wants to be different, but there’s just way too much going on here.  The multi-colored ribbons, the cape and the 70′s platforms do not a cute ensemble make.

Keri Hilson was in the building as well…

She looks nice here, but I don’t see her taking any risks with this teal mini dress.  Maybe some bold accessories could have vamped up her look a bit more.

Jennifer Hudson killed it both on the red carpet and on stage during her part in the tribute to Aretha Franklin…

The soulful songbird looked stunning in this navy Versace gown and sky high Louboutin sandals.  I am on the fence, however, with the blond streaks in her hair.

Jennifer Lopez was there as well…

La Lopez proving, once again, that this – right here – is her swag.  Easily one of my favorite looks last night as she struck a pose in this silver Emilio Pucci dress and matching Louboutin heels.  Hot!

Eva Longoria looked stunning as well on the carpet…

Though this Ashi dress may be a little too short, I absolutely love the design.  She completes her look with Brian Atwood pumps.

And what would a red carpet be without starlet, Kim Kardashian?

She dazzles in this gold Kaufman Franco dress.  I’ll admit, I have seen her look better than this, so I’m not wowed, and I’m sure she’s happy that no wardrobe malfunctions took place.

The Glee Girls were there as well with Amber Riley up first…

Those I’m not 100% sold on the necklace/shoulder piece, I DO love the dress.  She told Ryan Seacrest that the embellishments on the her dress were actually hand painted designs.  Very creative, if I do say so myself.

Naya Rivera wasn’t too far behind…

And yes, she made me eat my words.  Naya looks absolutely flawless in her gray printed mullet dress and YSL Trib Too platform pumps.  She redeemed herself from her last red carpet appearance, and did it so fiercely.  Another best dressed pick for me.

Janelle Monae was there as well, and brought the stage down with Bruno Mars and B.o.B.

She posed for the cameras in her usual tuxedo get up, but you have to admire a girl who stays true to herself.  I’m diggin’ the sequined blazer.  Hot!

Let’s here it for the boys with Diddy representing…

Hmm…I’m not sold on his look last night, not to mention his shoelace being untied.  I think if the pants didn’t have that tuxedo element, his ensemble could’ve worked in his favor.

Tyrese Gibson graced us with his presence…

And it’s clear he found out that he was invited last minute.  Hmm…the ill-fitting blazer, the untucked shirt and the shoes… I know Tyrese can do better than this.

Usher was there as well and also performed…

I’m loving his look from the ankle up (though it may be a little too casual for an awards show) because those Vivienne Westwood Seditionary boots took me for a loop.  The offer no cohesion to the outfit.  An all black pair would’ve sufficed.

And last, but certainly not least is Miss Nicki Minaj, decked out in Givenchy…

*Channels inner Kanye and belts out “No one woman should wear all this leopard!”*  I knew Nicki would come out the box wearing something everyone would be talking about for days to come.  But what can you say?  I don’t see her toning it down anytime soon, so Nicki, let that inner feline out.

Honorable mention goes to Drake, who looked great wearing all black.  But a full length pic of him escapes me.

Well, Bombers and Bombshells, that’s my five cents.  What say you?


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38 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm…: The 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards!”

  1. Whitney says:

    I am very disappointed in the way our gentlemen dressed last night! I feel they did not put effort in or took any risks. I love almost every one of the ladies except Kim, I have seen that look at least 10 times and J.Lo did it the best! CiCi’s attempt of being smoldering may have been better if she left the chunky jewels at home and let the dress be the main focus. The fashion for the Grammys were mostly on point, but the one that gets the “Creative Coup” award in N.Minaj!

  2. Milly says:

    Looking at Ri-Ri’s outfit the words hot & mess springs to mind Jennifer Hudson however looks amazing. I want her hair!

  3. Joanne_ says:

    yes to Tyrese!! *snaps fingers* Jada and Keri’s dresses are my favorites, everyone elses just look so outrageous I can’t deal. I feel everyone was going for the shock factor this year as opposed to dressing for themselves and what suits them..

  4. BOOBOO says:

    Keri looks cute. I have some shoes similar to that i got@Aldo. I still HATE her hair.
    J-lo looks hott BUT her hemline is wayy 2 short
    Kim k is doing nothing 4 me..try again
    Ciara is back wit a bad lacefront..come on son
    Usher n Diddy look dusty
    Janelle needs a new look..kernal sanders lookin azz

  5. BOOBOO says:

    Nicki is H.A.M
    I love keri dress but i hate her hair
    Diddy n Tyrese look dusty..smh
    Ciara is bck wit the bad lacefront..come on son
    Jlo looks great but it looks lik a shirt..
    Jada is FAB

  6. Nunyabizniz says:

    I love everything J Hud has on, hair included. Girl took the cake last night, she looks absolutely stunning.
    Close second is Jenny from the block. That bish is the definition of BAD. Keri could have accessorized better… I sooo want to like Keri, but she is always missing something, it’s like she is almost there, and then all of a sudden she stops for no apparent reason… SMH
    I also like Amber Riley’s attire, but the painting draws attention to her midsection… a lot. They should have painted the top and the bottom only. Her necklace/shoulder piece is amazing to me, I’d rock that.
    As far as the guys… *blank stare*

  7. Mrs Windy city says:

    Vuitton- beyonce was there. check out Wireimage. She had on a sequin blazer and hot shorts…..

    I wasn’t impressed at all with the dresses. Amber R dress looked horrible on screen… ahhh well

  8. [...] Hot! or Hmm…: The 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards!  » http:// fashionbombdaily.com [...]

  9. binks says:

    Nobody wowed on the red carpet to me. J-Lo dress is way to short, Keri looks pretty but is sort of an after taught compare to others, Nicki um… Kim K. typical, Willow is well willow, Lady gaga?????, Beyonce okay, J-Hud looks pretty but to me that really wasn’t a grammy’s dress, Ciara should have worn the brown Pucci Dress she had on the day before and Rihanna looks like a christmas tree gone bad and we seen this look from her already so nothing new. Everybody either seem too safe or too bizarre

  10. *SoRude* says:

    I would have to say that my gurl Naya was absolutely flawless….I love Ciara’s dress but I have to agree with you about the shoe’s. I would have loved to see a pair of nude color pumps or even white with a little embelishment. Those black heels were a very BAD choice by her stylist. Rhi Rhi is staying true to her S&M….she looks fresh off the street conner in her festive Christmas decorative wrapping. Nikki….my gurl…she was born with a teased wig on her head…love it!!! I wasn’t impressed by the gents….Will looks FAB tho!

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  12. Annie L. says:

    Rihanna’s dress was cute save for the fussy train and the boring portrait neckline, also her hair was Marilyn Quayle, loved the makeup.
    Ciara’s shoes were an eyesore w/the dress, loved the makeup.
    Willow was smashing – from head to ankles only, LoL!
    The dress looked great on Keri Hilson I just wish she’d wear a different shoe style for once, the hair looks Ken doll, her makeup was my fave.
    Jennifer Hudson looked great, hated the shoes, loved the makeup.
    Pass on ridiculous Kim K. and her side-eyed reasons for being at a venue w/real talent….
    Liked the dress/fit on Amber Riley, hate the hair, choker, makeup.
    The men were all blah.
    Nicki Minaj had a fun concept, loved it when everybody else went head to toe leopard first but anyway…cute, though I feel she’s too short and hour-glassed for a high-waist look.

  13. Dream says:

    So much to say! Where do I start.
    Rih, Looks like an angel. I love her. Cici should have done a diff shoe. Keri is missing that “it” as uaual. Jhud looks good. J.Lopez looks fierce! Kim K is gorgeous as usual. Amber is doing the d*mn thing. Her dresses always fit so beautifully. I want Naya’s dress, its the perfect little party dress.

  14. sun.kissed says:

    Rihanna looked great. I think we all can agree that no one else could pull that off. The only others doing it for me are J.Lo J-hud and Naya (she’s always a hit or miss in that order) Ciara needs to quit it and so does Keri. Don’t those chicks share a stylist? They need to find someone who’s #1 client isn’t Rihanna and maybe they can make a decent appearance. It amazes me how Kim Kardashian, who is not a singer comes to the Grammy’s and outshines the talent…Amber would have looked nice if it weren’t for her trying to be uber trendy with the necklace/arm piece, KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID. All of the guys need to try again. Oh Nicki, can we really complain about this look on her?

  15. Lex says:

    I really LOVED J.Lo’s dress! Thats the only thing I found hot that night. Janelle Monae is so much smaller than I thought she was too. Cute as a button =)

  16. Dobe says:

    How is Eva’s dress too short, and J. Lo’s not? Hmmm.

  17. Seven says:

    Jennifer Hudson has always been beautiful but Ms. Lady is working that new bod! She looks so amazing (a better shoe perhaps…) I do like the color of Keri’s dress and it fits her nicely. Can’t say the same for Kim K. The dress is wearing her when it should be the other way around. I wish we had a pic of Drake…he always looks so handsome when he is suited and booted.

  18. Almost everyone looks a darn fool.

  19. Bronze says:

    @ Pinkflame 1983…

    In the voice of Grady “Almost everyone looks a darn fool.” LMAO….

    anyways. Riri’s Dress reminds me of Cat in the Hat for some reason, sure she looked great but just kind of cartoonish for me.

  20. Madpet says:

    Both Jens looked hot, not feeling Rihanna’s look. Eva and Naya looked great also. And I love love Janelle Monae’s look. Its her usually self but I love the way she switches of the black and white men’s wear. Hot blazer and IMO she had the best performance of the night!!

  21. dyshaun says:

    “How is Eva’s dress too short, and J. Lo’s not? Hmmm.” <—-This. You took the thought right out of my head! LOL Somebody is playing favorites! Thats why you write your own style rules, ladies!

    I did not like Rhi's dress. Thats a first. Her body looks amazing though.

    Awww man CiCi destroyed an awesome dress! Some brown OTK boots like they showed on the runway wouldve been fierce!

    I aint talking about nobody children. BUT I will vouch for Oct 30th's children being kinda spacey… LOL

    I love JHud's look although the bust is ill fitting and her hair is basic.

    Kim looks like a blow up doll. I like it! LOL

    Ms. Naya wins this post. Age appropriate and fierce! The print. Yes. With her skinty self.

  22. dyshaun says:

    Oh yeah! Ms. Minaj! I love it! Doing her in a big way.

  23. T.Davis says:

    I dont understand why ppl always give rihanna a pass. Her dress reminded me of an oranament. Her hair was nice and her makeup was flawless but the dress looked Horrid. I understand she has this bad girl image but that dress was going overboard. Jennifer looked beautiful, and Ciara should of worn that Brown Pucci dress. Jennifer knows how to walk a red carpet. I agree with the other comments that the men were just not giving it their all in the wardrobe department.

  24. xoxoxo says:

    I think Vuitton covered pretty much everything, I don’t agree with anything said. My favourite look of the night was Mrs. Lopez, although the hemline is a bit short she looked fab…

    ….mwahhh :)

  25. xoxoxo says:

    **…I don’t disagree with anything said

  26. glamazon says:

    ummm rhiannaz hair n dress stink… it smell and look like an open tampon

    katy perry would have looked better in rhiannas white poof dress

  27. KBS says:

    Can we stick a fork in the YSL tributes?

  28. McKenzie says:

    Everyone keeps saying that only Rihanna could have pulled off that dress. That is not a dress that needs to be pulled off by anyone. Yuck!

  29. Brandi says:

    naya looks great everyone else is like yikes.

  30. esme says:

    i think rihanna, ciara, naya, and ambers looks were tragedies. i liked janelle monae’s look, j.lo’s look, and kim k.’s.

  31. Marie-josé says:

    Humm, disappointed at the men as well
    Rihanna….i’ll just pass on that
    Kim, the dress looks stunning on her but she could’ve had more classy shoes
    Jada was really the spark of the night for me; she’s simply stunning
    keri, as you said took no fashion risk, but we ‘re glad she didn’t show some bra this time right(XD)
    Eva; not really feeling this dress on her
    Janelle monae was classic as always& it worked for her

  32. Blossom says:

    I think Ciara looks terrible.

  33. Tony Triumph says:

    Everybody between Keri HIlson and Eva Longoria are beyond stunning. Everybody else looks gross. As far as Willow goes, I’ll just pretend were at the Apollo and that boo’ing children isn’t allowed. :-o

  34. JoJo says:

    Kim K always looks like a real life Jessica Rabbit.
    J-Lo & Amber Riley killed it!! & Rhianna looks like santa’s helper.

  35. Deb Bee says:

    WOOOOOWWW! Look at J-Hud’s itsy tiny little waist!!

  36. Slim says:

    I’m sorry but Rihanna looks a fool to me. From the back it is sexy but from the front it does nothing for her shape. That dress looked better on the Jean Paul Gaultier runway and should have stayed there.

    Naya Rivera and J. Hud = WIN

    And why the hell was Kim Kardashian there? I’m tired of seing this no talent hussy everywhere.

  37. Kelvira says:

    Rihanna looked like she belonged in the grinch.

  38. JenG says:

    I thought I was the only who thought that Rihanna looked a hot mess. Glad to read that I wasn’t the only one.

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