December 23rd, 2010
Best of 2010, Celebrity Style
Best of 2010 : Final Results
By Claire

The votes have been cast, and we have winners in each category!
So….for the fourth time in Fashion Bomb history, Rihanna has won the title of Fashionista of the Year! Our Caribbean pop princess also managed to edge out Nia Long by 1% of the vote to take home the title of Beauty Diva of the Year.  Kanye West ganked the Most Fashionable Man title for the second time around, stomping his closest competitor, Pharrell, by more than 20% of your votes. And in probably our most heated competition, Lily from Vancouver secured the title of Fashion Bombshell of the Year, enjoying 26% of a record 1,200 votes. Charod from Florida won Bomber of the Year in a landslide, and stunning Sessilee Lopez took the prize for Model of the Year:

Are you surprised, upset, jilted, exultant?

Let us know in the comments.

Shout out to the runners up: Solange and Kim Kardashian for Fashionista of the Year, Pharrell for Most Fashionable Man, Nia Long for Beauty Diva of the Year, Nikole from LA for Bombshell of the Year, Mboko from Paris for Bomber of the Year, and Chanel Iman as Model of the Year. See all poll results here.

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32 Responses to “Best of 2010 : Final Results”

  1. esme says:

    i feel good about most of the selections except for beauty diva. i truly believe that belongs to nia.

  2. sun.kissed says:

    Loves Lily’s blog, but I think another Bombshell deserved to win. Her closet/style seems to rely on luxury brands rather than actual style. I’m down with all of the other picks though.

  3. yagizya says:

    KIDCUDI and PHARELL were great competitors :)

  4. A lil sad that Chanel Iman didn’t win for Model of the Year. She was really incredible. I also thought Nikole of The Moptop Maven should have gotten Bombshell of the Year. Oh well. Congrats to all the winners!

  5. Brittany says:

    I agree with Sun Kissed about Lily. I think another Bombshell deserved to win. I think its funny that everyone was praising Lily, but she never even acknowledged this site.

  6. Miss Smith says:

    @sun.kissed: ditto. Hopefully, we’ll be able to switch these results up next year. We don’t want the same people to win every year. What about the favorite trend category?

  7. Claire says:

    @Miss Smith The trend category is going up tomorrow (or later) and similar to last year, it will be ‘take it or leave it which trends should stay or go’ not voting on the best trend.
    I had to take a break from Best of 2010 large posts for today because they take forever and it’s almost Xmas!! I might even save til after the holiday. I want to relax. Sorry guys.

  8. Tasha says:

    I was a bit hesitant when I saw Lily’s blog. Girlfriend drips designer from head to toe and I’m not ashamed to say I don’t got it like that (yet). But even though I might not be able to buy the clothes, her imagery inspires me to great lengths to go and get similar items at a lower price.

  9. Mrs Windy City says:

    Rihanna again? Oh boy…. she just didnt bring it that much this year to me…oh well

    And Lilly for me it was like TASHA said: its more of her imagery… true she does don alot of luxury labels but if you read her descriptions its some basic stores also. But she invoked me to try the jogging pants trend with heels etc…

    Don’t be mad at the girl because she rocks the Chanel. lol

    She has confidence and style and boldness about her.

  10. bransings says:

    I really thought Nia Long should have won. Rihanna is getting a bit played out :o/.

  11. Dinka Don says:

    I wanted Solange to win, Rihanna’s overrated and I feel like Solange has got high-fashion with an ethnic twist, which I love. #kanyeshrug

    Also, I voted for Nikole! Muah!

  12. India Nicole says:

    Congrats to all the winners! Love Love the fashion bombshell! But fashionista shouldve no doubt have been Kim Kardashian!

  13. Mrs.Gz says:

    I have to say, Im disappointed in fashionista of the year. Rihanna?? I wasn’t inspired by her at all this year. From what I did see, she just seemed a lil forced to and not as effortless this year. Its no way you can tell me she did better than Solange or June Ambrose. Other than that, I’m happy with the results. I would definitely like to see more spotlight on the stylists next year. Perhaps a stylists of the year category? Because let’s face it, these chicks are nothing without their stylist.

  14. QuinnySmalls says:

    I know Rih rih is fly and I do want her shoe collection but I really feel Ms. June Ambrose did not get the praise she deserves….its ok though! Her new Vh1 show will get peeps on the bandwagon soon enough!

  15. René says:

    I have to agree. Rihanna did not do it for me this year, neither as a fashionista nor as a beauty diva. The red hair was hot but with a lot of her outfits she ended up looking clownish. I think Kim K or Solange would have been a better a pic. Also disappointed about Sessilee getting Model of the Year but that was a tough category anyway.

  16. Brooklyn Lady says:

    Everyone who won DESERVED IT! (except Sessilee lol)

    As far as Lily’s win, in my opinion she deserved it to the fullest and apparently plenty of Claire’s readers felt the same and that’s why she won. I don’t get why because she wears high end pieces that makes her not FB worthy to others? Also, she acknowledges FB as well as other blogs on the right hand side of her page. Yup.

    Oh well maybe the next FB’s will step their game up. Better luck next time. *shrug*

  17. Lex says:

    Awwh mayn Im mad I didnt get to vote. Supervisor walked in as I was about to pick my selections LOL. Guess I should do more working than net browsing but the I LOVE the FB! =)

  18. I wanted Nia Long to win! lol

    Good selection of winners!

  19. Lola says:

    Can you please do a proper post dedicated to the winners? with multiple pictures and some bio? thanks

  20. Claire says:

    @Lola No, I can’t. You can look look back at all the proper posts I did in each category to get ‘bios’ and look at multiple pictures of everyone.
    Please also reference my prior comment about it being almost Christmas and wanting to relax and spend time with family. God bless and Happy Holidays!

  21. I love love Riahnna!! I’m so glad she won in both categories. She didnt really bring it like last year but girl got style nonetheless! Lily for fahshion bomb of the year, i didnt like. Everything else was great picks! xoxo

  22. Jamie says:

    Oh no, fast rewind to 2009…getting really tired of this fast…

  23. Yay! Lily won. Im sorry, dripped in Label or not, the girl has fashion sense. Contrats to all the winners this year!

  24. Neek says:

    I thought Lily from Vancouver was beautiful but dont care for her taking first place; I like her style but someone else winning would have showed that you dont have to have money and a closet of expensive name brands to be fashionable. I just think alot of the other girls’ styles could be admired and appreciated by more ordinary females that dont have the money to spend on Lily’s pieces. Still think she has a great look though.

  25. [...] finally Fashionista and Beauty Diva of the Year Rihanna was back in her home of Barbados for the holidays. She went makeup free and had a wet and [...]

  26. I voted for all of the winners except for the Bombshell which I do think another Bombshell should have won. No hate here… yes the girl has a great fashion sense but I read her blog from time to time and no mention of fashionbomb or her win.

  27. [...] Of course the lucky girl’s hometown is in Barbados, so she has a bit of an advantage. Our Fashionista and Beauty Diva of the Year was spotted recently wearing this $375 Panther One Piece by Australian Brand We are Handsome: [...]

  28. Lily says:

    Innnteresting… thanks for the spotlight, FB! I’m shocked beyond belief I won the title of “Fashion Bombshell of the Year”. I’m just happy I was even in the same category as the other amazing ladies. A special thanks to those who voted for me. <3

  29. Hawa says:

    I’m glad Sessilee won, she was definitely the most alluring model this year (aside from Arlenis Sosa who just takes fantastic photos). I’m disappointed Kanye won. Sure, he’s fashionable but the whole nerd/preppy look is so overdone, I wanted BOB to win. Yet I have no hang-ups about Rihanna winning. That was the hardest category.

  30. [...] Though Rihanna has dominated the past few years, snatching the title in 2007, 2008, 2009, AND 2010, it seems this year she’s got just a little competition. Let’s see who you [...]

  31. [...] Of course Kanye West typically dominates this competition, as he snatched the title for 2009 and 2010. But this year there may be a shake up. Let’s take a look at who you [...]

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