September 24th, 2010
Fashion Discussion, Men's style
Fashion Discussion: Men in Skirts?
By Claire

Rocker Lenny Kravitz set the blogosphere ablaze when he was spotted in New York wearing a thigh length draped navy tunic (which some have likened to a dress) with leather pants and knee high black wedge boots:

Though it’s hard for someone like Lenny to look anything but hot, many people were hmm’ing at his ‘girly’ attire.

Men have been wearing feminine inspired attire, like skirts, since the first Scot donned a kilt in the 16th century. Skirts, sarongs, and kaftans are also commonplace in Africa and India.

In recent years fashionistos like Marc Jacobs have adopted the look, wearing kilts/skirts with button down or polo shirts and thick shoes.

There even seems to be a ‘men in skirts’ movement, as indicated by the website, whose mission is to, “once again obtain general acceptance for a man to wear a skirt in everyday western society, in the same way as there is already acceptance in other cultures today and in the same way that there was acceptance in western culture in the past.”
I personally love every form of artistic expression through clothes, and don’t mind a skirt on a guy.
Besides, if women are able to rock tuxedos…

…why can’t a man wear a skirt?
What do you think?

Pictures: Splash, The Sartorialist

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66 Responses to “Fashion Discussion: Men in Skirts?”

  1. hassia says:

    Never been a fan of Mr Kravitz but I have to admit rather reluctantly I may add that he looks hot.

  2. Aquia says:

    knee high wedge boots??…really, lenny was that necessary.

  3. esme says:

    is that a dress, or is that a long shirt, leather pants and leather boots?

    anyway, androgyny is hot. if someone is comfortable enough with their sexuality to bend the gender rules (especially men), i see it as a sign of confidence and i love it.

  4. Lightning Countess says:

    It’s a new look, I like but people will come around eventually. I’ll bet they’re swinging comfortable though! hahaha LMAO!

  5. Lola says:

    He’s Lenny Kravitz. He can wear whatever he friggin wants to wear. He is Lenny Kravitz. I personally find the black community to be in ignorant and close-minded when it comes to male fashion. Black guys who wear skinny jeans are mocked and called gay by both black men and black women. It’s just ridiculous. Let the man live. I don’t personally care for this look but if thigh high boots and those wraps are rockin his world then I say GO ON BRODA!! GO ON!!!!

  6. JustSayin says:

    @Lola LOL

  7. katky says:


  8. MIKAIIA says:


  9. Jazz says:

    Oh Hell NO! lol

  10. Layla says:

    He looks a hot mess, sorry. And the boots aren’t even cute lol. No Lenny, I just can’t.

  11. Hawa says:

    I come from a culture where men wear skirts or as we call them “macawis” but I don’t like this look. It all depends on cultural context. In Western/European societies today, it’s feminine attire. Personally, I don’t like to see men’s legs so this look seems all wrong to me.

  12. KG says:

    I think I could be on board if it weren’t for those HORRIBLE boots. It’s Lenny, he transcends gender and looks oh so fine while doing it…

  13. sun.kissed says:

    No sir, Lenny have a seat! This is just not right. He would have looked just has hot in a waist lenght shirt and biker boots. What the hell is up with the wedges? I can’t!

  14. couturesista says:

    In the words of my favorite tv characters, Kurt (GLEE) “fashion has no gender”! lol

  15. jboogie says:

    I dont really see it as a sign of confidence I see it as a sign of someone dying to do something different. This is a fail though. The en in skirts in the pics following somehow seem ok. Its the boots lenny its the boots.

  16. LoudPen says:

    Honestly, none of the men in skirts really bother me. They all wore the outfits nicely and most still look masculine. Although, Marc Jacobs is openly gay so him wearing a kilt or skirt makes it a bit different, gay men are more open to wearing & accepting more effeminate attire.
    However, Lenny Kravitz does bother me. His ensemble is extremely tight, he’s wearing hoop earrings and knee high wedge heels. Yes, female & male can borrow from each other and look more androgynous but his outfit is seriously something a woman would wear. Like when you wear androgynous attire the whole point is to look your sex but in the other sex’s attire. So with Lenny he should’ve worn something that made the look masculine just with a feminine touch. Sorry for long comment, this whole thing confuses me & should be analyzed.

  17. julia lang says:

    omg, what happend to lenny??!!

    i dont like this one :-//

    xxx julia

  18. Diane! says:

    In my honest and personal opinion, I think this is disgusting. Men just shouldn’t wear skirts. At first I thought that was a female then I realized it was lenny kravitz…i’m really open minded but can’t women have one thing to call their own? Like men can wear everything, do everything, etc. But just let us wear skirts and dresses. hmmm

  19. Tammy says:

    One Word, ROCKER…… Nuff said….

    LOL, Maybe a few more words. LENNY IS HOT!!!!!! Always had a thing for him especially when he had his locs!

  20. JustSayin says:

    Lenny looks hot…and I want his outfit. It’d be a great relationship, we could share clothes.

  21. wallflower says:

    The tunic is HOT, the wedge boots are giving me nothing but HMMMM…

  22. Carla says:

    @ LoudPen–that’s an odd generalization about gay men, quite a few of whom don’t identify with “feminine” traits or styles at all. Personally, I love it all. Style has no rules.

  23. zy says:

    it’s a long shirt w/leather pants and knee high boots. while i’m not a fan of the look, this is Lenny Kravitz… the man is sexy as hell even in a garbage bag…

  24. David says:

    To say that a man should not wear a skirt is like saying that blacks should not marry whites. This is AMERICA!!! The Declaration of Independence gives EVERYONE the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! If you don’t agree, then you should get the hell out of this country and move to Iran where you belong! We have no need for American Taliban to control what men wear!

  25. mara says:

    Diana, just for the records: Women waering pants and skirts, both were only men’s garment in past. Sorry, I can’t call somebody ‘open minded’ putting all fancy stuff in one drawer, shake it well and call that supposed to be feminine stuff forever.
    I like men in skirts, going finally out of their boring and stereotype uniform which never changed since the Victorian time. I can’t call that guy which can’t wear anything else than that “handsome”.

    For me it is a man “manly” when he can express himself instead following the mass. And, since we know that the gender role has been changed since 30 years it is time to draw a new male picture, a correct and real picture.
    More than 50% of all men on the earth today still wearing skirts, they are more healthy than the “westernized” guy’s. Strange?
    I think we have to learn a lot, but we never should lose creativity and innovation, even for the new male’s fashion (or way of dressing).

  26. martinus says:

    Okay, got it, mara. I also discovered a website were women are instructed how to wear men’s clothing properly – you’ll find it for S/S 2011 fashion for women. Any question?

    I am skirt wearer, had problems with my legs, have to wear support-hose/stockings which are too warm under pants because it would make the issue worse. Solution: Skirts, kilts and jumpers. No problems at all, lot of compliments all the time.
    Last point: (Thinking about) I don’t think that men critizing women’s fashion so I think it should be equal: Girls should be out in the discussion about men’s skirts. How does it sound?

  27. Tine says:

    Not just Lenny looks hot….. other men looking hot, too when expressing their own pewrsonality in skirts or kilts. I don’t care what they like to wear with it, and I am supporting all men which are going skirted.
    We must get rid of this old uniform dressing style whick make men looking stereotype. And, of course, we must understand that kind of dressing has nothing to do with any sexual orientation. …… or would you say the same for women in pants, i.e.?

  28. [...] last week Lenny Kravitz wore wedge black boots with a draped tunic so long it caused us to question how we felt about men in skirts. This week Diddy symbolically offered his thoughts on the debate by wearing a plaid kilt with knee [...]

  29. Breanne says:

    No doubts at all, men can wear skirts. They are just looking fabulous in it.
    But why are those discussions about men’s skirts? I would recommend that men just wear it. There is no discussion necessary. We have our own style what we want to wear, sometimes there is a discussion HOW to wear some newly createt clothing I.e. how to wear men’s clothes -which is pretty new fo S/S 2011- so I think we don’t have any right to give any directions. We can have our own opinion about, that is fine and okay. But scaling men’s idea’s wearing skirted garment isn’t okay.

  30. Tine says:

    As I already said, we have to get rid of old fashion-style, and that creates different styles. I like men in skirts, they are looking really very interesting.

  31. Tine says:

    I forgot to tell about the past when men wore only skirted garments in all patterns, fabrics (as wealthier they were as more expensive the outfit, silk was No:1) together with leggings and high heels. Only the lower social class and soldiers wore pants! And these guys were out grand++++/grandfathers, real manly men. Besides that, the skirt originally is a male’s garment only, women took over it, like later on pants, high heels, vests, mini-skirt and mini-dress, jackets, shirts, ties etc. Womens only garment was a long dress in thousands of varities.
    I can’t see any specified or particular”feminine” background for skirted garments (it is just in our head, but not in history), because of that kind of garments was worn by men in past.

  32. stephanie says:

    Clothes have nothing to do with sexual orientation or sexes in general. Otherwise 90% of western women must be lesbian because of wearing pants (which are originally women’s garment and skirts originally men’s – but we turned it around), or?
    Remember, almost a revolte break out when the 6. President of the U.S. first time wore pants in public for his inauguration? Vive la France!

    Now France want to go back to skirted men after finding out that the skyrocketing deseases of prostate and testicle cancer by men are the main reason because of wearing pants, and that creates stress which is the no 1 for the heart attacks. But now we call this change for men “fashion”. But we don’t want to recognize that this will be the first major change since 180 years for men because it goes together with the new social role for men. During this time women changed more than hundred times, always adapting to the new situation in the society. Is that okay, and that we want to call frankly “equality”? We must be out of our mind!

    We always want equality to men’s rights – which we actually have by law (or even more) – but to be really equal we have to put men in skirted garments, the sign for some people of “weakness”. This was opted to women in past, except the Scottish guys wearing skirts called kilt, the picture of strongest men. How come – and what did we wrong in our thinking?

  33. King Arthur says:

    I don’t want to discuss. We can talk about what I like bit I personally want to express my own personality, there is no-one else like me, and that counts for all. Even I when I would wear the same skirt like someone else, I would look different. And that’s the difference to pants and so far nobody could explain to me why all men’s pants looking so similar and making men so uniform.
    I like my skirts, my like it, my kids like it, my friends, my .. and you?

  34. King Arthur says:

    I don’t want to discuss. We can talk about what I like bit I personally want to express my own personality, there is no-one else like me, and that counts for all. Even I when I would wear the same skirt like someone else, I would look different. And that’s the difference to pants and so far nobody could explain to me why all men’s pants looking so similar and making men so uniform.
    I like my skirts. My wife like it, my kids, my friends, my relatives, my . . And how about you?.

  35. Mara says:

    Congratulation, I like to read that. If wives support their husbands men would much more “life” oriented and less gender role acting.
    Non of clothes can change a gender nor non of style will change sexuality – it is only in some brain-cells of some people, that’s all. Don’t take it seriously, take control of your mind and you will take control of your life.

  36. [...] we’ve already discussed men in skirts and men with murses. What do you guys think of males in harem pants? Reader Christian wrote in [...]

  37. Curious says:

    Does anyone know the designer of Lenny Kravitz sunglasses??

  38. David says:

    Homophobia should be classified as a mental illness.

  39. Joe says:

    Its the boots that are a little much on this. IMO they are too tall otherwise its a pretty cool look. and I wish I could find the tunic since I would totally love to rock this look! But as someone else already mentioned skirts were originally mens garments. I ve been out a few times here and there in a skirt and while occasionally hear people talking most of the time I get absolutely no reactions at all. People caring about this is all in your head. Where what makes you smile inside….just try to have a little reasonable taste when you do it.

  40. Martinus says:

    Wearing skits and kilts as everyday attire. Very positive reactions. Love it, but have to think about colder weather. I’ll try it with men’s pantyhose but I don’t want to switch back to pants, skirted garments hundred times more comfortable.

  41. Mart says:

    King Arthur, I agree. What I am wearing is my own problem, my own choice. I can’t understand that people which don’t know me want to decide what I have to wear.
    How far we have to go to be ourself again? Have an own opinion – well that’s everybody’s right, but influencing through public transformation is against all human rights.
    If men want to wear skirted garments, that should not discussed in public, it should just be greeted. It is obvious that just few people try to make opinion. Let men do their own “stuff”. Nothing is easier to give a false opinion through blogs, internet-connections because everybody can hide behind computer equipments.

  42. David says:

    Never before in my life have I hated this country so much. All throughout our history, the vast majority of Americans have tried to keep injustices alive WELL AFTER their time has ended. Many people at the turn of the 20th century thought we should still have slavery. Many in 1950 thought women should not vote. And now, in the 21ST CENTURY, most of us think that men should not wear skirts. When are these retards going to understand that you can’t have 20th – century ways of thinking in the 21st?! And for those of you who are against men wearing skirts, WOMEN in PANTS used to be considered ridiculous, but is now the norm (you aren’t smart enough to learn from history)!! Also, you sexist bigots, since when has a fight for equality produced negative results?! I guess even 20 years from now, when MOST men will wear skirts, you’ll still oppose it! America ALWAYS tries to keep outdated ideas alive, even though we eventually realize that they WERE outdated! Yet, we don’t have the genetic ability to learn from the past!

    One good thing, though, is that Obama is slowly turning this country into a socialistic republic. Maybe when we become COMPLETELY like Europe, men wearing skirts (and for that matter, gay marriage) will become much more accepted. Capitalism is what makes people oppose progress. That’s why those of us across the Atlantic are a lot better at accepting differences – because of socialism.

  43. King Arthur says:

    David; don’t be disappointed, it’s not the country who makes the rules, just a few people which did not notice that the time of Rough Riders are over. Regarding women in pants, women just knew what they want, some, of course, are against men’s skirts but the majority like it.

    The only thing what I have to mention is that we should not discuss if men can wearing skirts, because they can. We should talk about why men already forgot to be a man instead crawling under the women slippers and asking what they can do. In case of above written Rough Riders, a lot of men don’t accept that this time is over since 100 years, they are still thinking that a skirt is a female garment. And exactly those guys can’t accept equality, that means also to accept all kind of clothes as equal. Women do it, and use it successfully.
    But men?
    Don’t hate America, it just a little group of men which are resistant stucking in the past.

  44. Alby says:

    Just getting tired to read all the reason men can find to explain why they want wearing skirted garments. Read the following, but there is much to add:
    In short: Tehy don’t have to find any excuse except for the reason staying healthy. A skirt for every men is recommended because:
    1. decrease the risk of prostate cancer
    2. decrease the risk of testicle cancer
    3. more air is flowing through the lower part of the body which helps:
    a. keep legs airy and the reproduction organs in cooler temperature, therefor men do not need any additional supplements for sexual life, and in fall/winter/spring time legs absorbe more sunlight giving the body more Vitamin A
    4. Skirted garments provide much more comfort for the male body than any kind of pants.
    Sorry, I couldn’t find any reason(s) against skirted garments in case of health for men except old thinking barriers. Do you can find any?

  45. MartInus says:

    No theta are no questions about health, there are only missing people who are be able to understand it.
    We are so deeply stuck in our personal opinion that a man has to look like a “man” like everyone else, we do not allow that men are different in their feelings, their wishes to express their own individuality, we putting them in a pot and boil it to a she me of that we call in westernized societies men which is nothing else than a part of the average crowd.
    I believe a real man can and should wear skirted garments and have the ability to express really their personality and taste.

  46. Andy says:

    What is it about? Men wore skirted garments as know for 8000 years. So what? It is the only know garment for men in other cultures. We just think we are the center of knowing something better than the nature, but we show up with not-knowing facts.
    Form should follow function! What men wearing as garments doesn’t do anything good for the male body nor does it look good or aesthetically. So, we have to change our very restricted thinking, we have to get out of our box, our narrow minded sense.
    Men looking very good in skirted garments, and there is no single reason why men should not feel comfortable and nice in his clothes.

    That, of course, requires a lot of courage for this guys in our so well formed and narrow minded little world.

  47. Mara says:

    After reading a lot of comments it seems there is a need for men’s skirts.
    Of course, some voices around telling about that men should not wear skirts, but in this statements isn’t an opinion nor a reason visible, or they are totally off topic.
    In summary: A lot of men would switch right away to skirts because of comfort an health. And these are very serious issues.

  48. Charles says:

    Skirts are “female inspired?” Only someone without historical education in clothing traditions could make such a vacuous statement! Associative reasoning doesn’t always signify low intelligence; it more often signifies how common mass hypnosis is in society! “We do it this way because we do it this way!” Damn it, I’m ready to join the Greek army and wear a white pleated SKIRT all the time!

  49. David says:

    I think support is a generational issue. I feel that MOST (but not all) of the older generations are against this trend for men, while MOST (but not all of the younger ones support it. The book “Generation We” explains how the Millenials (born 1978 – 2000) are, over all, accepting of diversity of ALL kinds (therefore, I would assume the “all kinds” also includes men wearing skirts). I really believe that it is a generational issue, because support for same – sex marriage, which is in the same category as men in skirts (they are both “queer” issues), is generational – according to a recent survey, 56% of Millenials, around 44% of Generation X, 36% of Baby Boomers, and about 24% of the Silent Generation support equal marriage rights for gays and lesbians. I don’t mean to generalize – there are plenty of seniors who support it and quite a few 20 – year – olds who do not. Anyway, “Generation We” is really a good book.

    Of course, I have always been curious as to one thing – I’ve been told that the most open – minded age groups are those in their late teens and early twenties. Being 31 myself, I’d like to know if the percentage of women my age who are ok with men in skirts is very close to the percentage of women 10 years younger than me who support it. I would think so, because women my age became adults at the end of the last century – 1997 to be specific. And all this queer stuff in pop culture began in 1992 with “Queer Nation.” Also, “Bravehearts” and the men – in – skirts movement began around ’95. Still, I can’t seem to find the comparison of women who are my age to those in their early 20s.

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