September 13th, 2010
Fashion Bombshell of the Day
Fashion Bombshell of the Day : Tiara from Tallahassee
By Claire

Hey Guys!
Today our Bombshell Tiara hails from Tallahassee, Florida:

She says, “My style is crazy, bold with a bit of wackiness and a few dashes of class.”

” I’m a designer of my own clothing line T.Jenks and in most of my pictures I made my own clothing.”

“I love quirky and cooky looks, I love stuff that most people would never pick up and make it beautiful. I have a weakness for anything bright and bold!”

Yes you do! Loving your cute sequined number.
As Tiara mentioned, she has a clothing line called T . Jenks. Check it out here.
What do you think of her look?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style and flair of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and your Fashion Bombshell of the Day Picture(s) to

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51 Responses to “Fashion Bombshell of the Day : Tiara from Tallahassee”

  1. Kristina says:

    Very regular nothing super stylish or even classy. People are way too quick to call themselves a fashion designer. # no hate just saying

  2. Toronto Chick says:

    I like it. Great style.

  3. ChilePlease says:

    Actually, ^ thats str8 hate! Designer + Fashion = Fashion Designer whether we like it or not.

    I dont care for the looks. Great gams though. Keep stylin’.

  4. jessica bats says:

    I actually love her style…..I would wear the clothes she wearn……people always think that being “different” is stylish..A lot of times you just look like a fool!!!…..Her style is simple fresh and cute….Lets be honest half of the stuff we see on runway could not be worn in “real life”……so if her style is regular…I rather be regular than look crazy lol

  5. MissKRoberts says:

    ehhh…this left me feeling kind of confused…I agree with Kristina “nothing super stylish or even classy” to me either…A for effort tho and pretty smile.

  6. Cute style. I love the pops of color (pink shoes, red belt, etc).

  7. sun.kissed says:

    I like the black sparkly dress :/

  8. Diggin’ that sparkly dress. I like the way she switches her hair up. Really makes for a fresh new look each time.

  9. Lady Bay says:

    I actually like all her looks, but the black dress. I think she has a great clean style. I love the pop of color with the yellow shirt and the grey skirt with the pink accents is great. I agree with @jessica bats, being different is great, but come on, a lot of people look foolish and seem to be trying REALLY hard to go against the mainstream. You go girl!

  10. Risamac says:

    Not at all! Sorry

  11. I’m kinda lukewarm about this bombshell. I’m not turning cartwheels but I’m not exactly vomiting either. *shrug*

  12. ChicTherapy says:

    I dont think people understand what style means.You don’t have to dress like Rihanna or Solange to be stylish.Your style is your style, even if it is boring or regular it is your style.Rihanna and Solange have edgy styles, Beyonce is Trendy and that is their style.

    Tiara looks good, her clothes fit her and she is a hot girl.

  13. Monique Lachelle says:

    Love the sparkly dress!! Does she take orders???


  14. jilliboo says:

    i dunno…i dunnoo.

    not “fashion designer” material…but its ok.

  15. plus one @ChicTherapy

    If she is designing clothes then she is a fashion designer, duh?
    Tiara, girl, you look great!

  16. zy says:

    she’s a pretty girl but her “style” is not something I’m really feeling…

  17. Dee O. says:

    It’s not exactly my style but to each her own! As long as you wear your clothes with poise and confidence and class, nobody can tell you NOTHING! So go ‘head girl, she looks cute and her clothes accentuate her shape so I ain’t mad at all!

  18. FashionBug says:

    Not too sure about this one. She has an average fashion sense.. Nothing spectacular that makes me go “wow”.. Cute girl.. average fashions….

  19. Mo says:

    ehh…I am on the fence with this one. it isn’t terrible though but some of the stuff looks a bit too tight. But I shouldn’t be one to talk, I have never submitted my photos so it isn’t my place to hate on her!

    @Dee O., I agree. As long as people have the confidence to wear their clothes, no one can say anything to them! (And I just wanted to tell you I clicked on your name and it took me to your blog and I like your blog! The title is too cute lol)

  20. where they do dat at says:

    hell naw to all that ish in the background on the pic with the blue dress, you should have cleaned up before submitting….

  21. Danni H. says:

    She looks cute but I don’t see any signs of wacky kooky quirky … I don’t know if it just me but I don’t mind people looking normal I just think they should accurately describe there style

  22. Ms. G says:

    I think she’s cute!

  23. Tifani says:

    Out of the pics she sent in the only outfit that’s somethinng I actually like is that sequined dress, the rest …. not so much!!!! I give her much props for having the confidence to send her pics in though!!!!!!

  24. Buzygurl says:

    I think she has great style considering her location. Location is very important. We have to remember not everyone lives in big cities and see high end fashion everyday on the street.

  25. PG says:

    I commend her on her effort to present her style, but personally I just wasn’t feeling this fashion bombshell of the day :-)

  26. Mandy says:

    @Buzygurl The internet is world wide though. Try again :)

    Her personal style isn’t my cup of tea but her confidence speaks volumes and I can respect that!

  27. mikele says:

    I think she looks cute!

    And if you have to put a ‘no hate’ disclaimer at the end of your comment, it’s usually all hate! LMAO

  28. Kristina says:

    maybe usually but no not here sorry

  29. Joanne_ says:

    @Buzygurl, uh, what you just said makes no sense! Location? Nah, homie, bad logic on your part.

    I would like to say woop-woop for her being from Tallahassee, I’m at school here and I’m glad someone from here submitted. :) Oh, and in Tallahassee lots of students are from all over America and are not confined to shops in Tally because no one really shops here because EVERYONE shops here. LOL So most of the time the fashionistas here buy their clothing from online or wherever they are from. At least that’s what I do!! And once again, shout out to Tiara for submitting, your looks are cute! Keep it going!!

    Seminole Pride!! :D Oh and Go Rattlers!

  30. My 2 cents says:

    @ where they do dat at
    I was thinking the very same thing! I’ve seen this before in pictures and I cant fully understand why you’d submit a photo with such a messy background. This just isnt right!

  31. lipz says:

    I like the shorts outfit, no real style here! And she needs to wear body flattering clothes!

  32. jrix says:

    love it….i might have to steal some of ya swag

  33. I like her style… cute

  34. Brittany says:

    I’m not really seeing a true sense of style. These just seem like good outfit days. Everything seems a little too tight.

  35. Tony Triumph says:

    I dig her and I’m sure she esp stands out down there in Fl. Like many said above, it’s not about being all Rhianna and Gaga-ish, it’s YOUR style so do you and do it well. She looks cute and clean in all the looks.

  36. stefanie says:

    Really?!!? Shanay-nay upper lip going on

  37. Sam says:

    I love her red shoes, red belt, and pink shoes. Nice accessories.

  38. Lola says:

    Kudos for making your own clothes but guuurl, this is basic. Sorry.

  39. Kenni says:

    How about the whole section disappear! Would that make those making the nasty and classless comments happy. If you dont have anything nice to say why say anything? This woman felt good enough about herself that she submitted her pictures…why attempt to tear her down. That is the problem with some women – so catty and very mean towards one another. There is nothing wrong with constructive criticsm but when you are just out and out rude there is def. an issue! Do some introspection and get it together!

  40. jilliboo says:

    The point of this comments section isn’t to censor all the comments into being positive and supportive. If people like the style, they can post that. If they dislike it, they can post that.

    No one has to say they love it if they don’t.

    stop triumphing mediocrity.

  41. guest says:

    I like the sparkly dress…not to keen on anything else tho

  42. rara says:


  43. Kenni says:

    @Jilliboo: Read my post again and keep it moving.

  44. A.Styles says:

    she comes off very tacky to me …. there’s alot of back and forth about this bombshell and everyone is entitled to their opinion

  45. Shushumama says:

    I agree with Jilliboo. I’m entitled to my opinion. Her style is pretty average, nothing that would make me look twice.

  46. southern says:

    there is no class in these outfits. not even a “touch”

  47. esme says:

    not my cup of tea.

  48. BEAUT says:

    No just no!

  49. fashionlover says:

    @jilliboo I’ve seen you comment on other Fb and all i see is you cutting people down, theirs one thing to not agree with someones style it’s another to go on and attack them. So you can go sit yourself down.

  50. fashionlover says:

    @jilliboo Ive seeen youc omment on others FB before and all you do is cut people down, its one thing to not agree with ones style but its another to be attacking the person. So you can go sit down. and where the hell is ur pic if ur such a fashionista…?

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