September 8th, 2010
Fashion Bombshell of the Day, Real Style
Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Jasmine from Atlanta
By Claire

Jasmine from Atlanta, Georgia brings a little Southern Fried Flavor to Bombshell of the Day feature:

She says, “My style is forever changing and unpredictable, but I’m always lady-like.

“…Almost everything I wear is reconstructed vintage or something I made for one of my collections.”

“I also adore Emilio Pucci…hence the Pucci boots in one of my pics.”

“I am a designer for J. Pearl Couture and sell to many boutiques in the Atlanta area.  I also have an online business selling reconstructed vintage clothing, vintage shoes, etc. “

Fly and talented? That’s a dope combination. And um, I’m gonna need that camel belted jacket in the last picture!
Check out Madame Jasmine at and

What do you think of her style?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style and flair of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and your Fashion Bombshell of the Day Picture(s) to

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49 Responses to “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Jasmine from Atlanta”

  1. gottaloveaslimchick says:

    Oh how I miss atl :-(. That’s what I’m talking about atl always does it a lil extra lol, I love Jasmine’s style! She is just FAB! Can’t wait to check out her clothing line. Great choice for fashion bombshell

  2. Joanne_ says:

    okay….although i’m not a fan of her style i think her style is unique and i commend her for that…do what works for you hun! WEEEERK!

  3. the truth says:

    I agree with Joanne.

  4. Dobe says:

    That jacket in the last pic is dope!

  5. This isn’t really my flavor, but she definitely is a risk-taker. Gotta applaud that. I like the two-tone pants with the black tube top.

  6. sun.kissed says:

    Her style is very hit or miss for me…the Pucci boots are cute, but shouldn’t have been paired with that outfit.

  7. jessica bats says:

    I admire her as a bussiness woman…but Im not feeling her style…those pucci boots are fab…but should of been paired with something else…I do like the last outfit….but the orange polish is thrown it off…

  8. tricia says:

    those boots are horrible but i guess it goes with everything else being horrible. you clothing would not work outside of your neighborhood…claire i am starting to think these fashion bombshell are paying to be featured on here, cause lately they have been horrible with a few exceptions(today not being one of them).. or maybe no one is is submitting their pics..

  9. Claire says:

    @Tricia I don’t think our Bombshell are horrible. And for the record, noone pays to be a Bombshell.
    If you want to submit your photos, feel free. It’s free.

  10. Jasmine says:

    OH how I love everyone! The good, bad, and ugly.
    The definition of fashion= # manner: how something is done or how it happens; “her dignified manner”; “his rapid manner of talking”; “their nomadic mode of existence”; “in the characteristic New York style”; “a lonely way of life”; “in an abrasive fashion”
    # characteristic or habitual practice
    Character is what most store racks are missing. I make a living selling my designs. I have to be doing something right. Style and fashion should not be predictable. But it is the handed down ideas of someone like myself that is then bottled, diluted, and passed down to the masses. I love you guys! I expect nothing but a Love or Hate response b/c my style is not for the everyone…especially the faint. Nothing but positive energy!! XoXo

  11. Che'lise says:

    I love your style Jasmine, even though I probably wouldn’t be bold enough to wear some of the pieces in your picture, I think your fabulous!!!! I love your online vintage store as well, we all can have a little piece of an era without paying ridiculous prices, congrats honey, you are IT!!! :) Much Love

  12. Peachy Keen says:

    kudos!! i know this chick in real life & she is definitely ALWAYS fly! this is the type of woman you will see dressed to the nines from the grocery store to the red carpet! do it, j. pearl!!!

  13. miss resa says:

    she has cute pieces but together it looks sloppy. not horrid tho (:

  14. kellik says:

    I LOVE Jasmine’s style – she’s unique and bold and anything would look fabulous on her because she’s adorable and creative. My fav is the black lace cocktail dress – love it!

  15. Jen says:

    I definitely appreciate her style choices…she definitely dresses with a purpose and an intent..although I may tweak a few things for myself I give her a thumbs up….

  16. DyShaun says:

    “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” -Coco Chanel

    “Less is always more.”- Coco Chanel

    While I like the thought and individual pieces, every outfit had me removing things..the pearls in the black and grey number, the pink bangle in the last look…

    Kudos for character though, for sure!

  17. fashionistabe says:

    FOUR words … what in the hell???

  18. ksmith says:

    This girl def is fly! She is def original! Never mind the haters.

  19. She most definitely has talent! I love the black reconstructed dress and the honey jacket!

  20. konvinced08 says:

    Loves it!!! Very different and I like how u handled urself!!! Get it girl! Brushed them haters off with style and finesse!

  21. Shushumama says:

    Not feeling it…at all..sorry.

  22. donny says:

    “haters” is exactly right! i would love to see what some of these people look like… hot doodoo, i’m sure!
    definitely loving it!

  23. jamie says:

    Her style is not my taste however I dont make the world go around either:) But Im digging your etsy store…you have great finds with REALLY great prices!

  24. Bri says:

    Her style, although, a bit too much at times, is fabulousity! Considering her area of residence: Atlanta, I think her outfits are the perfect fit & she wears everything with confidence. I personally, am a huge fan of her tan jacket. In addition, please consider that most of her pieces are reconstructed vintage, PROPS!!

  25. mikele says:

    I think you look great Jasmine! Your style would go over very well in Oakland and the Bay Area! I wonder where some of you people are from…??

    Going to check your site now. :)

  26. wallflower says:

    I rarely ever comment on Bombshells but I have to say, I love her style! Very original and innovative!

    On another note, Claire has said over and over again that the purpose of the Bomshell is to highlight one person’s style, not praise it or hold it up as the new hot shit, but simply showcase one person, from one regions, particular look.

    You ladies (and sometimes men) are soooooooo mean in the comments section, that I’m surprised anyone even submits their pictures anymore. Additionally, everyone is super critical of the Bombshells with simplistic or classic, or even the “urban outfitters”, “american apparel”, “trendy” styles. Here you have a woman who is not only original in her style, but also recontructs vintage looks.

    Y’all just can not be satisfied.

  27. wallflower says:

    Over the knee boots, check! Camel, check! Layers, check! Embelished shoulders, check! Sequins, lace, socks with sandals…check, check, check!

    She’s on trend, but she’s not trendy. What’s not to love!

  28. Tifani says:

    I love the fact that she’s a business woman but I just can’t get with her style!!!!!!!!!

  29. Even though this isn’t my cup of tea, she is working the hell out of those clothes! I like that she is different and is bold with her wardrobe, but personally I wouldn’t be brave enough to wear any of her outfits lol. But go ‘head girl!!!

  30. lemale says:

    i love the black and gold dress .. and i like that u do vintage>>> Jasmine i agree with what u say earlier .. and as a former bombshell ( no one pays to get on here ) and haters please disperse… i like !

  31. ari says:

    she is all over the place! bottom line..those pucci boots may be alright paired with something else! the coat is hott! love it. But thats all I like. ALMOST (not everybody) that submit there pics look like they are just trying tooo hard.. i’m just sayin

  32. binks says:

    Jasmine is a beautiful woman but her style is not my cup of tea either. And the dresses ages her a bit but the last picture is fly as hell

  33. Denise M says:

    i dont really like her style personally like for ME BUT SHE is making it work for her and she really stands out and her confidence sure is out there! go head!

  34. Michelle says:

    I think her style is def off the chain, but the hair and makeup need to be updated. Because of that it throws the clothes off. That red lipstick has got to go!

  35. Tamika says:

    This is really cute! I like her style! Its very eclectic and she seems to make it her own.

  36. lala says:

    no no and no.. i say nay

  37. Jason Scott says:

    This is amazing! This is a true pioneer of fashion and style! It amazes me how people are trapped in their own world/box. Jasmine continue to stay focused on your dreams and goals. You CLEARLY have talent, style and the vision to succeed! The vintage Pucci boots spoke for themselves…. My question to the person who commented: What would you pair those boots with? Let me take it back a step further: Could you afford to buy the boots to pair them with anything….. Thank you Fashion Bombshell for exhibiting this talent, keep up the good work ;)
    Jasmine: Continue to stay focused and I wish you much success, do not worry the right person will come across your work and you will take off (if you have not already)!!!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Jasmine looks way too young to be wearing those dresses. Seems like her personal style is a bit beyond her years…you know, minus the accessories.

  39. lipz says:

    umm its like a hit and miss…I mean she has a unique flair, but not my style!

  40. Chitown Bomber says:

    Ummmmmm I’ve never felt compelled to comment on this site before but I love her style. The mix of textures, I love Pucci as well its really slept on. To me her style is very creative and beautiful to me. Good job…..

  41. Larissa says:

    Jasmine has a unique flair for fashion.. may not be for everyone but she wears it well. She can make a bag look good on her… Best Wishes to you and LIVE YOUR DREAM!

  42. Lola says:

    girl, no! no!

  43. La-Shaun says:

    The hell is all this???? Sweet baby Jesus.

  44. CatsMind says:

    I can tell you got the basic down a little. Your outfits need a little more tuning. Wow in the last picture. Where did you get that dress. It looks like a left over prom dress from Dillards.

  45. Fashionjunkie says:

    Her style is not okay. Its actually quite TERRIBLE!!!

  46. It_Girl! says: did I know she was from GEORGIA! why do southern girls always look confused when it comes to style. Just because you are wearing something from the late 80′s and ealy 90′s does not make you stylish. only certain people can pull it off, and it’s not her! It looks forced and those boouts with the fitted cardigan is omg horrible!

  47. I see she was at my 2010 launch in the last picture. I luv the jacket she adorned with the white pair jeans.

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