September 8th, 2010
Beauty, Hot or Hmm
Beauty Hot! or Hmm…: Amber Rose’s Blue Lip
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

‘It’ girl Amber Rose was spotted in Atlanta this weekend doing one of the things she does best—rocking something that most would normally back away from. Now I’m as daring as they come with makeup colors, but even I would have to leave the blue lip to the bold star. Unless I was doing an editorial shoot.

If you were so inclined, here are two blues to get your hands on:
Graftobian Pro Blue Lipstick
L’paige Blue Aloe Vera Lipstick

Or do-it-yourself with some lip-safe blue pigment and clear lipgloss.

What do you think of Amber’s blue lip?

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27 Responses to “Beauty Hot! or Hmm…: Amber Rose’s Blue Lip”

  1. stefanie says:

    love it, but it wouldn’t suit my skin colour ;-(

  2. jessica bats says:

    I acrually like it

  3. Therry says:

    Quick someone administer CPR she’s not breathing!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t get with this one.

  4. Joanne_ says:

    LOL! Who’s Amber Rose, that’s funny…the blue lip is very ‘Amber’, I wouldnn’t do it..

  5. AJ says:

    Let’s talk about that bracelet in the first picture, LOVE IT :)

  6. Taamra says:

    LOVE her style! takes guts to step out the house with no hair and a blue lip and still look hot. :)

  7. Miss Moon says:

    I actually like the blue on the bottom picture… the top pic is a little too “I just had a bomb pop”. LOL

  8. nessa says:

    I don’t care for it but for some reason I think it may become a future trend…

  9. Marieliky says:

    i like it but i think she is the only person who can pull it off!

  10. Dobe says:

    First blue lip is a hmm…, second one is a hot!

  11. sun.kissed says:

    Amber’s rocking it, I can’t get down with it though…still trying to grow enough balls to rock a red lip.

  12. At this point she is in a league of her own. I definitely wouldn’t dare to rock it but I think she gets away with it fine.

  13. I actually like the darker hue in the second pic. Not so much the first one though! But she makes it work quite well!

  14. Mel says:

    Amber has the ability to pull off anything I’ve seen on her, she’s so confident. I agree that the darker hue is a lot better though.

  15. Melinda KE says:

    I’m not liking the blue lipstick, although I think it would work well for a photo shoot. I would rather see a pop of bright blue eyeliner, at least then she would look alive and fresh.

  16. Mz. Bronze says:

    Ohh Lookie.. Glitery Trash!

  17. Tifani says:

    I totally agree with Melinda KE about this!!!!!

  18. BIZ says:

    The first pix is very hot!

  19. Anonymous says:

    i love it she’s fierce fresh innovative end of story

  20. KG says:

    1. Are you ppl serious?! She looks ridiculous.
    2. Why is she still supposed to be relevant?

  21. binks says:

    That would be no ma’am for me, it look like she sucked on a raspberry blow pop to long and her lips stayed that way

  22. Denise M says:

    i think the blue lipstick looks hot on amber rose especially with her skin tone. it’s very unique and makes her totally stand out in a good way wish i could pass with that but i soooo can’t lol big ups 2 you amber!

  23. Cierra says:

    I think the lipstick looks fab on her. The first pic must be of the lip stick wearing off in a “stained’ look. I don’t think it’s an everyday color, but for a photoshoot or a party..maybe. But it’s not for me, I will let Amber have it!

  24. esme says:

    eww. this doesn’t look appealing on any level whatsoever.

  25. @moeldesigns says:

    I love her silver bracelet. Blue lips hmmm.

  26. [...] The Coco & Breezy ( crew were in full effect with their space aged meets 80’s revival looks. I loved the faux fur stoles, studs, and blue lips. Hey, maybe they inspired Amber Rose’s azure pout? [...]

  27. [...] The Coco & Breezy ( crew were in full effect with their space aged meets 80′s revival looks. I loved the faux fur stoles, studs, and blue lips. Hey, maybe they inspired Amber Rose’s azure pout? [...]

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