August 24th, 2010
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Is the Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatment Good for Black Hair?
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Hello Fashion Bombshells!

Reader Andrea from Cali recently wrote in asking about the Brazilian Blowout or Brazilian Keratin Treatment and if it’s good for Black hair. She said, “I’m in the process of trying to find a good salon that can help me get my hair healthy, but that’s hard to find in San Francisco. But a few of my co-workers are getting Brazilian Blowouts done and I was interested, but I don’t want to damage my hair anymore. Any information you have would be great.”

Having heard of the treatment and knowing fellow beauty bloggers who have had the treatment done but never trying it out myself (sounds too expensive for my blood…lol), I dug in to do some research.

Turns out the ‘Brazilian Blowout’ is actually a trademarked name. According to, it’s often misconstrued and explained wrong as there are a number of “Brazilian” hair techniques on the market at the moment. In fact they ask you to not confuse the process which uses keratin with processes that use formaldehyde. Yes, formaldehyde–the stuff used to embalm dead bodies. *shivers*

So what is it? According to the official Brazilian Blowout website:

The Brazilian Blowout is the most innovative and effective professional smoothing treatment in the world! Through the use of a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex and a proprietary polymer system, the Brazilian Blowout actually improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. The end result is smooth, healthy, frizz-freehair with radiant shine!

So what makes them different?

What makes us different? The ONLY Professional Smoothing Treatment that improves the health of the hair. No Damage! and No harsh chemicals! NO FORMALDEHYDE!! Entire treatment completed in just 90 minutes! No down time! The minute you leave the salon, you can wash and air dry your hair, and it will be smooth, frizz-free and radiant! Results last up to 12 weeks. Leaves hair smooth, shiny and frizz-free! Acai aftercare products ensure longest lasting results.

What’s with all the exclamation marks? *shrugs*

So what’s the procedure?

After the hair is shampooed and conditioned with special Brazilian Blowout products (the hair must be squeaky clean in order for the products to work effectively), the hair is then towel-dried and sectioned into four parts. Then the Brazilian Blowout Professional Solution is applied and combed through the hair. After the solution is applied, the hair is blow-dried and then flat-ironed. The hair must be as smooth as possible.

After heat is applied, the hair is then rinsed and the Brazilian Blowout Mask is applied and then rinsed out. Brazilian Blowout Leave-in Conditioner is applied and then you style the hair as usual. Your hair might curl or kink up again when you wash it or it gets wet, but the pattern is much more loose and supposedly remains this way until the treatment wears off. According to videos I’ve seen, your hair will straighten easier and faster with the help of heat styling tools.

I had my hands folded tightly while I mouthed “We don’t believe you, you need more people” because most videos and pics I’ve seen feature non-Black women.

But then I came across this one of a stylist in California performing the treatment on a client who had been in a weave for two months.

The client seemed to have about 6 inches of natural hair with some relaxed ends. The procedure was performed like in the Brazilian Blowout training video but I couldn’t help but cringe over the excessive amount of heat used for this procedure—and even more seems to be needed for curlier or kinkier hair. I’m also not at ease with the amount of tugging done on the hair (our hair whether relaxed or natural is too fragile for all of that) and also with the hair needing to be squeaky clean (hello, hair stripped of its natural oils).

So should you try this?

Well, I’m no Wilfred Beauty Academy or Sheneneh’s Sno Nuf Hair Salon grad, but I’m giving this the side eye for now. If you’re natural and want to switch things up with a straight style, I feel you run the risk of damaging your kinks. We all know the story of a friend of a friend who had natural hair until she went to a salon and her hair was inadvertently heat trained. And if you’re relaxed, all the added heat and tugging with this treatment seem to be excessive. Arguably, some might say a relaxer just might contain more chemicals than the Brazilian Blowout. Might be a point there.

Remember the Rio perm was also supposed to be safe, too. I bet there’s still ladies out there recovering from the bald spots.

Would you try this?

Have you tried the Brazilian Blowout? What were your results?


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59 Responses to “Is the Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatment Good for Black Hair?”

  1. Kendra says:

    I have the Keratin Tratement (Braz Blowout) and I LOVE IT! My hair is healthy, strong and smooth. I have natural hair (4b texture)and this allows better frizz managability. I cant imagine life without it anymore. I have had the treatment for 3 months with one touch up in between. I still get deep conditioniing treatments and baby my hair. This treatment is great for those who work out alot as it alows you easier wash and go.

  2. McKenzie says:

    OMG! This post is ON POINT! Thank you sooooooooooooo much for the info, you’re such a beauty guru! Thank goodness because I was about to get that Keratin treatment. That was a close call! No thank you FORMALDEHYDE!

    Note to self- research, research, research!

  3. TheMisses says:

    I want my hair like the girls in the top pic ( even Solange’s current look) sooo bad. But reading about all the heat this requires is scary. I once acheived a really nice afro look through medium sized single braids all over and slightly rolling the ends for a 70′s party in the 90′s. Think i’ll try that again and wait to hear more about this brazillian thing.

    I do remember the Rio perm! Lol Glad my mother never let me get one back then!!

  4. Danielle says:

    @Kendra hey, girl–thanks for the comment! Are you using the treatment in lieu of a relaxer or are you still able to retain your curls/kinks?

    @McKenzie you’re welcome, girlie! I’ve read some of the treatments do use formaldehyde, but this one in particular says it doesn’t. Where were you going to go for your treatment?

  5. Beelle says:

    That entire process sounds terrifying to me, heat heat and more heat. I have natural hair and I get great results with doing my own henna and cassia applications at home. My hair is super strong, and its reduced shedding. The application is messy but the results are worth it to me. My strands are smoother and thicker, and with protective styling I’ve been retaining a ton of length. Besides I can’t imagine how expensive that is. You can also try a glossing treatment.

  6. McKenzie says:

    Hey Danielle- to a Dominican salon.

    I am actually open for suggestions/recommendations to others stylist(preferably black). I’m in the Atlanta area and ready for a change. I’ve found that wearing my hair straight works best for me. But I am guilty of commiting some no, no’s to get it straight i.e. excessive heat, tugging. But miraculously my hair has been holding up well and staying seemingly strong and healthy.

  7. Risamac says:

    To really answer the question no it is not good for black hair to much heat.

  8. Posh says:

    First time visitor here and while i came looking for fly shoes…i feel compelled to comment on my true passion: hair.

    I currently use a brazilian keratin treatment and am absolutely in love with the results. My hair is super shiny, fuller, healthier and i have no first-hand horror stories to share. But i do have some comments…

    -Yes, there is a lot of tugging in the posted vid and i see how the treatment can look “stressful.” But keep in mind that this is just one stylist and let’s not forget the density/texture of the model’s hair. Having witnessed the procedure being done and having performed it a number of times myself, i can say with all certainty that THAT much pulling does NOT need to be done. For as much as the heat? A certain amount needs to be applied for the treatment to be sealed into the hair. period.
    -Too many passes of the flat iron and yes, your hair will be heat trained. If the straightest hair possible is not what you want and you’d like to keep most of your curl, communicate this to your stylist and he/she should be able to perform the procedure with that in mind. My hair is baby fine and wavy, but frizzes like nobody’s business if i look at water hard enough. i KNOW that 6 to 8 passes of a flat-iron heated to 450 degrees will slaughter my waves. So, i flat-iron each section no more than twice. Now, that’s just what *I* do based on my grade of hair and that follows NO manufacturer’s instructions….however, it works for me. and i’m sure other stylists have other ways to keep your curl/wave. The key is finding someone reputable who thoroughly knows hair; specifically your hair texture and what your hair requires. A super strength relaxer isn’t created for everyone. Neither is 6 to 8 passes of a flat iron needed for everyone else.
    -Speaking of relaxers…Keratin procedures are excellent for those with relaxed hair. The easiest way for me to describe keratin is an intensely deep conditioning treatment that fills in the gaps or weak points of the hair. Applying relaxer breaks the strongest bond in our hair. Using keratin, immediately following a relaxer, will fill in those broken bonds (that are never reformed) with a protein almost similar to that of hair (keratin). Seeing as how the relaxed hair is already straight, there’s virtually no tugging and again, 6 to 8 passes of a flat iron isn’t needed.
    -Relaxers most certainly contain more chemicals than keratin treatments and they are created to permanently change the hair’s structure. Keratin treatments break no bonds and provide temporary results that are to be maintained with that specific keratin line. after time the treatment wears off and the hair goes back to normal. so many people go crazy for the keratin because the results are pretty phenomenal with very little commitment (commitment = being addicted to the creamy crack and experiencing breakage if you don’t make it to the salon soon enough).
    -The dreaded Formaldehyde factor is more of a marketing ploy to scare consumers (our bodies produce formaldehyde each and every day! lol.) Most companies these days manufacture keratin treatments without formaldehyde and aldehyde substitutes. If formaldehyde is a concern of yours, ask your stylist if the brand they use contains it. If so, could they find/use a formaldehyde free version for you? I don’t fear the formaldehyde, but the brand i use has none in it.

    I personally love it! But keratin isn’t for everyone and the treatments can get costly when and if you fall in love with them. if you’re considering, discuss it with your stylist and learn as much as you can. People with either hate it or love it….that’s why i say learn as much as you can, consult your stylist, and then decide what’s right for you. now…back to my shoe search.

  9. McKenzie says:

    Hey Danielle, at a Dominican salon…I’m not sure where my last comment went :) I’m all for the most natural and healthy treatments(well, at least as close as I can get to natural). Gave up the chemical relaxers a couple years ago. Going au nautal is a no-go for me because I like my hair straight. It looks beautiful curly but it’s way to high maintanence. So, I have resorted to the dreaded blowout for that sleek, smooth look I love.

  10. McKenzie says:

    Well, I’ll rephrase that…I always get a wash/set and blow dry the roots to get them straight. I just can’t get the same effect when I set my hair and sit under the dryer at home. Comes out with too much volume! I considered the Keratin treatment so that I could manage it at home like I could with a relaxer. Sorry for lenghy commenting. Lol, I could talk about hair all day.

  11. Tonyia says:

    I definitely wouldnt recommend it! I’ve never seen anything damage my hair like the Brazilian blowout.I’ve been au natural all my life with a thick head of curly/wavy hair and every now and then i would flat iron it.I began going to dominican salons for that ‘latino’ look and my hair basically just thinned out.
    Sure for 1 week your hair is looking straight,blowing in the wind and flawless but if you keep doing that after you will realize how much your hair is damaged.It is way too much heat on your hair causing it to break and because of the constant tugging of the brushes at your hair,your hair just ends up falling out.Not worth it! It took me almost yr to recover back the health thickness and texture of my hair and i had to cut my hair because the ends never went back to curly after i washed my hair.

  12. Danielle says:

    @McKenzie LOL–no worries! I could talk and read about hair all day :)

    Yes, the BB or BKT does seem like an easy way to wear straight styles without relaxers but it just seems like so much, ya know? I’d wait until more studies come out or more people share their results after time. I don’t wanna end up looking like when Gina gave Myra a perm without neutralizer (I can also seriously talk about “Martin” episodes all day, too…lol)

  13. bee says:

    GREAT post. Ive been cosidering the keratin treament. Im in DC right now and the salon that does it is new to the treatment so ill pass for now. But I have been natural for 2 yrs and it IS high maintence to wear it curly. I am considering micro braids for winter. Anyone knows any natural ppl that had bad experience with micro braids. Ive never had them while natural. (sorry for digression off subject:)

  14. Kamika says:

    I could’ve sworn when this first became “all the rage” that the manufacturers of the Keratin treatment said it was entirely too heat-intensive for kinkier hair. It was preferably used on Japanese and European hair ONLY. But I’m sure since then (last two years) they’ve modified it to tolerate kinkier hair, since the African-American market is where all hair manufacturers make the most money.

    I don’t know, Keratin is a protein and my hair is extremely protein sensitive. I would think that since kinkier naturals usually need less protein in their hair that this would cause immediate drying and breakage.

  15. Dari says:

    I’m looking at the pictures with the models, and I’m a little confused.
    Is that the end result? The video with the black girl seems like the hair gets pretty straight. Not much curl….

  16. Danielle says:

    @Dari nope–that’s not the end result. The models are there for illustration.

  17. kingsmomma says:

    I’m not sure about the product but what made me most uncomfortable about the video was the stylist. It seemed like she was doing a mannequins head. I was extremely uncomfortable for the girl getting her head done.
    I’d like to see a post post keratin treatment where someone posts pictures of how your hair looks after the treatment wore off.
    Based on the video alone i wouldn’t get it done, her hair didn’t look anything but burnt in the final reveal. She’d better find a new stylist quick. That nape breakage is NOT common breakage. A good stylist shuold be trying to help solve breakage issues, not normalize it.

    @Bee. Braids are fine under certain conditions. 1st while they are low maintenance, you should contain to condition adn moiturize your own hair. For that reason, if you are a natural, you’ll want to make sure the braid finishes past your own hair.
    secondly make sure you communicate to the braider that you don’t want your hairline included in teh braids and you don’t want your hair pulled too tightly. make sure you speak up about that.

  18. alist says:

    kind of sounds like a texturizer, hmmph i wouldnt risk it

  19. Pink says:

    Personally I think this is a stupid idea for black people hair, especially when I seen in the video that you have to flat iron the hair then wash it again? I won’t be trying this.

  20. Andrea says:

    Thank you, thank you and thank you! I think I will skip it! Your site is amazing and keep up the good work! And if anyone stays in the Bay and can recommend a good salon let me know!

  21. jojo says:

    I am soo glad you brought this up. I have considered BKT but after hearing about several horror stories,I have decided to pass on it.I’ll stick to my weekly light protein treatment.This treatment is not for everyone.

  22. SunnySideUp says:

    This is one of the most amazing things ever!! I’m obsessed and don’t know how i’ve ever lived without it

  23. stylistkls says:

    as a stylist, i can say that this treatment is beneficial to black hair. think about getting braided and how much tension and pulling the hair is put through, and then shoving a needle in for a sew-in… this is much less harsh than that and it actually helps temporarily repair the hair. it’ll make hair softer, easier to manage, and stronger. yes, there is a lot of heat involved, but that is because the product needs to be heated at 450 to crystallize the bonds and set the straight look in. it wont make the hair completely straight, but it’ll be easier to comb, blow dry, and straighten. all in all, if done the right way, it is completely worth it.

  24. Daisy says:

    To answer your question, Danielle, no I wouldn’t try this technique. I have relaxed hair, and although I know that relaxers are damaging, this Brazilian blowout seems worse. There’s too much chemicals and heat involved. When I relax my hair I only use indirect heat from a hooded dryer. As I was reading about this process, all I could think about was that Rio product from back in the day. Do you remember how that guy in the informercial even tasted the product, claiming it was natural enough to eat? Not long after, women were suing the company claiming that they had suffered baldness and other damages due to Rio. Albeit pessimistic, I can see Black women saying the same thing about this Brazilian blowout in the future.

  25. Jennifer says:

    As a natural,

    I tried the Keratin treatment. It was ok. I did it for the intention that it would loosen my kinks however the stylist was too rough when it came to flat ironing. I heard my hair making frying and sizzling sounds as it was passed through the flat iron. I would say the heat damaged my hair because I had wavy ends in the middle section of my hand. I ended up getting a ceasar just a few weeks after
    I was considering trying again but I will consider doing much more research. However when my hair grows back out and I want to try a straight hair option I think I will just stick to the old school method and get my hair pressed by a professional!

  26. Braz Fab says:

    Another alternative that’s used by black women here in Brazil is to use Escova Progress (as the Brazilian Blowout is called in Brazil) over relaxed hair.

    It’s a popular myth that all these products use Formaldehyde, and it’s easy to find products which contain absolutely noo dangerous chemicals and are safe enough to use at home with no special training.

    It’s also the case that these Keratin based straighteners DO WORK on black hair and are infinitely preferable to harsher chemical relaxers, even if the results are not as long lasting as traditional relaxing treatments.

    However, what they do is allow you the freedom to let your hair return to a natural state, whereas relaxers just kill of your hair and leave it dead.

    I’m blond myself, but I work in the hair business and know many women with varying intensities of afro hair, who love the Brazilian Blowout, but i guess it’s everybody’s free choice to use what they want.

    Keep up the good work,

  27. Anonymous says:

    RESPONSE TO DANIELLE: Hi Danielle! I am using the treatment for easier managbility. I still have my curls -most def. The treatment allows my 4a hair to look more like 3c hair. I can wash and go with a little bit of ‘Miss Jesies’ products. I dont get blowouts weekly either. Maybe once every 3 weeks. Since I am working out alot I just wash once a week and bun my hair. It allows greater ease in putting my natural hair either in a ponytail/bun or doing an occasional wash and go.
    Have a great week! xoxo

    posted by Danielle
    August 24, 2010 10:32 am

    @Kendra hey, girl–thanks for the comment! Are you using the treatment in lieu of a relaxer or are you still able to retain your curls/kinks?

  28. Danielle says:


    Cool—sound like it’s working very well for you and you’ve found a way to not use so much heat :)

    Enjoy your week as well ;)

  29. matie says:

    That’s great! I’m going to try that brand too. Have you tried Maxliss yet? It’s also a Brazilian keratin and you can combine it with Taip Moroccan products, it’s been great for me!

  30. shine says:

    I ABSOLUTELY love the ksilk keratin straightening!! Got it done a few months ago and my hair still looks amazing! I had thick frizzy curly hair and now all i have to do is shower and let it air dry and the results come out straight and frizz free!! I dont even have to blow dry it or flat iron it anymore, NOTHING just let it air dry. Its incredible and saves so much time. I got it done at HAIR ON THE HUDSON in WESTCHESTER (TARRYTOWN, NY). I deffinitly recommend this place. if anyone is interesteed read more at

  31. Robyn says:

    Hey does anyone know of a spot in Atlanta that does the treatment? (prefer african american stylist)

  32. [...] when we talked about the Brazilian Blowout? I concluded that the treatment which involves using a special straightening solution and a [...]

  33. Lacy says:

    I just got a treatment done by a company called Anevolve. My hair looks and feels amazing. I have never seen my hair this healthy. I can walk in the rain and my hair doesn’t frizz up!!! I have tried other treatments in the past like Global Keratin and Coppola and they don’t compare to this! I love my hair!

  34. [...] Is the Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatment Good for Black Hair? [...]

  35. [...] Is the Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatment Good for Black Hair? [...]

  36. [...] Is the Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatment Good for Black Hair? [...]

  37. [...] Is the Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatment Good for Black Hair? [...]

  38. I LOVE PUGS says:

    Ky Walker @ Kavenchy Spa Salon in Arlington Va does the Anevolve w/Cynectin keratin treatments. Call 703 525 3235
    for an appt. That treatment changed my life. There was no fumes, my hair felt like silk. My curl pattern was looser and bouncier. My frizz is gone and styling my hair has been reduced to a third of the time.
    She is very busy and takes clients by appt only. The process takes under 2 hours and she only books one client at a time so you never wait. Love her

  39. Sexe757 says:

    I officially scared to try this now!! I need more facts. I am a mixed black girl, my hair is like Islander hair “long,soft, wavy and THICK” and I really wanted to try it but nowwwwww. I think I’ll stick with my flat iron :-)

  40. Keratin says:

    I did Keratin treatment to my hairs. My hairs are black. After treatment it looks amazing.

  41. Patrice says:

    Does anyone know where i can get one done in the bay Area, California?

  42. BlownAway says:

    I got a Brazilian Blowout about 2 weeks. My hair has started to thin and shed alot. I am conditioning and caring for it to stop the apparent effects. I need to know if it is a wise idea to get a net sew-in for about 6 weeks? Any advice is appreciated

  43. Sophia says:

    I had the Japanese straightening done (Paul Brown – Hawaiian) and it was wonderful – my hair was straight and shiny – looked like glass hair – I was actually walking in the rain without a single frizz – felt like I was walking on air! It was everything I ever dreamed of having for my hair. So, I waited a full year (July to July) and had it done again at the same place with the same Paul Brown treatment by the same person – and what a disaster! My hair broke off in chunks, and the handfuls of hair just kept coming! The hairdresser was at a loss and when I called and spoke to Paul Brown himself he was an asshole (sorry, but there is no other word to accurately describe him – he actually LAUGHED when I told him about my hair!) He made lots of empty promises and despite a second phone call to follow up after making a call to one of his reps as he advised, I never heard back. All I could think of was Oprah’s similar experience before she found Andre Walker.

    Two years later I decided to try the Brazilian Keratin treatment – had it done at another salon. It really was great – no hair loss, and the hair IS “like baby hair” as they say. She used Marcia Texiera products & I was completely satisfied. But the price meant I wouldn’t be able to go back ($400) for quite a time. So – I purchased Global Keratin’s product (#4 – for African hair) because they emphasized how they DO NOT use formaldehyde. Well, it sure smelled like formaldehyde when I used it (with excellent results though). I called and asked about the formaldehyde smell & was told “Oh there are other aldehydes in it, just not formaldehyde”. Their product does work very well – DO NOT use the high heat titanium flat iron though – much better results with a ceramic coated flatiron if you can get one up to 430 – 450 degrees. You can tell when it is wearing off because rather suddenly one day you will look like your hair is spun from cotton candy. It lasts 3- 6 months, but is really a project to do yourself – it smells a lot so you will definitely need a fan or two and an open window. I practiced on my husband (what a guy) and his hair doubled in length after the treatment. (He looked like Geronimo afterward)

    Next week I am trying a Brazilian-Moroccan Keratin treatment – having it done in NYC – a friend of mine recommended it when I saw her & my jaw dropped – her hair was incredible! She had it done 4 weeks before, and I actually asked her if she had extensions it looked so beautiful.

    I am American Indian and we have hair that is really wild – why do you think we wore braids all the time? Will follow up after the latest chase for that straight, shiny controllable hair & let you know how it works!

    For a really wonderful show, catch Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” – it is one in a million – he is so sincere and so funny on his quest to understand what lies ahead for his two little girls who, as puzzled as he is, he knows will someday join our search party for “good hair”.

  44. Sophia says:

    Just got back from the Brazilian-Moroccan Keratin treatment – & I love it!! My hair is soft, shiny, has body, is not pin-straight, & it only took 1 1/2 hrs. Not much smell – NOTHING compared to the regular Brazilian Keratin treatment. I didn’t have to be taken into a special ventilation room during the blowout and flat-ironing like I did with the first Brazilian Keratin done professionally; my eyes were not tearing and I wasn’t choking from the fumes. And, I can wash it tomorrow if I want.

    I had it done at Prada-Grusel in NYC on 44th between 2nd & 3rd Ave (right by Grand Central) by Ana G. Nice clean salon, and a ladies’ room that is also clean and well maintained – stocked with soap, towels, toilet paper, etc. ( I have a thing about judging restaurants and other places by how they keep the ladies’ room) I definitely will be going back to this place. They have some kind of special for Sundays – $150 instead of the usual $350 for this treatment. They also have a sign posted at the desk offering 2 free if you buy 5 of several services (this treatment was not on the list though) If you are in the NYC area I would highly recommend this place and this treatment.

    Ana first asked me about my hair’s history and she told me the Japanese straightening is just a little bit milder than the sodium hydroxide (lye) relaxers & that is way too rough on your hair. She also told me the reason it was such a disaster the second time could be because the manufacturer may have used cheaper ingredients after the first year, which she said is a common practice (!) Ana also told me they no longer use the Brazilian Blowout because there is formaldehyde in it.

    So, I am happy to report that this adventure was successful and I encourage anyone who has doubts about it to not be afraid and give it a try. My only warning is that having hair this nice is addicting!

  45. DO NOT TRY BKT Or BBlowout!! says:

    I have natural (virgin) VERY curly hair so I’m responding to save us women out there from loosing our hair. Once it’s gone it’s tough to get it back to it’s original healthy state. I’ve grown my hair natural ever since I was born and started wearing it straight for 6yrs now by means of heat styling ONLY (no chems what so ever). I only straighten bc it’s less maintenance this way and I’m not big on styling my hair everyday (I’m lazy).

    My hair was cut short (chin length) when I was 17 and now its pass my shoulders when straightened. I’ve noticed that relaxers/perms are very damaging to hair no matter what ethnicity (my stylist will not allow me to use chems).

    While searching for other ways to maintain my hair I came across the BKT. I don’t want pin str8 hair but it sounded promising in terms of manageability and having less frizz until I read that there is FORMALDEHYDE and flat ironing at 450F. And at the price $400 or more is just plain insanity. I found a few Youtube vids but one stood out.

    In short she tried this and had bad results, she basically did a follow up video explaining what had happened “Life After the BKT”. Granted she is an older woman but she looks pretty healthy and hair looks to be in good condition as well. I have found some articles even by fashion magaizines (Allure) where they have done studies on companies that lie about their new “formaldehyde-free” BKT products.

    So in short spending a fortune while there is a promise of getting cancer from formaldehyde (which actually does the straightening itself-keratin is only added to repair the hair but after ironing it at 450F it’s basically gone). I’m staying away but in the meantime I found another product which sounds safer Anevolve Control 0.

    I’m still doing my research on this new product and still have not seen any negative reviews but I’m still skeptical because only a few salons offer this. If I try it I’ll definitely spread the word. Crossing my fingers this might be something for us curly headed gals!

  46. Anonymous says:

    I had the marci texiera one or however its spelled at my ling time salon. It was nice, lots of body. I was post work 1 year 6 months. My natural hair is wavy. It was beautiful but shedded a lot. I have thick hair so fortunately that doesn’t show. It had me straight for 3 to 4 months. No need to return to the salon because I could wash my hair, it would go back curly just looser but still natural as I recall having as a child. I decided to get a touch up and tried a totally new salon that only used organic products. They have a keratin treatment that I can immediately tell was natural. No chemical smell at all. I didn’t need to sit with a fan for the fumes, it was the real good stuff. They say no aldehydes or any other chemical involved to kill you. I was sold and my hair came out simply amazing. I get compliments everyday, my boyfriend loves it. People wanna know my secret work. Well I don’t have one. It’s just good keratin that goes well with my hair, that has it strong, black shiny and straight. I got a hair cut and my hair still was very long, the previous treatment made my hair grow tremendously even with shedding. It’s weird. I can imagine the length this round with no shedding.

  47. Shirin says:

    I just came across this site, was reading some reviews that surly was not written by an stylist…
    I am a master stylist working in menlo park ca. I have done keratin services for many of my African American clients, Not BRAZILIAN, i have used keratin formaldehyde free on their hair and looked and felt fantastic, no breakage or any other problem.
    What you have to remember is, it is not substatude for relaxer, you have to get your touch up in between.
    Pls don’t let an stylist abuse your hair like the one in the video

  48. Crissy says:

    @ posted by Anonymous
    October 7, 2011 6:44 am

    I am very interested in this organic product, but would also like to do some additional research on my own to see if this can be used on my hair texture. Can you please tell me the name of the product.

  49. Viviask says:

    I’ve been using Cocoa Keratin System and it’s been excellent for my hair, very long lasting and I do it myself. It includes the pre-treatment shampoo, smoothing treatment, daily shampoo and conditioner. It contains protein and argan oil so my hair is moisturised and nourished as well as smoothed, strengthened and softened. An excellent treatment for all hair types!

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