May 18th, 2010
Beauty, Hot or Hmm
Beauty Hot! or Hmm… : The Real Housewives of Atlanta “Dance with the Stars” Event
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

While getting in my daily dose of celeb gossip over at, I spotted pics from the Real Housewives of Atlanta “Dance with the Stars” event that went down this past weekend.

But instead of putting my own 2 cents in as usual, I’m letting you Fashion Bombshells take the wheel.

What do you say? Beauty Hot! or Hmm…?

Don’t forget Sheree’s stylist Lawrence:

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25 Responses to “Beauty Hot! or Hmm… : The Real Housewives of Atlanta “Dance with the Stars” Event”

  1. runaway says:

    heree and hehe look like runaway trannies.

  2. Stop says:

    *dead* at heree. You know you wrong for that one!

  3. Bre says:

    Lawrence does the most.

    I love NeNe’s hair, but that makeup makes her look terrible.

  4. 5ive says:

    I’m too distracted by NeNe’s new pinched nose to pay attention to anything else… #lesigh

  5. Anonymous says:

    I CAN’T. Smh

  6. Daphne says:

    I cannot and I will not.

  7. AD says:

    Nene. Girl. For real. For REAL?

  8. Shanitahz says:

    NeNe noooooooooooooo! That shnozz is one for the booksies! “How dreadful…” LOL

  9. Joanne says:

    NeNe….you are truly doing the most my dear and I don’t like it #loudhmmmm

    Sheree looks like a tame lion here but I still think she is hawt, she has a horrible attitude is all #hmmmm

    The new model housewife looks nice #hot

    Lawrence….uh, speechless #hmmm

  10. Rhi says:

    It might just be me, but I would rock the hell out of that outfit that Lawrence has on! He gets two and a circle from me lol! Last but not least: NeNe, please take a seat. Looking like the ghost of christmas past worked on yo nose!

  11. Rhi says:

    *typo* I meant to say two snaps and a circle lol. One more thing, did tht heffa not have a consultation with whoever did her nose job, and she thought tht ish looked good? SMH

  12. sun.kissed says:

    LOL at Heree and HeHe, too funny! They do look a mess, the new housewife is pretty, but needs a new hair style. Lawrence is outdoing all of them, maybe he should become their stylist.

  13. Anonymous says:

    @ Rhi: I too would wear Lawrence’s outfit…and so would most women. That is the problem…that LAWRENCE is wearing an outfit many WOMEN would wear. Smh

  14. fcb247 says:

    Ewwwww. Why did NeNe do that to herself. She must have went to Dwight’s plastic surgeon.

    I know she hates her face now. I would be so upset and depressed if I did that to myself, especially because there’s no turning back. God created man in his own image…leave your face alone.

  15. mikele says:

    Ok fcb247?! I was gonna say Nene looks just like Dwight now!? ‘Dreadful’

  16. Kim says:

    Sorry but I love Lawrence..most of the housewives styles are uggg..did i say most..i think i meant all..yea

  17. merk says:

    his outfit looks better than nene’s nose african american women have no need to go under the knife smh

  18. sha says:

    NeNe I’m disappointed in u….what happened to ur realness??? Oh I know, it was lost after season 1…smh Funny how fame n fortune can change a person, get it together girl.

  19. TheMisses says:

    ummm…are we sure that’s nene??? no two cents to input on this one!

  20. L says:

    NeNe looks sharp! Lawrence’s outfit would be bangin’ on a model 5ft 9in tall!!!

  21. That boy looks a hot mess.

  22. Empress says:

    SMH*……O lord.

  23. wallflower says:

    I haven’t watched the show in a while, but when I saw that first picture I said “hmmmm… who’s the new housewife, she’s decent looking”

    Then I realized it was Nene with a new nose and I’m *smh*

  24. kayrock says:

    new nose…. smh……i hope she filled in that missing tooth too.
    Lawrence is FAB!!!!
    Nice pic of former model Cynthia Bailey… I hope she does RHOA some justice

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