April 14th, 2010
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Beauty Hot! or Hmm…: The Death at a Funeral Premiere
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Greetings gorgeous ones! Danielle here with yet another Beauty Hot! or Hmm…

The premiere for Death at a Funeral, the hilarious-looking comedy starring Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, Tracy Morgan, Zoe Saldana, Regina Hall, Danny Glover—ok so like an eighth of Black Hollywood–went down Monday night. I’m looking forward to catching this movie this weekend because the laughs (omg—Chris Rock and Martin AND Tracy Morgan in the same movie?) and the movie theatre snacks I can taste already are sure to show me a good time.

But did the hair and makeup worn by the leading ladies at the premiere do the same? Let’s check it out.

Zoe Saldana has been in like 300 movies this year, but I’m not mad—get those checks, girl. That’s probably why every time we see her, she just glows. Her messy side twist is very Spring 2010 and her blush and gloss work well with her skin tone. But what’s that gold stuff in her eyebrows? Did someone pick up the wrong shade of MAC Brow Set?

I. Love. Regina Hall. Would love to see her in more movies–she’s funny and super cute. In fact her super cuteness looks best in simple pretty makeup. The winged out shadow feels like it’s competing with the soft curves of her face. I also wish the hair was slicked back better. Hmm… But still a gorgeous chick.

Actress Angell Conwell was also spotted at the premiere with super sleek hair, on-point brows, and simple, yet pretty makeup. Hot!

Tamala Jones is another gorgeous actress. She always looks so youthful which is why I’m a bit shocked at why such thick foundation was applied to her face. It ages her and makes her skin look very dry. Some flax seed oil and an airbrush machine would have made her closer to a Hot!

Vanessa Williams—-why? This two-toned Remy Ma approved wig is so not cool. What happened to your gorgeous locs or short twists? I’m saddened. Hmm…

There are very, very few times when Crunk N’ B sensation Ciara looks bad. This of course isn’t one of those times. C’s skin looks great. I love the pink gloss and blush on her. But the hair is a bit Hmm…-ish.

O-M-G…..my monitor’s settings must need to be adjusted because I KNOW Loretta Devine is not wearing BLUE eyeshadow with BLUE earrings and a BLUE top. Say it ain’t so. Please tell me one of those things are green or something. And is that a stain on her blouse? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…..

What do you think of the starlets’ looks? And will you be heading out to see Death at a Funeral this weekend?


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13 Responses to “Beauty Hot! or Hmm…: The Death at a Funeral Premiere”

  1. whit says:

    eck. everyone looks thrown together.

  2. LoudPen says:

    Ohmigod, the commentary on Loretta is exactly what I was thinking. Her outfit is no bueno. The only one I give a thumbs up to is Zoe and I still don’t like the eyebrows either.

  3. sun.kissed says:

    Zoe looks tired and sweated out. Loves Regina Hall’s look. EVERYONE else gets a strong hmmm!

  4. Leigh says:

    Zoe + Ciara= HAWT

    everyone else HMMM! + Loretta Devine= HOT MESS :( sad

  5. Vee says:

    I’m not sure if I like any of these looks…the only one that was cute was Ciara…geez! I hope the excuse is that they styled and dressed themselves…

  6. hypnotic says:

    i really disagree with the comments on Regina Hall she’s gorgeous and ageless. I think she did take a risk with the eyeshadow and it worked, it’s not over done and the rest of her makeup is applied beautifully. I would say the others look like they did their makeup at home in a dimly lit bathroom. Except Zoe who shows that no amount of good makeup can take the place of sleep.

  7. Brandi says:

    everyone looks crazy. i would say regina and zoe look the most presentable, though.

  8. TiP says:

    I will have to respectfully disagree. Regina is my fave! The eye makeup plays on the whole futuristic look of her outfit. You can have fun with make up too, without it going to far. With Zoe’s looks it looks like higlighter or bronzer fell in the wrong place, a mistake a makeup artist should have corrected but its not enough to give it a hmmm, I like it. The rest I agree with!

  9. TheMisses says:

    Zoe – I usually stan her but she looks a bit tired
    Regina – hmmm..i would say pretty look but the brows and the pointed shadow is throwin me off
    Angell – Bad angle maybe…
    Tamala – She does usually look youthful, First thought was that she’s starting to show her age
    Vanessa – I detest bad wigs
    Ciara- Gorgeous!!! Get it Girl!
    Loretta – made me chuckle on the inside #thatsall

  10. Zee says:

    I agree w/ Whit that everyone looks thrown together.
    Ms. Devine looks like Wesley Snipes in To Wong Foo… *kanyeshrug*

  11. AD says:

    I love most of these actresses, especially Tamala. But geez louise, L’s all around, fashion-wise. They’re still all extremely talented, but not looking good here. At. All. Hurts my heart.

  12. Nell says:

    I just read this post — Vanessa Williams got rid of the locks years ago. She is not wearing a wig. She used the treatment to transform her locks into sleek hair…thin hair, but definitely sleek.

  13. Valuable information! Looking forward to seeing your post

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