April 1st, 2010
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Hot! or Hmm…: Meagan Good’s Short ‘Do and Makeup
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Hellooo, Fashion Bombers!

It’s Danielle reporting on our girl Meagan Good’s makeup and new short haircut.

While getting the latest celebrity scoop over at TheYBF.com, I spotted some pics of actress Meagan Good leaving Trousdale nightclub in L.A. Her haircut looks hot, but upon further inspection and research (ok, all I did was google her) I found out Ms. Good has been rocking this cut since at least January (as evidenced in the pic above taken at an InStyle/Glee party).

I love that this cut isn’t completely reminiscent of other brown girl celebs and it’s cool although the back could be touched up a bit with some scissors. All the while it’s still a cute look and the honey-toned highlights are perfect for her warm skin.

But as much as I LOVE makeup, can’t say I can co-sign on how much of it Meagan has on most of the time she’s photographed. I would love to see her in a scrubbed fresh-face look every now and then. The too-manicured brows, satin-finish foundation, and too-precise eye makeup age the young star. Whoever is doing her makeup definitely does an immaculate job, but it’s too perfect. When you have great skin (which it appears Meagan has even under all the makeup) you have to be careful with foundation finishes otherwise your skin could have a very waxy appearance. I’d love to see her with a more natural finish, some smudged eye makeup, and a little bit less gloss on her lips. The bright lip colors are definitely hot though.

What do you think of Meagan’s hair and makeup?


Source: The YBF

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28 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm…: Meagan Good’s Short ‘Do and Makeup”

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  2. Donnica says:

    Now I don’t know about that makeup, but I’m loving the cut!! Good for her to let go of all that “Hair”.

    I’m just glad to see her out of those zebra pumps she wore all last year! LOL!!

  3. Alissa says:

    I htink it looks cute. Nice and simple. I think 2009 was the year of the short hair and it looks like it will be the same for 2010.

  4. Chink says:

    Ehhh…I like the cut but I dont like the MAGNETIC bright pink lipstick…see what I did there? That reminds me of that lipstick. Too standoutish. Love her skin though. P.S. I hate her style..all of it

  5. I’m not a big fan of the hair cut. I’ve seen a few pics of her with the new “do” and I don’t think it is the most flattering short cut she could have chosen. (maybe it is the way she is styling it) She is beautiful, so it doesn’t look horrible, just not the right choice IMO. I love the color on her though.

  6. Yo, if you take the first pic and place it next to a pic of Heath Ledger as the Joker they look almost the same. The hair is fine but the makeup fails and fails bad!

  7. Brandi says:

    love the hair!

  8. risha says:

    I love her makeup I like that I’m done look on her. I think if you have great skin you can play up your make up more. I need to know WHO MAKES HER BOOTS! I know their reasonable since she has practical style.

  9. Lish says:

    Hey Danielle do you have any idea what brand and color is that pink lippy?? I love it!

  10. Danielle says:

    Hey Lish!

    You can get a hot pink look with MAC Lipstick in Girl About Town and add some clear lip gloss on top if you want more drama (although the lipstick on its own packs plenty o’drama…lol)

  11. Tiffany W says:

    It just seems too generic, her eyebrows are too “drawn” Not feeling it.

  12. peezy says:

    I agree that i would love to see her makeup changed…Her wax on eyebrows are to perfect! And as for who does her makeup, its quite obvious she does!!! LOL i doubt Meagan has enough money to buy different clothes other than the “uniform” she is always photgraphed wearing…At the end of the day she is a pretty girl, just needs some fashion help!

  13. themisses says:

    I like her makeup minus the brows. The cut is cute but a little “average chickish” to me…but it works on her. Go Megan

  14. Cherokee says:

    For me there is nothing ever Good about Megan. I think she does her own makeup or maybe a friend does it because she looks like this all the time and I don’t think she can afford to pay a makeup artist. Not to be funny, but for the last year or so (maybe longer) I have seen Megan wear this outfit all seasons. Seriously the shorts, boots, shirt and the jacket. That leather jacket must have sentimental value because she owns no other jacket period other than this. At least I have never seen her in anything else.

    As for makeup, eyes and lips are competing. The highlights matches her skintone so there is no wow factor. I think the hairstyle ages her. Not the cut the style. Oh well. Such a shame because she is a pretty lady.

  15. Taylor says:

    I actually love her makeup. I don’t like makeup that looks like it’s been on all day. I like “perfect” makeup. I think her cut is nice and her makeup is cute. Down played eyes and a bright lip. Let us remember that most brown girls are afraid of makeup, especially colorful makeup. If she had on the exact same makeup but was sporting the infamous ghetto girl MAC lipglass in “Oh Baby” no one would be saying anything. It’s 2010, stop being afraid of makeup, it’s such a Black girl stereotype.

  16. Carmen says:

    Her eyebrows have the permanent “surprised” look going on. Thick defined brows would soften her look. It looks like her nose was contoured which she doesn’t need to have done. The hair cut is flattering. I think she looks better with short hair.

  17. Fabohair says:

    I think she’d look fab with a slightly longer bob. At least that way she wouldn’t look like yet another person jumping on the short edgy hair cut bandwagon. Her skin is to die for.

  18. Lish says:

    Thanks Danielle for responding and I already have MAC’s G.A.T…*Two snaps lol.

  19. tiymariah says:

    the cut and the nake up is all that i’ll be looking like her this year *

  20. tiymariah says:

    yall some haters , i love the cut megan goode , smh at all the haters , stop hating

  21. Anonymous says:

    she looks beautiful haters

  22. Shalise says:

    She’s always on point! The lipstick looks like Macs Candy Yum Yum.

  23. Shari says:

    Only 2-3 positive comments… Shame
    Megan Good is beautiful! The color is an awesome compliments her skin tone well. The first pic is gorgeous …. Some of you will probably attempt this although you are hating, I’ve seen it 1 million times. What type outfits do you wear to the club haters? Really it’s just not that serious stop the hating

  24. MsChica says:

    I think Megan looks GOOD! Its amazing how some people are such haters. They pump you up then kick you at the ankles to watch you fall.

  25. Amanda says:

    Megan Good looks Awesome ! I really LOVE the new look : )

  26. Cassandra says:

    Megan Good luks awesome … Her mkeup compliments her skin tone… Itz gonna alwyz b haters Megan so who cares wht ppl hav 2 say on dis blog… I thnk ur mkeup & new hair cut luk great… Do wht u do bst, sty lukn gud & keepn d hatets tlkn… Smuchess

  27. Amari says:

    ilove her & her hair & her make up im soooo ocopying her lol she’s beautiful <3

  28. Zoe-Lynn says:

    I Am Absolutely Getting This HairStyle! I Love It…. but Has anyone noticed the Hole in her tights??? I still Love Her!

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