February 26th, 2010
Black History Month, Fashion, Men's style
Black History Fashion Trend: Sagging Pants
By Claire

Guys, we’ve all heard it before.  From parents, grandparents, teachers, and aunts and uncles.  “Pull up your pants!”

Sagging, which originated in US prisons due to oversized uniforms and the banning of belts to prevent suicide and other violent acts, somehow parlayed itself into mainstream attire.  Catapulted by hip-hop artists in the 90′s, it set the stage for both a cultural and fashion movement.

A few lawmakers weren’t too keen on the idea.  Since 2007, in a few states, sagging was placed under their indecent exposure ordinances and was cited as a violation of some schools’ dress codes.

While most of us can agree that the colors and patterns of your underwear should be kept private, isn’t fashion supposed to be an expression of what we think and how we feel through what we wear?  This slightly frivolous debate is indeed a Catch 22, as there are more grave dilemmas to distress over in this world.  Sagging definitely isn’t one of them.

And for those of you with inquiring minds, here’s a little how-to on how to sag your pants.

What’s your take on the topic?

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10 Responses to “Black History Fashion Trend: Sagging Pants”

  1. sun.kissed says:

    Back when you could see most of Weezy’s face.

  2. Jem says:

    This is one trend that I would like to make “history.”

  3. Star-Baby says:

    Sorry but its 2010. Guys should’ve been off sagging years ago. Now its only worst with people like the New Boyz and Weezy sagging skinny jeans! You can’t do both, pick a lane! I thought that was the point of some urban brands like Sean John designing jeans for men with lower crotch areas…to give you the look and feel without your pants actually showing your ass. Time to step it up please.

  4. I have asked this question on many platforms and will again address it here. Why is it considered indecent to show “underwear” by sagging but skinny jeans showing a mans whole package outline in front of my kid is okay? Picking on sagging is stereotyping a culture while others dress way worse. Brittany Spears steps out of a car with no underpants on and the picture goes around the globe and her popularity soars. Some guys wear their jeans a little low around their home towns, and they are now told they are breaking the law? Cmon Son! Either talk about the problems with all fashion or don’t talk about any. Either we see fashion as a cultural expression across the globe in every walk of life, or we see it as something that needs to change but you can’t do it by picking on one fashion practice from one culture. Whats next anyone who owns a white t-shirt is a gang member?

  5. marquis says:

    mannn i agree with Urban Clothing Guy like its okay for women 2 wear tight skirts dat shows pratically all der azz with no underpants n see der couchie but its not okay even if u c a lil boxer i mean if u dnt wana luk like poindexter ur boxers r going 2 show a lil regardless i mean der are far more bigger issues like our devil for pres obama

  6. Heather says:

    I personally don’t care for any fashion in which I can see someone’s underpants. I think it’s rather crude.. but I also could care less how people choose to dress and act. I do wonder if fashions that come directly from gang culture and prison culture are detrimental to our youth, but I can’t presume to know.. but regardless I think that all schools should have uniforms. I used to be behind letting kids express themselves in school.. and it kind of goes against my gut feeling (truthiness as colbert would call it), but studies show that uniforms help raise grades and lower bullying. It helps students focus.. so of course I have to get behind what’s best for the kids. And, of course, since they’re free to express themselves and their personalities and styles away from school they can still thrive in their own uniqueness.

  7. Anonymous says:

    White history month!!!

  8. Mike says:

    I’m surprised kids today still think this is cool, this is a style that has been around since what like 1991? That’s over 20 years ago, wouldn’t they think this is too old school a fashion that their parents started in the 90s or something?

  9. Tyrone Shues says:

    Leave to the blacks to start & follow a trend that makes it HARDER to run from the police!!! LMAO Stupid NACA’s

  10. Shawn Boday says:

    The question is why stupid fashion trends keep happening in that community. Since blacks started being more assertive in the ’60s it’s been a non-stop horror show, something new every decade. To whit:
    ’60s – Kente cloth at inappropriate times
    ’70s – comb left in the hair
    ’80s – shower caps (maybe the worst?)
    ’90s – baseball cap abuse
    ’00s – sagging pants

    So…what do we have to look forward to this decade? Maybe I can help with something really cringe-worthy and save someone the effort. Oh, how about braiding your armpit hair into corn rows? Very traditional.

    What I will never understand is how making a joke of yourself increases self esteem and makes you value your culture more.

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