January 15th, 2010
Alicia Keys, Celebrity Style, Hot or Hmm
Hot! or Hmm… : Alicia Keys at a photocall for “The Element of Freedom” in Japan
By Claire

The talented Alicia Keys has danced on and off our hot list this year, stunting at certain points in Grecian asymmetrical gowns, and making us go hmm at the turn of a heel with occasionally questionable shoe choices.

This time around, Alicia popped into Japan for a photocall for her album, “The Element of Freedom” in a strapless leather cocktail worn with a long gray cardigan and multi-layered silver necklaces. To match, she chose black opaque stockings and platform sparkly silver glitter pumps.

Love the outfit, but the shoes? Hmm…

What do you think?


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28 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm… : Alicia Keys at a photocall for “The Element of Freedom” in Japan”

  1. Two thumbs down for the shoes. I really think Alicia needs a stylist. Most times, she looks off.

  2. t says:

    i don’t like the shoes, but i could deal with them more if they were dressed down,,,with a pair of skinny of boot cut jeans, a cute tee and a motorcycle jacket

  3. Daphne says:

    This whole outfit is a miss.

  4. Tcarlton says:

    Alicia is always a hit or miss…this is a miss-take! She needs a stylist who understands that she has thick legs so that means she should not wear heavy shoes! Well heavy clunky shoes… I don’t like this…. But she does have one of the best albums of 2009 most def!!

  5. Godiva says:

    the shoes with this outfit…saddens me

  6. Shanitahz says:

    Those shooooooooooes! Why Alicia?! An ensmeble as SAFE as this one should have never been paired with pumps so RISQUE. I am officially throwing Ms. Keys in the Hmmm Hall of Fame…along with her fashionally challenged comrades Kelly Rowland and Jennifer Hudson. But on a lighter note: Them girls can saaaaang! Byez!

  7. Susy says:

    I can’t remember an outfit of hers that I’ve liked. It’s been such a long time since she’s looked really chic. She’s always just a bit off. New stylist STAT!

  8. Jasmyne says:

    I don’t really like the outfit at all. I don’t think the cardigan goes with the leather dress. All she needed to do was take away the cardigan, tights, and paired the dress with a simple black pump instead of those sparkly ones and she would have been fabulous!

  9. I totally love the Pat Field shoes just not with the rest of what she has on. Alicia needs loads of help when it comes to her style… Sorry but this is a MISS!!!

  10. Oh I forgot… fashiionmakeslove.blogspot.com : D

  11. Anonymous says:

    definitely a hmm

  12. Jac♥ says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    I believe the heals are patricia fields pumps and I think they are so flossy

  14. Anonymous says:

    the outfit doesn’t go with the heals but the heals I think is the cutest thing outta the whole wardrobe those patricia fields pumps are flawless they are supper flossy I just did a post about those on my blog couple days ago !

  15. endESQ says:

    If AK has a personal stylist, s/he needs to be FIRED immediately. If AK doesn’t have a stylist, won’t somebody…anybody PLEASE help her. This entire outfit is a train wreck. She has entirely too many ‘misses’ to be a person who lives a life in the spotlight. Terrible.

  16. Star says:

    at first glance it looks hot….but then when you look closely you can see that its a littke hmm..maybe even oops!

  17. Afrika says:

    Definitely a hmmm for me. Something about Alicia Keys has been looking “off” this past year. Who leather dress does not flatter her figure and her mid section looks very awkward. The combination of leather and those type of shoes (plus the stockings or leggings or whatever) has left me ???????????? Not feeling this. A. Keys, go home and try again. You can do better than this.

  18. Afrika says:

    *that leather dress does not*

    sorry for the typo

  19. Noelle says:

    Those shoes are hideous…she needs a stylist.

  20. MyraMyra says:

    My problem with Alicia is consistency. There have been times where she as worn some very cute pieces. But more often than not, she just misses. It’s either a wrong color, cut or something. It’s like she’s trying to be different but it just comes out wrong.

  21. I think I am bias. The shoes may be ugly but I love her so much that I don’t care I feel lke Franklin from my wife and kids, and she’s my Katie.

  22. sun.kissed says:

    Hmmm…Hall of Fame is right. She look’s like a confused mess. That cardigan is too casual for that leather mini and those stockings look a mess not to mention those disco ball shoes…where did she think she was going?

  23. Golden says:

    Alicia hates her legs. Why does she always do this to them?

    And the dress just doesn’t do her any favors. Maybe she is pro-no bra, but keeps messing with her proportions in a bad way.

    She just needs to put on a nice drapey black dress. Take off those tights. Put those shoes on, and we’d be good. Right now, this is all over the place.

    Such a pretty girl and such a great voice, but even Alicia needs help.

  24. Wanni says:

    nuthn goes with eachother I agree with everyon else a miss-take

  25. I love this chik but its a def hmm from me

  26. Kee says:

    I could have dealt with it more if she would have left the tights out of the equation. Alicia’s style is getting better but I agree, a stylist would definitely be an asset to her career.

  27. I just can’t understand why she never looks professionally styled… she would have done better with jeans, a wifebeater, and pumps. She is so talented, just not so much with the clothing sometimes.

  28. Kae-Toia says:


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