July 14th, 2009
Fashion Bomb 101
Lloyd Boston : Tips on Dressing Your Age
By Claire

Hey Bombshells!

No matter your age, there are unspoken fashion rules dictating the appropriate way to dress.

While a mature woman should steer clear of tube tops, catsuits, and shiny fabrics, the younger set has to ensure their wardrobe skews bold (not boring).

Today we spoke to stylist extraordinaire and Fashion Bomb friend Lloyd Boston to give us a few tips on Dressing Your Age. You tell us if you agree!

First tip:

1. Dress your age, not your size:

Wendy Williams Dressing Age

Radio Queen Wendy Williams attended her talk show launch last night in a revealing, trendy Herve Leger Bandage Dress. While the style might be cool for Cassie, Rihanna, and Keyshia, Wendy is in a different league and generation. In situations like these, Boston says, “For older women, it’s best to focus on classic pieces that work for your body type and opt for the newest handbag or shoe instead. If a trend doesn’t work for you, let it go (not to worry – it will be gone soon enough!).” Rachel is a great example of how a classic look can still look chic on the red carpet:


2. Make sure the fabric quality matches your wisdom and life experience:


Former beauty queen Vanessa Wiliams opted for an iridescent catsuit for her album listening party–eek! Boston says, “For mature women, less is more! Add touches of shiny fabrics (like patent leather) to your outfit to stay modern.” Oprah does a smash up job, wearing a long skirt in glossy leather:


3. Dress by fit, not by size:

Queen Latifah American Music Awards

Queen Latifah normally knows how to dress for her body type, but the dress she chose for the American Music Awards was a tad snug. The key to timeless style, no matter your age, is to buy clothes that fit. Boston says, “Don’t get hung up on the size. If the size 10 fits better than the 8, get it!” Vivica Fox’s suit is a great example of a flattering fit:

Vivica Fox White Suit

4.Don’t get hung up on comfort:


Loose fitting outfits, like the one Jennifer Hudson chose to wear for the Today show, actually make you look older, not younger. “Walking around in baggy clothes all the time will take its toll on you, and the impression you make on others,” says Boston. Younger women should stick to the timeless fit rule, as Jennifer Hudson shows here in a figure flattering, skin skimming black dress:


5. Lastly, we have: Don’t always play it safe


While Gabby shows that black is a very versatile color, “taking the safe route can add years to your look,” says Boston. Stick to classics, but also opt for a cute haircut, statement jewelry, or bomb shoes. Boston says, “Make at least ONE area of your look register as a bit unsafe.  Just add a wink of it now. It goes a long way…


Great tips!

Do you guys have anything to add?

Image Source

Thanks to Adriana for reporting!

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8 Responses to “Lloyd Boston : Tips on Dressing Your Age”

  1. Donna says:

    I’m going to have to disagree with this post. I don’t feel that this was so much about dressing your age as it was just plain ole fashion no no’s.

    Maybe I’m being bias because I’m a fan of Wendy, but I think she looks great.

    Now I will admit in those particular photos Queen, Jennifer Hudson, and Vanessa made a bad fashion choice. But I’d also like to add that Vivica has def been seen in an Herve Leger dress a few times.

    But my point is although I’m only 23 and I have some ways to go before I fall under the category of a mature woman, I don’t like this idea of having to “dress your age”. If you still got it at 40 then DO You!. Now, I mean still in a nice classy way–not the women who you see on the talk shows embarrassing their kids–

    I guess I’m afraid of getting older and it makes me even more afraid that I will have to dress a certain way too!!When your outside of work then DO YOU! Classy and SEXY of course!

  2. Fatimah says:

    I must agree with this post, too often women try trends and only end up aging themselves in the meantime. I think we should look at age not as a looming, scary thing but as a natural progression. In order to accomplish we must experience and age facilitates that!

  3. Stacked says:

    I like Lloyd and I to some extent I even agree; but, what is life if you don’t take a risk? And in this case when I say risk, I am talking about “style” as versus fashion.

    Wendy, took a risk and put her “style” and her other “goodies” on display.

    I will say the dress is too revealing for the event (at the “club”, she would be fine).

    But in the end, she displayed her “style” as versus that of a “stylist”.

    Give it up for the risk taker, for they push the envelope!

  4. Kim says:

    Off topic for a sec: I’m noticing this hump hair trend. Beyonce has been doing it alot lately. I see that Queen && Vanessa Williams are rocking the new-do. I must say that they are doing it well. Not sure how long it will last, (prob not long).

    Now, onto the looks.

    Keisha: I’m very surprised. This look is almost a no-go. Soley because she is so petite, she’s almost swallowed by the dress. Overall though, one of her best looks to date. Geesh, she has had bad days with styling. (2009 BET Awards)

    Gabby: Very motherly-like! She can do better. The shoes have to go! I’m sure she was trying to dress for the ocassion but cmooonnnn.

    Jenifer: Oh noooooo. The hammer time pants are in, yes. But they do not work for everyone. They kind-of favor diapers or mens breifs!

    Vivica && Rachel: Amazing! The colors and fits are perfect! That coral that Rachel is wearing is the in-color for this season!

    Queen: Can we say? seran wrap!? Geesh..horrible advice there on fit! The gathering is supposed to help..and it does nothing! I cant tell if that’s supposed to be gathering in the mid-section or if the dress is just way too small! && that’s not good!

    Windy! NO NO NO! Too much boobage. Trying to be way more youthful than necessary.

  5. Tiffany says:

    I agree mostly with the post, but I will say that Jennifer’s style took a turn for the worse with the “hammer” pants, but then again she is trying to hide a pregnancy here people!

    I think mostly what bothers me with “dress your age” argument is that their typically is a lack of color. I think that color adds so much “style” to a fashionable outfit without dating you. I’d love to see an update to this article with information about color palates and how they reflect maturity.

  6. Liz says:

    I totally agree with the 1st. post from above. Age should not be restriction on how you dress, whether you can ‘work the look’ or is the frock appropriate for the occasion should guide you choice. Women, especially black women, are harshly judge on body appearance, style and dress choice. I believe that most of these ‘restrictions’ are just friggin crap placed on us. They hamper women’s spirit and body confidence. I’m sooooo tired of women hating fashion nazis (and various other HATERS) beating up women up. THEY SHOULD LOOK THEIR OWN TIRED ASS SELVES IF THEY NEED SOMEONE TO WORK ON. I’m a young woman of 25 and I’m completely looking forward to looking as good as Wendy when I get older. Just look at how messed up ‘society’ wanted women over 30 to look like about 30 years ago. Humph!

  7. Septembre says:

    While I agree with many of the fashion don’ts I don’t wholly agree with the fashion do’s.

    More often than not women don’t wear what looks good on them but instead opt for something that is trendy.

    Wendy Williams is a prime example. I don’t think she looks horrible because of her age. I think she looks horrible because she chose trashy instead of classy. Her cup runneth over way too much to be wearing a dress like that.

    Fashion is also about having fun and expressing yourself. All of the women featured, no matter their age or size, are beautiful women and just because you’re older or bigger doesn’t mean that sexy is out of your league (or that you have to start wearing frumpy floor-length skirts).

  8. nichelle says:

    i dont agree with lloyd at all. Im not a big fan of the show but wendy williams look fierce and so did gabrielle union (which he said was being safe). you should dress according to your PERSONALITY not age. clothes do not have an age limit on the tag. Do You!!

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