December 19th, 2007
Best of 2007, Beyonce, Genevieve Jones, Rihanna
Best of 2007: Fashionista Extraordinaire
By Claire


So when I was thinking of who should be The Fashion Bomb’s pick for Fashionista Extraordinaire 2007 (aka the Diva with the Flyest Style), I knew there were a lot of contenders.
Would it be Beyonce, whose name makes it to Mail Bombs almost every week….


….with style scouts yearning to duplicate her look?

Kerry Washington….
…who seems to live on the party circuit with a bevy of hot frocks in her quiver?
Or someone a little bit subdued, like socialite Genevieve Jones…
….who makes it to all the see-and-be-seen events, but tends to escape your typical gossip blogs?
After some serious thought, and looking at who you guys request the absolute *most* for Mail Bombs, I must say that this years Fashionista Extraordinaire is….
Yep it is. Why?
This Caribbean Queen has been working everything from glamazon frocks…
…to more casual yet super cute sweater dresses…
…and the hottest winter coats…
…with undeniable style since the beginning of the year.
She truly mixes it up and manages to do it all, from rocker chic….
…to more classic items with a twist….

…while looking absolutely flawless.
While she might shop straight off the runway on some occasions in favorites like Gucci and Zac Posen…
…in other situations, you can tell that she takes the stylistic reins and works it out on her own.
Also, the true test of an Uber Fashionista: Style doesn’t even stop…
…with a boot on her foot.
So Kudos to you, Rihanna…
…for rocking it out Fashion Bomb style for the ’07.
Do you agree?
Fashion, News, and What Nots
*I leave on a jet plane tonight for Atlanta. I’m bringing my black lappy, and will try to update, but…no promises!
*Mary J. Blige and Patti Labelle don’t care a stitch about Peta, do they?
…they rocked floor length furs at Mary’s album release party last night in NYC.
I’ll confess: I’m looking to rock a cute, short fur for New Years and My Birthday (Mark your calendars, January 12th!). But I’m thinking of getting something vintage…somehow a used fur seems more ethical? Or perhaps I’m delusional…
*Calling All Designers!
The Uptown Emerging Designers Market (UEDM) is a monthly market that will take place at the Hip Hop Culture Center in Harlem starting in February 2008. The UEDM will allow up-and-coming designers a fun and profitable environment to display their talents and sell their creations to the general public. Whether you’re a designer of clothing, jewelry, bags, interior decor or more, the UEDM offers you a unique opportunity to showcase your designs! In addition to a selection of exclusive clothing & accessories, the UEDM will include great music, cocktails, and an engaging exhibit provided by the Hip Hop Culture Center.
For more information about vending opportunities or to be added to the UEDM mailing list, please contact .
*Deal of the Day:
Frye Sunny Pleated Short Boots, $124,
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28 Responses to “Best of 2007: Fashionista Extraordinaire”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree…Rhi has really stepped her game up this year!


  2. tracyubad says:

    I totally agree also, she did the damn thing this year.

  3. Anonymous says:

    good choice!!

  4. KiinKee says:

    I Second the Motion… Her style seem so effortless!

  5. NAT! says:

    Hi Claire Please could you help me out and let me know where Rhianna’s bustier top with the green trimming is from( she is wearing high-waisted jeans and a wooly hat in the picture you posted on your blog!) Its gorgeous and I have to have it! So please please could you see if you can find it!

    A dedicated London, UK fan of your blogs!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree! Great choice! Great post :)

  7. Anonymous says:

    I agree w/ all of the nominees… Rhi conquers ALL of the lastest styles… Good choice.

  8. Nikyatu. says:

    YES! I see it, and im glad others do too. She’s very unique (her team, her whomever) someone is doing a good job with her image.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I guess I’m the only one sad with the choice! I remember when Claire profiled Rihanna, tons of folks commented on if it was truly “style” or a really good stylist. To me she is simply trendy and likely has a good stylist. Boo!

  10. Gabster says:

    I thought that was the most accurate style description ever LOL Ri Ri’s style game has been on point she has looked flawless all year and I have really been pleased so good choice!!

  11. Elle Woods says:

    so what if she has a good stylist? at the end of the day she is the one rocking the outfits and looking damn good in em.
    Good choice Claire.

  12. Genene says:

    I totally cosign. Rihanna’s style is flawless! Stylist or not, she rocks the hell out of her clothes!

  13. Anonymous says:

    My vote goes to Rhianna. What she lacks in vocal capability she makes up for in fashion savvy. I love almost everything she wears. And if i don’t love it i still respect her fashion point of view. She is the young fashionista to end all others.

  14. niesha says:

    I agree with your choice. Rhi Rhi is FABULOUS an people need to stop sleeping on her style game.

    Thanks for peeping game!

  15. DEEZEE says:

    Yeah Rihanna step her style game up because she swagger jacked Fefe Dobson for it. Other than that the girl is on point with her style game.

  16. kirah says:

    Definitelu agree with your pick Claire. She has abeen my biggest inspiration this year. The other “nominees” were great too.

  17. LexyB says:

    Yes yes yes!!! She is only 19 and makes grown women want to step it up!!

  18. MissLolaVita [] says:

    Rihanna has UPGRADED her STATUS to ITGIRL baby, and WE LOVE IT!

  19. fashiontherightway says:

    ahhhh I must live on another planet rihanna style is ok its not the best.. her look is how can I put this without being harsh BORING.. I love Genevieve’s look(I’m into uniqueness) and Beyonce has never convinced me in the style category ha but I see I’m all alone on this one

  20. says:

    Agreed. Rihanna takes chances with her style and has fun. Yes sometimes it doesn’t work, but when it does, she nails it.

  21. says:

    absolutely love rihanna’s style … she definitely deserves the crown.
    i, too, am in search of a fabulous short fur – vintage would be nice. it can even be faux as long as it looks good.
    not a fan of long furs for myself but mary looks great in hers.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I think Rhianna was the perfect choice. Stylist or not, I didn’t really know who she was before this year and now I find myself searching for images of her.

    And yep, you’re somewhat deluding yourself about the fur, although vintage is certainly not killing the animal twice for luxury.

    Congrats to you, though, on a really wonderful (daily for me) blog!

  23. Zindzi says:

    I gotta agree. Not a huge fan of Rihanna’s music, but the girl does bring it home when it comes to fashion. I don’t know if it’s her style or a damn good stylist. Regardless, sistagirl STAY lookin fly!

  24. Gorgeous Black Women says:

    Rihanna is fab, but Kerry is my #1. Style-wise, Kerry, Rihanna and Halle did it for me this year. Genevieve and Beyonce did well too, but they both had several major stinkers this year.

    As for the fur, I’m not a fan. It’s incredibly ugly most of the time. Faux is generally dog and cat fur. My grandfather had a farm with loads of animals in W Africa and he took a strong anti-fur position since a lot of animals were entirely wiped out thanks to the Brits who killed off all their animals a long time ago. Meanwhile, those animals thrived for thousands of years before they came. That has always shaped my view of fur in general. That industry is so irresponsible that I can’t see any redeeming qualities in what they do. If you’re going to get one, vintage is more responsible I suppose.

  25. Anonymous says:

    they did well

  26. Anonymous says:

    For anyone who says Rhi jacked Fefe Dobson style, I say you can jack the style but not the swagger. This girl has the swagger with being a fashion icon. She has the ‘IT’!

  27. [...] of the Year. Though Rihanna has dominated the past few years, snatching the title in 2007, 2008, 2009, AND 2010, it seems this year she’s got just a little competition. Let’s [...]

  28. [...] of the Year. Though Rihanna has dominated the past few years, snatching the title in 2007, 2008, 2009, AND 2010, it seems this year she’s got just a little competition. Let’s see who [...]

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