10 Short Hairstyles to Try for 2012

If you’re looking for new ways to style your short hair or planning a hot date with your stylist and a pair of scissors, here are ten short hairstyles to try this year.

1. A coil-out. If shrinkage has got you down, grab a curl cream like Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding, a parting comb, and put on your favorite DVD and get to coiling! Smaller coils will yield more textured results so be sure to carve out some extra time and start with slightly damp hair, add a little curl cream, and make very small twists around the head. Sit under a dryer or let your hair air dry—your choice. Once the hair is dry, you can wear the coils as is for a few days and then take them out to get a glorious ‘fro like Solange Knowles.

2. Side-parted natural. Need a fun way to wear your TWA? Head to the barbershop for a side-parted razor cut. As edgy as a cut like this is, you can still have some versatility in your wardrobe with both dressier and more causal outfits. Tolula Adeyemi worked hers with both jeans and shifts.

3. Curled out bob. Adding texture is the quickest way to change your style. You can get similar 1920s flapper-esque curls by using a small wand like the Conair Hot Sticks Curling Iron 3/4 inch.

4. Layered razor cut. If you want to soften a square-shaped face, a layered cut like the one Viola Davis is rocking is ideal. The bangs help to frame the face bringing attention to the eyes while the sides help soften the jaw line. Check out the subtle highlights at the ends.

5. The Wedge. This very geometric cut gives you a classic style with a little edge. Wear it flat to frame your face or add a few curls to switch it up. Do like Estelle here and add a deep cherry red to raven tresses for extra flair.

6. Curls with a streak of color. If you have short curls, get them cut into a shape that fits your face (the cut Kelis is rocking works for oval and heart-shaped faces) then have your stylist add a streak of color. Sure it’s a little Bride of Frankenstein, but with the right ‘tude it’s doable.

P.S. Don’t you love Kelis’s Grey Ant shades?

7. Short and curly with slightly buzzed sides. Take an otherwise safe cut to slight rocker proportions with buzzed sides. It’s like the perfect compromise between sassy and classy. Keep your edges put with a pomade like Dr. Miracle’s Edge Holding Gel.

8. Super short. The quickest way to make a statement is with very little hair. Plus doesn’t the idea of having to do very little with your hair excite you? To rock this look do like Chrisette Michele and keep your brows manicured and draw more attention to your face with a bold cheek and lip color combo.

9. A simple bob. Simple doesn’t have to be boring—Taraji P. Henson shows us just that with her bouncy take on the classic bob. You can wear yours straight, add some curls or waves, and even slick it back off your face.

10. Short cut with bangs. Draw attention to your beautiful eyes with a short bowl cut with bangs. It’s super simple to style (wrap your hair and secure with a satin scarf at night, then just comb down the wrap in the morning) and if you want a change from the bangs, just sweep them back. Simple and stylish.

Tools of the Trade:

Stay tuned for more hairstyle ideas!

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