10 Medium Length Hairstyles to Try in 2012

For some medium-length hair is transition stage from growing out a short cut, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Keeping your hair cut into a style helps keep your ‘do looking fresh and new not to mention how a great cut complements your wardrobe. Here’s a look at ten to try this year…

1. Somewhat asymmetrical. We’re not talking angles so sharp you have to break out your protractor nor do you have to look like the lost fourth member of Salt N’ Pepa, but a soft, slightly asymmetrical ‘do like Lala Anthony is sporting can go corporate to fashion without having to change the style much. The key here is soft waves and curls.

2. Pinned up curls. A great way to wear the hair up, salvage a hair slip-up, or to prolong a three or four day old twist out is to grab some hairpins and twist sections up on the sides then finger fluff. It’s great because you don’t have to be super neat for it to look good.

3. Medium length bob. Take your basic bob to a new level by gently teasing at the crown for height and volume and lightly bumping the ends with a flat or curling iron.

4. Twist-out ‘fro. Take your medium coils to new heights with a twist out. The bigger the better—and here neatness need not count.

5. Long bob with bangs. This sleek cut can give major drama whether worn with a suit or jeans. The bangs bring attention to the eyes so grab colored liners for pops of color on the bottom waterline.

6. Side swept bangs. This cut is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to cut off too much length and is easy to grow out since the bangs aren’t super short. As the hair grows in, you can keep it in this shape or slick the hair back as the bangs grow in.

7. Loc bob. Have even more fun with your locs by cutting them into a cute face-framing bob. Add in some honey or auburn highlights around the face for warmth.

8. Wavy bob. Okay, so this is much like the side swept bangs, but the waves give it a beachy-flair. Get waves either by doing pin curls before bed time or wrap small sections of the hair around a curling wand.

9. Chunky twist-out. A chunky twist-out is a great way to add volume in natural hair and looks best when hair is trimmed. To do, simply twist big sections of slightly damp hair with your curling or hold cream of choice. Once dry, apply a little hair oil to your fingers to prevent frizzing while unraveling. Try not to finger comb the unraveled twists too much to avoid disturbing the wave pattern.

10. The Lauryn Hill long loc bob. The Grammy Award-winning superstar may not have invented this ‘do, but she did start quite the loc-craze back in 1997 with this long bob style.

Tools of the Trade:

Which hairstyles are you trying this year?

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