Whether you’ve grown it or you’ve sewn it, here are ten styles to try for long hair…

1. Flat twist-out. Another way to get awesome curls with little to no heat? Try flat twisting the hair while damp, unravel once dry, and then finger comb as desired.

2. Long spirals. Play up your own natural texture or take a trip down to a hair boutique and get bundles of hair or even a half-wig for a youthful spiral style.

3. Side swept bangs. Swoop bangs work on every face shape because the diagonal line they create helps to slim and soften the face.

4. Long and wavy with a center part. It may be winter, but you can still have some fun with beach weaves. You can get a look like this by using a curling wand or go heatless by rolling sections of the hair into knots overnight and unravel in the morning.

5. Big, bouncy curls. Get your hair set on medium to large size rollers and once the hair is dry, simply finger comb adding a little teasing at the crown for extra volume.

6. A twist-out. While hair is slightly damp, create several medium to large twists. Once dry apply a little coconut oil to your fingers and unravel. This is a style that tends to look its best on the second or third day so give yourself some time ahead of special events.

7. Retro. Give a nod to yesteryear with a cute retro look. To get this 40s-inspired ‘do, simply section off hair near the front of the head and roll into a tube. You may want to stuff the roll with sponge rollers that match your hair color to give it shape. Secure with hairpins.

8. Side braids. Add a little edge to your long ‘do with intricate side braids for a take on the faux hawk. Looks good on both relaxed and natural hair.

9. A blow-out. Slightly blow out your natural hair and let it flow free for a Diana Ross-esque look. This style looks best on trimmed and shaped hair, so be sure to hit the salon first for a good shaping.

10. Add a braid. A braid adds an element of boho-chic to your look and is also perfect for disguising growing out layers and bangs.

Tools of the trade:

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